How Karizma Album Software is Better than Photo Books

How Karizma Album Software is Better than Photo Books-feature image
February 2, 2023 Reviewed By : Palak Mashiwal .4 Min read

Karizma album software is touted as one of the best photo editing and enhancement software you can opt for in the upcoming wedding season. Karizma album photo design software is suitable for both beginners, semi beginners and professionals.

What is Karizma New Wedding Album Design PSD Free Download Software?

Karizma photo album software is the perfect tool for improving the quality of your wedding photographs and for capturing your most cherished moment in a precise manner. Through Karizma album making software free download, you can utilise several custom-built templates as well as create your own. Photo editors also have the option of editing the background of their photos as per their need.

karishma album photo design

Karizma album free download software also provides the following features

  • Photoshop Karizma album tool has automatic color correction and chroma key for maintaining an even color scheme in your photos.
  • The Karizma album making software is an all in one editing tool and does not require any other additional tool.
  • Karizma photo design tool has an auto collage feature using which you can club different photographs together to make creative collages.
  • Karizma album software not only supports further editing of images already edited using photoshop, it is also popular for making high quality edits to raw images.
  • Karizma album photo design software offers a large variety of design styles such as clean design style, color design style and much more.

Karizma Album Software Price: Karizma album making software free download is available. Karizma album design software price for its paid version is ₹2500. For more details regarding pricing or features, please forward us your call back request. 

What are Photo Books?

Generally, the wedding season also sees a rise in demand for Photo Books. A photo book is essentially as its name denotes- a book containing photos. But more than just that, a photo book aims to create a narrative or weave a story expressed primarily through photographs. Photo Books contains little or no accompanying text.

Key Differences Between Karizma New Wedding Album Design PSD Free Download and Photo Books

We list some of the major differences between Karizma photo album software and a photo book software. Depending on these, you can choose the one more suitable to your needs.

  • Quality of the Paper

The first major difference you will see in photos produced by Karizma album making software free download and photo books is the quality of paper. Karizma album usually employs a lustre paper. The paper’s top most layer is covered with UV coating.

On the other hand, photo books can be printed on different papers including matte, linen, semi-gloss and so on.

  • Durability

In the case of Karizma album free download tool, photos are obtained on a photographic paper that is more rigid than normal paper. This aids in making the photos last for a longer duration.

karizma photo album software

In contrast, photo books make use of press paper which is not that rigid.

  • Page to Page Flow

Photoshop Karizma album software makes use of what we can call flush mount/lay flat feature. This allows you to turn from one page to another without any breaks.

Photo Books depends more on the photo binding technique which makes it less easy to turn from one photo to another as compared to Karizma album.

  • Number of Pages

Since Karizma photo album software free download makes use of paper of a thicker quality, you can less pages as compared to a photo book which makes use of thinner quality paper.

  • Quality of the Final Product

In our opinion, Karizma album making software helps produce images with a more professional touch due to UV coating and thicker paper quality.

  • Covers

The cover of a photo album made using Karizma photo design tool is customizable as per a customer’s taste. On the contrary, a photo book has to be binded or stitched together like a book.

Karizma Album Software – Summing It Up

We have been fans of Karizma album photo design tool since the day we got to review it. That can be partly attributed to the fact that it comes with various state of art editing tools. Not only this, Karizma album design software price is not too much over the top, giving it good utility in the hands of designers and editors with different levels of expertise. This wedding season, opt for Karizma photo album software and capture professional and crystal-clear images.

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