16 Best Manufacturing ERP Software Systems in 2023

16 Best Manufacturing ERP Software Systems in 2023-feature image
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Enterprise resource planning tools are like an all in one solution for companies to manage their different business processes such as inventory, finance, accounting, human resources and much more. Today we would be solely focusing on manufacturing ERP software systems.

What does ERP for Manufacturing Industry Mean?

Manufacturing ERP modules are specialised ERP tools designed for manufacturing companies to streamline different business processes. This includes inventory management, warehouse control, procurement of raw materials and final shipment to the customer.

These days, MRP software is being used as a single point of information for supply demand, hence providing an exceptional experience to customers. The best ERP for manufacturing software systems also ensures seamless management of your manufacturing workforce spread over different locations.

Who can Benefit from Manufacturing Software?

ERP software for the manufacturing industry is beneficial for medium and large enterprises as well as small ventures. Talking especially about small businesses, they can benefit from process manufacturing ERP solutions as they not only help them automate repetitive tasks thus enhancing productivity but also support collaboration between different team members.

Different Modes of Manufacturing ERP Systems

Modern day manufacturing software free and paid versions function in more than one mode. We discuss some of the below:

  • Make to stock

In this mode, products are acquired or manufactured dependent on a future possibility that orders for such products might be placed.

  • Make to order

In this mode, orders are manufactured as per the orders already received.

  • Engineer to order

In such a mode, the design and engineering mechanism associated with a product is done after reception of an order.

  • Customize to order

In this mode, the manufacturing process can be customized as per the requirement of individual customers.

What are the Benefits of ERP in Manufacturing Industry

Using ERP software in manufacturing organization has immense advantages. It helps you automate manual operational processes and enable you to manage and streamline your business. It optimizes your business performance by simplifying and organizing existing processes.

  • It helps you meet delivery deadlines, and other customer commitments by giving total control over orders, inventory, and supply chain.
  • ERP in manufacturing industry can easily track and monitor your production activities in real time.
  • Helps simplify and optimize existing manufacturing processes.
  • Assists in maximizing the workflow of your production plant
  • You can identify challenges at any stage of production, supply chain and the entire workflow.
  • You can minimize the production costs and bring accuracy in workflows.

MRP & ERP Trends in Manufacturing Industry 2023

Manufacturing resource planning software better known as MRP, is a subset of ERP. It is a material requirement planning application that sets manufacturing applications apart from all the other business software. Both MRP and ERP software are used to streamline functions of the manufacturing industry.

There are a variety of open source and paid ERP and MRP solutions. Naturally, the paid ones come with some added advantages. Here are the trends that were pointed out in a recently launched MRP software buyer trends report.

Planning: According to the report, over 70% of the software customers are looking at features like purchase planning, master production scheduling and demand forecasting. MRP offer better planning and provide deeper insights on handing inventory costs and information at every step.

Integration of accounts: The report stated that more than 65% of MRP software buyers are looking for an ERP system that also includes accounting features. The primary objective of this software is to decide what to buy and when, naturally it finds integration with accounting system.

Reduced preference for hosted systems: The report also shows a 45% dip inbuyerswho would want to have a preference for hosted systems. Therefore, most MRP and ERP solutions focus on reducing wastage.

Paper waste: It also shows a 29% increase inbuyersthat are electronically driven that can help organizations in reducing paper wastage.

The Need of ERP in Manufacturing Industry: Manufacturing ERP Modules

As discussed above, ERP manufacturing software systems help with automating business operations, and provides real-time accurate information. Coming at the most sought after manufacturing modules available in the market, there are:

  • Admin and masters management
  • Sales management
  • Purchase management
  • Store management
  • BOM management

Admin and masters management: One of the most prominent ERP module that enables the users to automate all admin work in great detail, including employee details, like their names, working hours, rights, department and jurisdiction, etc.

Sales Management: The module focuses on driving sales in an organization. It allows you to understand the customer requirements, and gaining and retaining more customers.

Purchase management: This manufacturing ERP software module is particularly important from the point of MRP as it allows you to purchase materials that are no longer available in stock. It also helps you with delivering all required material to the correct departments.

Store management: It ensures that cross-connected terminals like receipt printers, barcode scanners, scales, touchscreens, remains integrated. The module keeps a track of stocks and suppliers.

Bill of Management (BOM): BOM combines a list of things which include raw material, semi-finished goods, assembly and finished goods.

List of 16 Best Manufacturing ERP Software for 2023

We have curated a list of 16 top ERP for manufacturing industry tools which are suitable for both small and large enterprises. Let’s dive into best manufacturing software systems available in 2023.

  • Fishbowl

Fishbowl manufacturing ERP software systems remains a potent tool for firms to manage their finances, inventory and logistics. Fishbowl ERP for manufacturing industry offers enhanced integration with accounting solutions such as QuickBooks, Reckon etc.

Features of Fishbowl Manufacturing ERP Modules

  • The software is capable of updating inventory status in real time.
  • Fishbowl provides advanced control over manufacturing tools and bills for better tracking of orders.
  • Fishbowl MRP software provides the feature of scanning barcodes of items which helps in monitoring of inventory.
  • It improves the efficiency of warehouse staff as they can confirm batch picks easily through their mobile phones.

Benefits of Fishbowl, the best ERP for Manufacturing

  • Fishbowl integrates well with third party shipment solutions.
  • It offers a POS solution called Fishbowl checkout.

Pricing of Fishbowl:

For one of the best erp systems for manufacturing software offers a free trial. The price of the paid version starts from ₹32,7213.68.

  • BizNext ERP

BizNext ERP

BizNext business ERP software is used for gathering, storing and managing knowledge from day-to-day business activities. The ERP solution for manufacturing and other sectors helps track business resources like inventory, cash and fixed asset.

You can have real-time control & visibility of your business processes and a stronger control on the information chain with BizNext ERP software.  

Features of BizNext Software for Manufacturing Industry:  

  • Workflow management for managing documents related to sales, purchases and requisitions  
  • Financial accounting for managing fixed assets, payables and receivables  
  • External portal for facilitating communication between the company and its clients/partners  
  • Automated purchase management system for saving time  
  • Predictive analysis & business intelligence for sales forecasting & analyzing past trends    

Benefits of BizNext Software for Manufacturing Industry:  

  • Standalone modules to integrate in their existing ERP infrastructure 
  • External login portal to track third-party interaction
  • 20-25% lesser implementation cost than any competitor 
  • Configurable system – Build up modules as per your standalone needs 

Pricing of BizNext  

Price details available on request.

  • JobBOSS

erp software for manufacturing industry - JobBOSS

JobBOSS is a flexible ERP manufacturing software for small businesses. The software helps you keep a tab on inventory of materials as well as history of purchase for making the quoting process more seamless. With JobBOSS, you can obtain intuitive insights related to profit margins, thus making your sales process optimized.

Features of JobBOSS ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

  • The software helps you cater to a variety of customer requests by generating different types of work orders including split orders.
  • JobBOSS enables you to track different jobs at different stages of completion.
  • It enables you to make changes and updates to a job even if it has started.
  • With advanced set-up and routing options, you can easily handle manufacturing processes that are repetitive in nature.
  • The software notifies you instantly in case of any shortages in the stock or inventory.

Benefits of JobBOSS Process Manufacturing ERP software

  • The software helps you monitor work load on different job centres.
  • It supports automatic creation of Request for Quotes (RFQs) and purchase orders.

Pricing of JobBOSS

JobBOSS offers a free trial. The price of the paid version can be obtained on request from the official website.

  • IQMS

IQMS is one of the top ERP systems for manufacturing, flexible and scalable and can be quickly adapted to your manufacturing unit’s needs. IQMS software is available in both on premise and cloud versions. The ERP solutions provided by the software adhere to industry norms and compliance norms.

IQMS Manufacturing Software Free Features

  • The software is suitable for use in the Aerospace and Defense industry for reigning in the high cost associated with the manufacturing process.
  • IQMS offers advanced assembly manufacturing features such as dispatch lists and line clearance security.
  • It is suitable for the food and beverage industry for shelf life tracking and for obtaining high quality.
  • The software caters to both build-to-stock or build-to-order manufacturing models.
  • The software is particularly useful for medical device enterprises, helping them to manufacture medical equipment meeting prescribed standards.

Benefits of Manufacturing ERP Software Systems

  • IQMS can be easily customised as per your particular needs.
  • The software provides designated training for you to get accustomed to the interface.

Pricing of IQMS

IQMS software can be purchased by paying a one time fee of ₹18,61,283.75 per user.

  • SAP Cloud ERP

SAP Cloud ERP for manufacturing industry is a cloud based software that has inbuilt machine learning mechanisms for advanced performance. SAP Cloud ERP not only offers a high degree of flexibility and scalability, but is also a maintenance free ERP solution.

Features of SAP Cloud ERP Manufacturing ERP Modules

  • The software can be easily utilised on multiple devices including phone, desktop and laptop.
  • It provides quality support services round the clock.
  • SAP Cloud ERP offers an easy to use and intuitive interface which is a useful feature for beginners.
  • The cloud based software offers enhanced data security and protection.
  • The software has a dedicated community which offers support and provides regular updates.

Benefits of SAP Cloud MRP Software

  • The software provides competent training in SAP software through legitimate courses.
  • SAP Cloud software can be quickly deployed.

Pricing of SAP Cloud Software

SAP Cloud Software offers a free trial. More details regarding the price of different versions can be obtained by visiting the official website.

  • Odoo

process manufacturing erp - odoo

With Odoo, the best ERP for manufacturing, you can monitor different manufacturing processes and then take a decision in real time. In addition to being a capable MRP software, Odoo also comes integrated with tools meant for assuring quality and easy maintenance.

Features of Odoo Manufacturing Software for Small Business

  • The software provides the ability to send alerts to the workforce and showcase worksheets.
  • Odoo provides a workcenter control panel for registering production and conducting quality checks.
  • With this ERP solution, you have the option of automating the process of procurement of materials.
  • It provides the feature of minimum stock rule for better inventory management and for avoiding shortages.

Benefits of Odoo ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

  • Odoo generates useful and intuitive Overall Equipment Efficiency reports (OEE)
  • It also supports creation of customized dashboards.

Pricing of Odoo Software

The price of Odoo manufacturing ERP solution is ₹1191.22 per month.

  • InforVisual

mrp software - inforvisual

InforVisual process manufacturing ERP provides end-to-end solutions that are easy to implement and utilise. The software also offers a high degree of scalability and can be implemented across different locations.

Features of InforVisual Manufacturing ERP Software

  • The software enforces quality standards throughout the manufacturing stage.
  • Due to its high performance tools, you can aim to create better margins and an enhanced experience for the customer.
  • InforVisual is known for creating what if schedules so as to account for future orders.
  • For international business chains, the software extends support for multi currency transactions.
  • The software enables your business to meet all industry specific norms for each product.

Benefits of InforVisual ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

  • The software offers a simple and easy to use interface for beginners.
  • You can access certification, compliance, training and more such relevant documents within the software itself.

Pricing of InforVisual Software

The cost of one time license fee starts from ₹59188.82 per user.

  • New Horizon by SOURCEPRO

This manufacturing ERP software is available in both on premise and cloud versions. The software offers enhanced integration between processes and modules. Moreover, the software can be easily customised as per your business needs.

Features of SOURCEPRO ERP for Manufacturing Industry

  • The software has a low learning curve due to its intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • It can be accessed from different devices such as mobile, desktop, laptop and more.
  • The software sends timely updates and notifications through SMS, Emails and more such channels.
  • New horizon has a useful dashboard for you to monitor real time status of your different processes.

Benefits of SOURCEPRO Manufacturing ERP Modules

  • The software provides a personalized menu to reflect your brand in the best way possible.
  • It lets you define access to critical data on the base of the user profile.


The pricing details of the software can be obtained by visiting the official site.

  • NetSuite

Netsuite is a cloud based MRP software that is flexible enough to model itself as per the existing solutions in your business. The software comes with inbuilt business intelligence functions to help you take critical decisions quickly. NetSuite also enables you to forecast sales and engage your customers in a better manner.

Features of NetSuite, the Best ERP for Manufacturing

  • The software streamlines the entire process from placing a quote to final fulfillment of order.
  • It provides a real time status of different manufacturing processes.
  • With NetSuite, you can monitor the inventory status and manage logistics issues.
  • With features such as pre-negotiated contracts, companies can easily procure material at a low cost and in a timely fashion.

Benefits of NetSuite Manufacturing Software for Small Business

  • The software automates repetitive tasks of your business to free up more time for you to focus on important processes.
  •  NetSuite offers a high degree of scalability and customization.

Pricing of NetSuite Software

NetSuite’s base license costs ₹74376.90 per month.

  • Syspro

manufacturing erp systems - syspro

Syspro ERP software for manufacturing industry offers a web based UI which can be accessed from multiple devices round the clock. The software can be utilised as an on-premise or cloud software solution. With Syspro, you can achieve better control and visibility over different processes such as inventory, warehouse, process management and much more.

Features of Syspro Process Manufacturing ERP

  • You can obtain support in the language of your choice.
  • Syspro offers the flexibility to implement the ERP solution as a Windows UI, web interface or mobile platform.
  • Syspro offers trends and insights into different business processes and helps you collaborate with your team members.
  • The software uses enhanced integrations and APIs to adopt novel practises such as IoT as a part of your business mechanisms.
  • It uses AI and machine learning to provide much needed analysis.

Benefits of Syspro Manufacturing ERP Systems

  • This one of the top erp systems for manufacturing has an easy to use and simple interface. Hence it is suitable for beginners.
  • Syspro provides scalability for your current as well as future business needs.

Pricing of Syspro Software

The price of Syspro starts from ₹14815.82 per user per month.


manufacturing erp modules - eprag

ERPAG is a cloud based manufacturing ERP system which offers advanced stock functionalities for monitoring stock situation in real time. The software also makes it easy to carry out purchases from bill of materials. It is also suitable for supporting barcode standards such as EAN, QR etc.

ERPAG Manufacturing Software Free Features 

  • The software extends support for cloud label printing and is compatible with several printers.
  • ERPAG has a dedicated mobile app to make handling of processes easier.
  • The software lets you easily develop work orders for easy tracking of labor and materials.
  • It generates signals on fulfilment of terms so that you can launch a work order.
  • The software is capable of producing multidimensional reports.

Benefits of Manufacturing ERP Software

  • ERPAG lets you apply filters for report optimization.
  • The software provides a dashboard through which you can keep a tab on different business processes such as inventory, finance, procurement and more.

Pricing of ERPAG Software

The price of ERPAG software starts from ₹1786.83 per month.

  • Macola

In addition to ERP for manufacturing industry, Macola offers efficient workflow and customer relation management modules. The software can be accessed from different devices such as mobile phones, desktop, tablets etc. and also offers a web version.

Macola Manufacturing ERP Modules

  • It lets you control manufacturing of your goods including fabrication, assembly and much more.
  • Macola helps in streamlining order processing and payments.
  • The software is capable of automating repetitive processes, leaving you time for important tasks.
  • With Macola, you can create documents centrally and also promote collaboration.

Benefits of Macola MRP Software

  • Protect critical data with role based access.
  • With personalised workspaces, you can have the most important information visible to you.

Pricing of Macola Software

The starting price of Macola software is ₹96,786.76 per license.

  • Epicor E10 ERP

Epicor E10 ERP, one of the best ERP for manufacturing offers an advanced messaging platform for teammates to collaborate with one another. Epicor also offers a content management system using which you can securely manage your content and enhance its visibility.

Features of Epicor E10 ERP Manufacturing Software for Small Business

  • The software uses artificial intelligence based solutions to automate tasks such as scheduling, quoting etc.
  • It is capable of sending targeted recommendations to users.
  • The software has an easy to use interface and can be integrated with solutions already existing within your organisations.
  • Epicor comes with a CRM solution for effectively chasing leads and servicing existing customers.
  • The software can be accessed from different devices.

Benefits of Epicor E10 ERP Software For Manufacturing Industry

  • The software can be utilised for different modes such as Made to Order (MTO) and Engineer to order (ETO).
  • Epicor provides solutions for supply chain execution and management.

Pricing of Epicor Software

The starting price of Epicor is ₹13,028.99 per user per month.


manufacturing software small business - inmas

Q-INMASS process manufacturing industry is a cloud based solution suitable for small and medium enterprises. The software contains an advanced accounting module using which you can obtain a general ledger and produce sales and purchase orders.

Features of Q-INMASS Process Manufacturing ERP

  • The software has an inventory module using which you can manage raw materials as well as finished products across different warehouses.
  • All critical data based information can be accessed on an intuitive dashboard or through excel.
  • Q-INMASS has a functioning CRM system for converting leads into customers.
  • The software automates routine tasks, giving you more time to focus on tasks that matter.

Benefits of Q-INMASS Manufacturing ERP Systems

  • The software can be used by both manufacturers and distributors.
  • It can be used to develop robust bills of materials for different manufacturing environments.

Pricing of Q-INMASS

The price of the software can be obtained on request by visiting the official site.

  • ECI M1

erp for manufacturing industry - eci

ECI M1 manufacturing software free version brings all important manufacturing processes under one roof for small and medium businesses. The software offers a secure cloud environment for data storage which reduces expenses and overhead charges.

Features of ECI M1 Manufacturing ERP Software

  • The software helps you monitor different production processes, inventory and much more.
  • It enables you to keep a track of resource and labor utilisation.
  • With ECI M1, you can obtain a comparison between estimated and actual cost.
  • It offers advanced features such as automatic reordering of materials, real time inventory tracking and much more.
  • The manufacturing ERP software can be integrated with financial services such as payroll management, accounts payable, accounts receivable and much more.

Benefits of ECI M1 Manufacturing ERP Modules

  • This best manufacturing software systems support easy automation and customization of inspection requirements.
  • ECI M1 automates your shipping process.

Pricing of ECI M1 Software

The price of ECI M1 software starts from ₹372256.75 per month.

  • Caliach Vision

Caliach Vision MRP software can be scaled to service small as well as a large organisation. The software provides enhanced inventory management with alerts about falling stock levels. Caliach is also popular for providing robust customer support services.

Features of Caliach Vision, Best ERP for Manufacturing

  • The software offers advanced accounting features including support for multiple currencies.
  • It smartly maneuvers around demand and supply both sides, thus enhancing productivity and minimising cost.
  • Caliach Vision supports automatic report generation.
  • The software helps in efficient management of your data including repair, reorganisation and re-indexing.

Benefits of Caliach Vision, Manufacturing Software for Small Business

  • The software offers tutorials for beginners.
  • It helps to forecast currency losses and gains which might happen in the future.

Pricing of Caliach Vision Software

The one time fee of Caliach software starts from ₹372256.75 per month.


The best manufacturing ERP software helps you to streamline different processes such as finance, accounting, warehouse and inventory management etc. Choose a suitable ERP tool for manufacturing and enhance your profits while cutting down on costs.

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