Top Manufacturing Simulation Software for Your Business

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May 24, 2023 6 Min read

Do you still make crucial business decisions based on intuition? If so, switch to risk-free simulation.

For those wondering what to do when conducting live tests becomes an expensive and risky affair, simply opt for simulation in manufacturing systems.

Simulation involves the use of software to make computer models of a real production system, that you can analyse to get significant business information.

With the help of this unique simulation process, firms in the manufacturing industry can easily experiment with all their processes in a virtual setting.

Thus, with simulation you can significantly reduce the time and costs that may be incurred in physical testing. Simulation software for manufacturing ensures a safe and budgeted way to test any simple or complex change in the supply chain.

Revise an existing production line and emulate an entirely new control system with the help of an efficient simulation software for manufacturing.

What’s more? With a simulation software for manufacturing, you can completely redesign an entire supply chain in-keeping with dynamic business demands.

List of Best Manufacturing Simulation Software for Your Business

Choose from this list of the best simulation software for manufacturing that help create detailed manufacturing simulation models for your business.

While finalizing the best manufacturing simulation software for your business, include all details about production schedules, workforce, plant capacity and automation. Also, highlight on the aspect of optimising material handling.

  • Matlab

Matlab Image

Developed by MathWorks, Matlab is an on-premise, cloud-based simulation software for manufacturing that is used for programming language and numerical computing.

  1. Matlab perfectly combines a desktop environment with a programming language that expresses mathematics and matrix directly.
  2. Use the software’s live editor to come up with profitable scripts. The scripts in an executable notebook include everything from output and code to formatted text.
  3. With professionally built and thoroughly tested toolboxes, you can quickly perform mathematical calculations.
  4. Through this programming, modelling and simulation software, calculus and arithmetic including integration, differentiation, limits, etc. can be performed systematically.
  5. Apt for analysing data and building business models, the software has an efficient symbolic Math Toolbox that helps you get rid of numeric ambiguities. This means that you can easily obtain exact answers by analytically solving algebraic equations.
  6. Wondering how to solve a system of linear equations? Use Matlab toolbox to study the systems of linear equations and easily perform matrix computations and analytical vector.
  7. All you need to do is apply matrix properties such as determinant, condition number, characteristic polynomial and norm to solve linear equations.
  8. MATLAB is available in a variety of pricing packages. However, it offers a free trail facility as well.
  • AnyLogic

AnyLogic Image

An efficient simulation software, AnyLogic provides a single platform for all business simulation modelling needs.

Using simulation software, you can build dynamic business simulation models with three main methodologies of system dynamics, discrete event modelling and agent-based modelling.

  1. Let’s understand system dynamics method a little more. This modelling method can be effectively used to track social process dependency, market adoption rates and other such strategic level problems.
  2. Discrete event modelling, on the other hand focuses on equipment investment evaluation and other such operational and tactical levels.
  3. The third kind of modelling uses agent-based models to build simulation models at all levels. In this process, agents are usually any active entity.
  4. To top it all, you can model in all these paradigms within one model development environment and one modelling language.
  5. Be it manufacturing to logistics and marketing, AnyLogic’s visual drag-and-drop environment offered empowers you to simulate any business or research related process with ease and efficiency.
  6. This software can easily simulate multiple events spread across several industries. It has simulated events on healthcare, road traffic, aerospace, etc.
  7. AnyLogic is available as Mac, SaaS, and Windows software and offers free trail. The basic plan is available for around ₹4000 and there are other plans too.
  • Arena

Arena Image

Arena is a discrete event simulation software that helps you evaluate implications of business decisions even before you execute your decisions.

  1. This essentially means that discrete event modelling allows you to answer the “why” or “what if” questions and design a process or change it without financial implications.
  2. Get business solutions faster and test more scenarios with this efficient manufacturing simulation software.
  3. To meet your needs, this process simulation software provides flexibility and top-notch functionality. It ensures that you get a flexible, activity-based business model that can be used efficiently to simulate processes.
  4. Arena discrete event simulation software correctly models process variability with a wide range of statistical distribution options.
  5. Additionally, Arena provides increased reliability and helps to find any lapses or bottlenecks that come in the way of effective business processes.
  6. Arena is available for free trail. Even students can better understand the principles of simulation and enhance their problem-solving skills by using Arena manufacturing simulation software for free.
  • SIMUL8

SIMUL8 Image

This manufacturing simulation software has spread its wings from assembly to supply chain. It allows you to easily analyse, test and execute process changes to maximize efficiency.

  1. This software is quick to learn and very user-friendly. Say, for instance, you can create simulations quickly with Paddle. You can use arrows around an object to either link it to or create new objects.
  2. Simul8 has 2D and 3D simulation and constant modelling facility to help firms prepare profitable models to improve businesses.
  3. With flexibility to simulate processes, SIMUL8 recognises blockages and evaluates operational decisions before these are executed.
  4. Basic SIMUL8 is the entry-level software that includes basic features to get started and is available for around 1 lakh rupees.
  • FlexiSim

FlexiSim Image

This discrete event simulation software for manufacturing can simply optimize and study any system in any industry.

This powerful simulation software provides increased 3D capabilities, and greater extensibility to create beautiful and detailed models.

  1. Additionally, the simulation software for manufacturing has a good variety of toolbox functionalities and great objects.
  2. With the software’s intuitive controls and its drag and drop model building facility, you can easily use it.
  3. FlexiSim is rightly called a problem-solving tool as it offers a built-in experimenter that helps utilize your system’s full potential.
  4. With this manufacturing simulation software, you can easily import CAD layouts and shapes, customize controls and conveniently make objects.
  5. FlexiSim software is paid but offers free trail to familiarize you with its features.


To sum up, manufacturing simulation is essentially. Computer-based modeling of a real production system that helps business owners to take better business decisions.

Simulation modeling is a powerful technique that helps you analyse manufacturing systems. It also helps in evaluating the impact that any system changes would have on your business.

Look at the list of some of the best simulation software for manufacturing and help your business grow.

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