13 Best Free & Open Source ERP Software India in 2023

13 Best Free & Open Source ERP Software India in 2023-feature image
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An open source ERP software is the perfect solution for enterprises to manage their different departments and automate repetitive procedures. This way you can aim to achieve better productivity and reduce the costs incurred.

What are Free ERP Tools?

ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a software that provides an all-in-one solution for handling different departments within your organisation which include payroll, inventory management, accounting, human resources and at times, even customer relation management CRM.

With open ERP software, you can have coherent control over the functioning of segments critical to the functioning of your business. The best open source ERP tools are usually spread across different physical devices but have access to common, shared databases.

How to Select the Best Free ERP Online Software

Although there are several free ERP software for small businesses available in the market, not all of them will fulfil your requirements. We mention some of the useful criterias to be kept in mind while purchasing a new open source ERP system.

  • Catering to your needs

Open source ERP solutions may boast of several features but they will be useless if they do not have the attributes required by your business. The ERP solution should also be flexible enough so as to be able to adapt itself as and when your business grows.

  • Hosting options

Open source ERP software should have the option of hosting on your own server or be compatible even with a third-party server in case you do not have the required resources.  

  • Sufficient Support

Paid or a free ERP solution, whichever you buy, make sure that there is sufficient user support available either through a dedicated team of professionals or a community of developers.

  • Integration

While surfing through open ERP software, you should see how well it integrates with other solutions existing in your organisation.

Why Opting for the Best Open Source ERP Tool Will Be Advantageous for Your Business?

If you are an upcoming or established business looking for paid and free ERP online tools, we suggest that you opt for open source and free ERP software for a small business. Why? Here are some important reasons.

  • Open source ERP systems are flexible and customizable. Unlike package software, you can add or remove features without hassle-free.
  • The cost of maintaining and updating an open source ERP solution is significantly reduced as compared to a licensed software.
  • With open source ERP tools, you get the opportunity to be a part of the developers community, which offers regular support and functionality for improving the software.
  • ERP tools which are open source reduce the dependency on a software vendor and utilize the software as you want.

List of 13 Best Free and Open Source ERP Software in 2023

If you are a new or established business looking to adapt an ERP solution, you have come to the right place. We list the best features and competitive prices of some of the top open source ERP software.

  • EasyERP

open erp software

EasyERP open source ERP software offers not just integration with third party applications such as Magento and Shopify but also the option for building your own dashboard.

Dashboards are important for getting a 360-degree view of the status of your different projects. Also inbuilt into the software is the option of connecting invoices with respective sales orders.

Features of EasyERP Open ERP Software

  • The software is suitable for inventory management and provides for automatic syncing.
  • EasyERP can be implemented for managing different warehouses spread across different locations.
  • It is also a capable HR tool fir it helps with efficient management of the hiring process processes as well as handling the existing workforce.
  • With EasyERP, you can manage the attendance of the employees so as to improve their productivity.
  • A feature is also available for automating expense management.


  • The software is compatible with mobile devices too.
  • EasyERP allows you to follow potential leads in a smooth manner.


  • EasyERP may require a team of dedicated professionals to tweak the software as per your own needs.

Pricing of the Best Open Source ERP Tool: EasyERP provides a free version. The cost of the paid version starts from ₹890 per user per month.  

  • ERPNext

best open source erp

ERPNext free ERP online solution is adept with modern accounting solutions that help simplify the different aspects of bookkeeping processes.

The software also turns out to be a useful tool for the HR department as it aids in handling each employee right from the time, they join the organisation till their farewell from the office. This covers payroll, expenses and attendance management.

Features of ERPNext Free ERP Software for Small Business

  • The software makes possible the easy management of inventory and other such production related tasks.
  • ERPNext is helpful for making sales and purchase cycles less cost intensive for enabling better productivity.
  • It also doubles up as a useful CRM tool for there is an option available for sending quotes with ease to its potential clients.
  • ERPNext ensures that each project is delivered as per the decided timeline. It also helps you in tracking timesheets and completing important tasks associated with a particular project.
  • With ERPNext software, you also get the option of utilising an intuitive help desk along with an expanded knowledge base.


  • The software is perfect for asset management.
  • ERPNext can be easily integrated with third party applications such as slack, dropbox, razorpay and much more.


  • The offline synchronization feature might take some time to set up.

Pricing of ERPNext Open Source ERP System: ERPNext software offers a free trial. The cost of the cloud version is ₹2000. You can visit the official site for getting the price details of the self-hosted version.

  • BlueSeer

BlueSeer open source ERP solution comes loaded with several modules for the smooth functioning of your organisation. It consists of an accounting module with the option of double entry ledger.

The software also integrates well with your inventory for monitoring its status in real-time. BlueSeer also boasts of high-quality distribution modules to connect warehouses spread across multiple locations.

Features of BlueSeer Open Source ERP Software

  • BlueSeer free ERP provides a production module, which helps keep tab on different operations during a production stage.
  • The software has a transportation module to aid with the tracking of delivery status in real-time.
  • It provides advanced sales modules for streamlining distribution and shipping processes.
  • You have access to detailed and intuitive reports/charts for drawing analysis related to important processes.
  • BlueSeer also aids in the easy scanning of barcodes.


  • The software has a dedicated forum for accessing added functionalities and support services.
  • BlueSeer makes use of Visibility Flags in case your inventory is depleting.


  • BlueSeer does not offer support for mobile devices.

Pricing of Open ERP Software

BlueSeer ERP is completely free to download and use.

  • Dolibarr

free erp online

What makes Dolibarr one of the best open source ERP tools is that in addition to conventional ERP functionalities, the software also provides solutions for logistics, marketing and for conducting surveys. With Dolibarr, you can easily update to the new versions as they are integrated within the development cycle.

Features of Dolibarr Free ERP Online

  • Dolibarr doubles up as an essential CRM tool and helps create tickets through the email itself.
  • The software makes it easy for employees to file expense reports and attach bills/receipts the hassle-free way.
  • Dolibarr provides a point of sale (POS) interface. This feature makes it a popular free ERP software for small businesses such as a restaurant or bar.
  • The software lets you keep a virtual check on the stock status of different products.
  • You can use Dolibarr for creating email marketing campaigns as well as personalizing email templates.


  • It is easy to create polls and surveys using Dolibarr.
  • The software proves useful for tracking shipments and following up on late deliveries.


  • Limited support for mobile devices.

Pricing of Dolibarr Open Source ERP System

Pricing details of Dolibarr paid plans are as follows:

  • Dolibarr basic- ₹791.27 per month
  • Dolibarr premium- ₹3692.59 per month

  • Odoo

free erp software for small business

Odoo open source ERP solutions offer a whole suite of applications that can help with easy management of different departments within your business.

It also enables you to design your own website using a drag and drop functionality and customize the same as per your brand’s requirement. Odoo is a perfect tool for the SEO team for it integrates easily with Google and helps create better targeted content.

Features of Odoo Open Source ERP Software

  • Odoo enables e-commerce businesses to customise their checkout and product pages.
  • Odoo CRM tool generates detailed reports and charts for analysing crucial data and also provides the option of sharing it with anyone.
  • The software aids in creating high quality invoices and shares them with the clients in one click.
  • Odoo makes use of an AI powered accounting system for speeding up the bill processing mechanisms.
  • Odoo helps recruitment teams keep a tab on submitted applications and maintaining records of the skills of each applicant.


  • Odoo free ERP provides the feature of timesheets to help you keep track of your time. It also works offline.
  • The software is suitable for creating beautiful and intuitive survey forms.    


  • Beginners may find the process of setting up the software a bit difficult.

Pricing of Odoo Open ERP Software

Odoo offers a free trial for 15 days. The price of the paid plan starts from ₹555.36 per month. The pricing details of other integrations can be checked by visiting the official site.

  • metasfresh

open source erp system

metasfresh is a useful and intuitive free ERP online tool which can be customized as per your business needs and requirements. The ERP software doesn’t require any major code changes.

metasfresh provides on-site training and webinars for beginners to get a hang of the interface. The software also offers robust support through various packages thereby making it one of the best open source ERP tools available.

Features of metasfresh Free ERP Software for Small Business

  • It offers an intuitive dashboard, which supports a 360-degree view of different processes.
  • metasfresh supports minimum typing using smart fields that help you remember the last input.
  • The software can be accessed through different devices such as mobile, laptop, tablet, etc.
  • You can collaborate and communicate with team members within the software’s interface
  • Advanced auto complete option for finding out the exact data figures.
  • Automated data loading for speeding up the data recording process.


  • metasfresh can be operated entirely using keyboard shortcuts.
  • The software has an auto save mode that help with saving you from unexpected data losses.


  • Metasfresh has a steep learning curve as compared to other ERP software though there are training videos and webinars available.

Pricing of metasfresh Open Source ERP System

metasfresh’s self-hosted version is free to use. The price of the cloud hosted version is ₹2109.65 per user per month.

  • WP ERP

open source erp solutions

WP ERP has been designed keeping in mind the needs of SMBs for handling different departments such as human resources, accounting, manufacturing and more. The software provides round the clock support for any of your queries.

WP ERP provides each employee with their own personal dashboard, which can be used for managing the attendance, putting in leave requests and much more.

Features of WP ERP Open Source ERP Solutions

  • WP ERP is capable of generating intuitive and detailed reports for analysing critical processes.
  • It also doubles up an efficient CRM tool allowing you to add filters to new as well as existing customers for quick segregation.  
  • All information related to a company’s accounts and finances can be viewed on the software’s dashboard itself.
  • It also allows you to send high quality invoices to different personnels such as clients, vendors, suppliers and much more.
  • With WP ERP project manager integration, you have access to an advanced calendar where you can create and change schedules for future meetings.


  • The software allows you to build task lists and share documents privately.
  • WP ERP generates highly intuitive reports for you to better grasp the functioning of each department.


  • System setup might take a while for beginners.

Pricing of WP ERP Open Source ERP Software

WP ERP offers a free demo. The price of WP ERP pro version starts from ₹741 per month. For further price details, you can visit the official site.

  • Apache OFBiz

free ERP tool

Apache OFBiz is a free ERP tool developed using a Java framework and contains a widget rich UI for smooth management of different processes.

The software is highly scalable and can grow along with the growth of your organisation. Apache ERP solution offers several OOTB modules (out of the box) such as CRM, warehousing, inventory, ecommerce and so on.

Features of Apache OFBiz Open ERP Software

  • Apache OFBiz provides enhanced catalog management for small and medium enterprises.
  • The software can also be utilised for order management for both sales as well as purchases.
  • With the warehouse management module, you can keep a check on warehouses spread across different locations.
  • Apache OFBiz offers advanced accounting features for the purpose of generating invoices, bills and payments.


  • Support available for point of sales (POS) interface.
  • Also, available a content management module for managing the content.


  • The documentation associated with Apache OFBiz can be improved.

Pricing of Apache OFBiz Best Open Source ERP

Apache OFBiz is free to use and download.

  • Tryton

Tryton free ERP online tool is an all in one business solution for small, medium and large enterprises. Tryton ERP solution takes care of all your accounting needs and helps you maintain a seamless record of each transaction.

The software is also suitable for inventory management for it helps keep track of stocks across different warehouses.

Features of Tryton Free ERP Software for Small Business

  • Tryton software lets you segregate your expenses into different categories.
  • The software also provides great CRM capabilities for pursuing leads and servicing existing customers.
  • It enables you rein in costs by grouping orders together.
  • With the help of the supply chain module, you can ensure that your warehouses never run out of supplies.
  • Tryton ERP tools help with creating recurring invoices for your regular customers.


  • The software can be well integrated with third party websites and applications.
  • Tryton helps you keep a track of orders from the time the customer places it up till the final delivery.


  • The documentation cited by Tryton sometimes lacks sufficient examples.

Pricing of Tryton Open Source ERP Systems

Tryton ERP solution is free to download and use.

  • Axelor ERP

open source ERP solutions

Axelor ERP open source ERP solutions is a highly customizable and flexible solution that supports integrations with around twenty other applications.

Axelor ERP open source ERP software comes in two settings- on-premise and cloud. The software offers you advanced control over how different business processes can be executed.

Axelor ERP Free ERP Features

  • Axelor ERP offers a reactive interface, which makes mass processing of data easy.
  • The software is modular in the sense that applications part of the database can be both installed and uninstalled with ease.
  • Axelor ERP can function in multi time zones and hence it is a useful add on for offices situated in different locations across the world.
  • It provides a drag and drop functionality for designing workflows without requiring any coding.
  • Axelor ERP functions on iBMS (Intelligent business management suite), something that gives the software its intuitive interface.


  • The software provides the option of deploying your solutions in the cloud.
  • The software evolves as per the level and degree of growth of your organisation.


  • Functional documentation missing for certain modules.

Pricing of Axelor ERP Open ERP Software

Axelor ERP offers a free demo. The price of the paid version starts from ₹52746.00 per month.  

  • xTuple PostBooks

xTuple best open source ERP is a scalable and customizable solution for handling several processes such as manufacturing, scheduling and much more. The software has intuitive dashboards for overviewing processes and performances of employees in real-time.

Features of xTuple PostBooks Best Open Source ERP

  • The ERP software fastens up critical business processes to help you take business decisions quickly.
  • It provides CRM solutions to let you pursue leads and convert the same into accounts with ease.
  • With xTuple, you can predict future orders and use that for defining an employees’ workload.
  • The software lets you protect critical data with user defined access.


  • The free ERP online software generates well defined reports useful for analysis core processes.
  • With xTuple, you can track the habits of customers to enhance your sales.


  • Due to its far-reaching capabilities, the software can be a bit complex to learn.

Pricing of xTuple PostBooks Free ERP Software for Small Business:

The software offers a free 90-day trial. The price of the paid plans are as follows:  

  • Commercial annual license- ₹3316.16 per user per month
  • Distribution commercial annual license- ₹6632.32 per user per month
  • Manufacturing commercial annual license- ₹9580.02 per user per month
  • Enterprise commercial annual license- ₹11053.88 per user per month

  • inoERP

open source ERP system models

inoERP open source ERP system models itself to track rapid changes in demand and supply cycle which traditional solutions such as Kanban cannot track.

Users need not be proficient in coding languages such as PHP, SQL. This is because the software makes it easy to make reports using its drag and drop functionality.

Features of inoERP Open Source ERP Solutions

  • The software consists of built-in content management systems, which monitors all content available on the website in the form of blogs, etc.
  • It supports enhanced collaboration between employees or with third party vendors and suppliers.
  • A built-in pull system for deciding the best supply on the basis of existing demand.
  • Multi segment charts for looking after the general ledgers.
  • Financial accounting and reporting for undertaking multi-dimensional tracking.


  • The documents and reports generated by the system can be altered as and when required.
  • The software offers barcode enabled forms for quick data entry.


  • The software lacks a dedicated project management module.

Pricing of inoERP Open Source ERP Software

inoERP is free to download and use.

  • OpenPro

OpenPro free ERP software is a multilingual and multi-currency tool relied upon for integrating the different aspects of a business. This ERP software acts as an end to end tool mainly for domains such as customer relationship, management, ecommerce and much more. Further, the software is compatible with any SQL or database.

Features of OpenPro Open ERP Software

  • The software consists of dedicated modules for processing of orders, warehouse control etc.
  • OpenPro contains a dedicated financial module for better management of payroll, company budget and much more.
  • It provides enhanced CRM functionalities to successfully convert leads into customers.
  • Also, available are time stamp and data notes for handling transactions.
  • Credit card processing for ecommerce portals along with integration between different modules.
  • Report writing module aside from a document imaging system.
  • History of all transactions available besides a reporting feature for doing audit trials.


  • The software has dedicated modules for information and workflow management.
  • The ERP solution can be accessed from multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux.


The software encompasses several features, which might be difficult to get a hold of in the first go.

Pricing of OpenPro Best Open Source ERP

The price of OpenPro software is ₹74715 per user and ₹74715 per module as one-time fee.  


ERP software is an essential solution for upcoming and established businesses to help them coalesce the different departments under one roof.

Such solutions not only help improve the productivity of different teams such as manufacturing, accounts, human resources and much more but also provide insightful reports for analyzing critical data.

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