12 Best Open Source & Free CRM Software for SMBs in 2023

12 Best Open Source & Free CRM Software for SMBs in 2023-feature image
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CRM referring to customer relationship management is a tool to help companies efficiently manage relations with customers as well as draw analysis regarding sales made from past associations.

Open source CRM tools have been lately gaining popularity and many upcoming and established corporates are opting for best free CRM solutions that are open source.

What is Open Source CRM Software?

Paid and free CRM systems that are open source have their source code available for public access. The source code of such free CRM tools can even be distributed or modified to add certain functionalities onto its existing features.

The main idea behind making a CRM software open source is to ensure that its execution remains error free for a longer period of time.

CRM Software Free Download Benefits

Free CRM software for small businesses has some marked benefits over general proprietary software. Below we mention the prominent ones:

  • Open source and free lead management software are useful for adding company specific functionalities, which may not be present in packaged software.
  • With free CRM app and software, developers have the opportunity to be a part of a larger community for obtaining support services.
  • Free open source CRM offers enhanced flexibility and scalability.
  • Online CRM software is cost effective unlike proprietary software that might come at an exorbitant price.

Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Free Online CRM Tool

Although free sales CRM software offers several features, they might not be able to do a lot if these don’t align well with a company’s long-term needs. Below we mention important criterias that need to be kept in mind while selecting a CRM tool.

  • Minimum Learning Curve

Free CRM for small business usually involves a less steep learning curve, which means that even first-time users can get around using the software in no time.

  • Analytics

The best open source CRM software should be capable enough to generate detailed reports and analytics regarding the performance of your core strategies.

  • Customization

Best free CRM for start-ups should offer advance customizability so that you can modify certain aspects of the software to reflect your brand in the best way possible. This includes the overall background, content and much more.

  • Helpdesk feature

Open source CRM tools should have a dedicated helpdesk, which enables your team to convert potential customers into regular clients as well as service the grievances of existing ones in an effective manner. Helpdesk is also helpful for managers to track the performance of their CRM team.

12 Best Open and Free CRM Software for SMBs in 2023

If you are an upcoming or established business looking for the best free CRM tools, then we have curated the perfect CRM tools list for you. Below we mention the 12 top open source CRM software.

  • SuiteCRM

open source crm software

SuiteCRM is an open source CRM software which offers central control and detailed analysis of all your client related data. The software also offers enhanced customization for you to modify the software as per your brand image. SuiteCRM also supports robust integration with business solutions already existing within your system.

Features of SuiteCRM Free CRM Systems

  • SuiteCRM has a community of developers that provides appropriate assistance with code updates and documentation.
  • This free CRM system features a dashboard using which you can keep an eye on important metrics as well as automate all repetitive tasks.
  • The customer profiles offered by SuiteCRM help you convert leads into customers with more precision.
  • SuiteCRM free CRM tools offer segregation of customers on the basis of particular categories for successful targeted marketing.
  • SuiteCRM is also useful for the CRM team to schedule all incoming and outgoing calls associated with an account.

Benefits of SuiteCRM CRM Software Free Download

  • Bug module for tracking bugs or lags in your product or services.
  • Sending and receiving emails to a shared inbox.
  • A knowledge module for using template responses to frequently asked questions.
  • Availability of web form template wizard for embedding forms and directing potential customers to the sales team.

Pricing of SuiteCRM Free CRM Software for Small Business:

SuiteCRM offers a free version. The pricing details of the paid versions are as follows:

  • Starter- ₹9247 per month
  • Business- ₹32317 per month
  • Premium- ₹46236 per month

  • Bitrix24

free crm systems

Bitrix24 free lead management software supports collaboration between members of a CRM team through conversational tools like video conferencing, chats and dedicated workspaces. Bitrix24 free CRM app also features a customer contact center to let businesses solve customer queries in real time.

Features of Bitrix24 Free Open Source CRM

  • The software can be integrated with different social media platforms to help you engage better with the customers.
  • It also makes use of AI enabled bots for solving common queries of customers.
  • Bitrix24 is best for automating workflows in such a manner that you spend minimum time on repetitive tasks and more on converting potential leads.
  • Your CRM team executives can engage with customers through different devices such as mobile, desktop and tablet.

Benefits of Bitrix24 Free Online CRM Software

  • Less amount of time is required for creating and resolving tickets.
  • Access to communication history with a particular client so as to service them better.
  • You can delegate the task of customary greetings to virtual assistants.
  • Easy access to answers for questions in an existing database.

Pricing of Bitrix24 Online CRM Software

Bitrix24 offers a free version. It also offers Bitrix24 CRM which is a paid version costing ₹4490. Details of other plans are as follows:

  • Bitrix24 standard- ₹6490
  • Bitrix24 Professional- ₹12490
  • Bitrix24 CRM- ₹4490

For further details, please connect with us.

  • Vtiger

Vtiger is a free sales CRM software through which you can enable enhanced collaboration between different teams within your organization. The software provides a profile kit using which you can pursue leads efficiently. Vtiger also offers the option of accessing emails within the very software’s interface itself.

Features of Vtiger Free CRM for Small Business

  • Vtiger features a Help desk using which you can auto assign cases to executives or escalate cases, which are to be resolved urgently.
  • The software lets your business connect with customers across different social media channels.
  • Vtiger is customer friendly and offers a self-service interface through which customers can find answers to their questions on their own.
  • It also is suitable for creating customized webforms and embedding them on your business website.
  • Vtiger helps build and execute email marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Vtiger, one of the Best Open Source CRM

  • 360-degree view of different processes associated with customer management.
  • Vtiger offers large scale customization and flexibility.
  • The software enables you to import data from existing CRM solution when you upgrade to Vtiger.
  • It also offers great compatibility with mobile devices. Users can download mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

Pricing of the Best Free CRM for Startups

Vtiger offers a free version for 15 days. Details of the paid plans are as follows:

  • Professional- ₹1800 per month
  • Enterprises- ₹ 2520 per month

  • CiviCRM

free lead management software

CiviCRM open source CRM tool offers enhanced integration with third party applications such as WordPress, Jumal and Drupal. The software is known for helping with easy contact management of clients as a result of which it is easy to store all clients’ information in one single place. CiviCRM best free CRM software can also be customized upto a large extent.

Features of CiviCRM Open Source CRM Software

  • CiviCRM software can be integrated with accounting solutions available to your organization.
  • The software is capable of enhanced email marketing and for sending as well as receiving bulk emails.
  • You can either choose from over forty report templates or develop your own customized report.
  • CiviCRM is also helpful for the process of raising funds; your members can raise funds on your behalf through personal campaigns.
  • CiviCRM is suitable for easy building and management of cases.
  • The software offers extensions that are compatible with several content management systems.

Benefits of CiviCRM Free CRM Systems

  • CiviCRM facilitates in-person training, seminars and meetups to let you use the software in an enhanced manner.
  • CiviCRM has a functional community, which provides support and new utilities.
  • It also features a chatbot, which can be integrated with Facebook messenger.
  • The software helps companies send membership renewal reminders with ease.

Pricing of CiviCRM Free CRM Tools

CiviCRM is completely free to download and use.

  • Freshsales

free lead management software

Freshsales CRM software free download uses artificial intelligence-based techniques for better servicing of customers. The software is also suitable for placing customized web forms without having to undertake complex coding.

Freshsales is also used for sending out triggered messages to customers either through the website or an app.

Features of Freshsales Free CRM Software for Small Business

  • With Freshsales, you can obtain all necessary information about a contact such as their interaction, purchase histories and more.
  • It features a drag and drop functionality for creating email campaigns.
  • The software facilitates previewing of campaigns on different devices before they are finally released.
  • Freshsales lets you segregate customers using different filters like gender, age, income etc. for preparing targeted campaigns.
  • It also has an ‘Activity Timeline’ feature that allows you to see how different customers are engaging with your brand.
  • Option for segmenting lists and monitoring statistics.
  • The software extends its capabilities in different languages and multiple foreign currencies.
  • You can apply specific filters and store data records resembling that filter together for ease of access.
  • Freshsales provides the option of building custom roles and then define access as per those roles.  

Benefits of Freshsales Free Lead Management Software

  • The software features inbuilt mail sending and calling functionality to engage with customers in just a few clicks.
  • Freshsales lets you find out leads with the highest potential and then communicate with them.
  • Depending on the level of engagement of a prospective client, you can plan your conversation with them in advance.
  • Freshsales has a visual pipeline feature using which you can keep a tab on the progress of your sales.

Pricing of Freshsales Free CRM App

You can sign up for free with Freshsales CRM. The details of the paid plans are as follows:

  • Blossom- ₹1399
  • Garden- ₹2599
  • Estate- ₹4699
  • Forest- ₹69588

In case you require more details or support regarding free demo then please get in touch with us.

  • Flowlu

free crm for small business

Flowlu free open source CRM software is not only suitable for SMBs, it is increasingly being sought by large scale organisations too. Flowlu offers robust integration with mailing services such as Gmail, Outlook and much more.

You will also get notified once your contact opens the mail sent through Flowlu. Assigning labels such as to-dos to important tasks is easy too.

Features of Flowlu Free Online CRM

  • With the Sales funnel, you can analyse performance of CRM team.
  • Additionally, Flowlu allows you to obtain detailed reports regarding the conversion rate, percentage of sale made over different phases and much more.
  • Flowlu’s webforms lets customers add feedback which are directly registered within Flowlu’s interface.
  • Flowlu also contains a Kanban board for you to keep a closer look at different sales processes, segregate them on the basis of budget or date.
  • Flowlu lets you see how customers are interacting with your business and effectively manage future strategies on this basis.

Benefits of Flowlu Online CRM Software

  • Flowlu lets you add additional information about your customers to elevate the level of interactions.
  • The software provides real-time notifications whenever a prospective customer engages with your business.
  • Flowlu allows collaboration between different team members. You can even request a response from a specific team member.
  • You can attach files and notes while working with Flowlu’s interface.

Pricing of Flowlu Free Sales CRM

Flowlu CRM offers a free version. Pricing details of its paid version are mentioned below:

  • Team- ₹2147.24 per month
  • Business- ₹4368.52 per month
  • Professional- ₹8811.08 per month
  • Enterprise- ₹14734.49 per month

  • YetiForce

free crm software for small business

YetiForce free CRM for small businesses works well across devices- desktops, mobile phones or tablets. YetiForce offers secure solutions and support on GitHub.

What makes it one of the best open source CRM software is that the cost incurred would remain constant even if the number of systems using the software increases.

Features of YetiForce Best Free CRM for Startups

  • A centralised dashboard where you can place different modules and widgets such as leads, tickets etc.
  • Yetiforce provides a modern calendar useful for managing your time as well the productivity of your employees.
  • Yetiforce provides the option of coloring users groups so as to sort them as per priorities.
  • A single account can be handled by different employees.
  • Quick handling of vendor enquiries as well as recurring orders for sales.

Benefits of YetiForce Open Source CRM

  • YetiForce has a dedicated community offering support and functionalities
  • Support for numerous users at the same time. Up to 20000 users are allowed access to the software at the same time in an organisation.
  • The software provides flexibility with modules designed as per your company’s needs.
  • Easy automation of several repetition functions so that you can focus on serving customers in a better fashion.

Pricing of Yetiforce Best Free CRM Tool

Yetiforce offers a free version. The details of paid plans are as follows:

  • Hosting+support- ₹3938.04 per month
  • Cloud+support- ₹5688.28 per month
  • 8H- ₹30629.20 per month

  • Odoo

free crm app

Odoo open source CRM software will be a wonderful addition to your enterprise due to its ability to generate interactive reports, which you can easily share. Odoo free CRM systems also provide the option of customizing your dashboard to showcase your brand in the best way possible.

Features of Odoo CRM

  • You can plan all the steps in advance about approaching a lead all the way from the first call to the last reminder.
  • You can set regular targets and then compare your actual performance in real-time.
  • Odoo is useful for managers to keep a tab on their team’s performance- whom they called, what quote they placed and much more.
  • The software facilitates easy sharing of files when you are collaborating with team members on a single project.
  • Odoo CRM comes integrated with other apps in the Odoo suite for sale, invoicing, etc.

Benefits of Odoo CRM Software Free Download

  • Odoo offers a learning portal, which provides certification in different arenas.
  • A functioning community which provides support and updates useful for beginners.
  • Odoo CRM can be easily accessed through mobile devices.
  • It also has the feature of GeoIP with which your CRM team can detect the country and city of leads.

Pricing of Odoo Free CRM Software for Small Business

The software offers a free version. The paid version of the CRM software costs ₹591.81 per month. You can forward us a call back request for further price related details.

  • EspoCRM

EspoCRM free lead management software is useful for establishing sales forecasts while also providing an opportunity to go through sales cycle.

EspoCRM free CRM app also allows every account to have a single or multiple contact information support. Additionally, the CRM also offers an all in one calendar using which you can set up meetings and delegate tasks.

Features of EspoCRM Free Open Source CRM Software

  • You can integrate your mail inbox with the CRM software and send mails directly from EspoCRM.
  • EspoCRM is effective for creating email marketing campaigns as well as sending bulk emails at once.
  • The feature of activity stream allows you to track updates associated with accounts and leads and tag your teammates as well.
  • EspoCRM has the ability to store multiple phone contacts per customer including office, personal, faxes and much more.
  • The software also allows for attaching files and documents easily within emails.

Benefits of EspoCRM Free CRM Systems

  • The software provides for creation of cases either manually or automatically.
  • Support teams can automatically register a case on the basis of incoming mails.
  • It also consists of a service portal using which customers can opt for self-service functionalities.
  • A composite knowledge base which is accessible to both your customers and CRM team.

Pricing of EspoCRM Free CRM Tools

EspoCRM software is completely free to download.

  • openCRX

best open source crm

openCRX CRM software for free download offers robust role-based access to data to make systems more secure. It runs on J2EE 6 Web Profile complaint servers and is compatible with numerous databases.

Moreover, openCRXis a cloud-based in nature, which to organizations advanced scalability and security options.

Features of openCRX Free CRM Software for Small Business

  • openCRX offers a holistic view of different accounts and helps you keep a tab on the status of purchases made.
  • It offers flexible pricing options which can be edited at run time and also makes different price lists available in different currencies.
  • The software has the option of activity trackers that helps monitor different projects as well as CRM personnels.
  • openCRX has groupware functionality for letting you efficiently manage calendars and mails from within the software surface.
  • It is compatible with third party applications such as Kontakt, MS Outlook, etc.

Benefits of openCRX Free Lead Management Software

  • The software offers high grade customization using which you can add on more features and modify a screen’s layout.
  • You can use openCRX in the language you are most comfortable with.
  • The software provides an enhanced security system and restricts access based on user roles.
  • Through the sales pipeline feature, you can keep a record for tracking all important customer related functionality.

Pricing of openCRX Free CRM App

OpenCRX is free to download and use.

  • Axelor CRM

lead management software

Axelor free open source CRM is known for its scalability and improving the productivity of your employees. Additionally, the user-friendly interface of the software ensures that you know everything about how your customers are engaging with your business.

The source also offers the option of automating repetitive tasks, leaving you with more time to focus solely on servicing clients better.

Axelor CRM Free Online CRM Features

  • The software is compatible with multiple devices such as desktop, mobile devices and tablets.
  • Axelor CRM provides a ‘Disconnected mode’ which means that you can use the application even without a functioning network.
  • You can build a customer pipeline where you can filter and track your leads as well as accounts.
  • Axelor CRM has a Kanban feature using which you can keep a tab on all of business processes and its status.
  • The software lets you set objectives for yourself and then visualise your performance through beautiful graphics.

Benefits of Axelor CRM Online CRM Software

  • Axelor CRM offers enhanced compatibility with other apps in the Axelor suite, for a more holistic performance.
  • With SendinBlue, you can automate your marketing campaigns with ease.
  • Axelor CRM software even automates call schedules, reminders, sales events etc.

Pricing of Axelor CRM Free Sales CRM

Axelor CRM software is free to download and use.

  • Crust CRM

customer management system

Crust CRM free CRM for small businesses is known for its flexibility and scalability. The software is capable of customization of charts and fields. Also, the software features a drag and drop interface using which you can easily place all the required components on the screen.

It also provides an interactive dashboard through which the status of different leads and accounts can be easily updated.

Features of Crust CRM Free Lead Management Software

  • The software generates reusable customer ID useful even in case of third- party applications.
  • It extends support for social logins such as through Facebook and Google.
  • You can undertake enriching conversations with customers through in-built Crust messaging applications.
  • The software also provides the feature of a deal room where different teams are involved with procurement and serving a client for sharing ideas.
  • IAM or identity access management for overseeing user permissions and roles.
  • Crust CRM uses peripheral workflow engines to automate repetitive tasks and help you focus on the most critical tasks at hand.

Benefits of Crust CRM Free CRM App

  • You can create insightful reports and easily add charts to them with a drag and drop interface.
  • It consists of microservice modules which help rein in the cost while keeping the performance high at the same time.
  • With Crust IAM you can control the access of your employees to critical data.
  • Customizable dashboards, views and lists.

Pricing of Crust CRM Free Open Source CRM Tool

Crust CRM is available free of cost for students. However, for professionals, the price of the paid version is pegged at ₹2102.73 per user per month.

Summary of Features Offered by Free Online CRM Software

Modern day CRM software solutions offer numerous features. But there are certain features that should be present in each CRM tool so that they can function efficiently for your business. We take a look at those features below:

  • Account Management- The best online CRM software holds different information such as their name, gender, history of interactions for easy accounts management.
  • Generating quotes- Free sales CRM tools enable end users to easily send quotes to prospective as well as existing clients.
  • Spotting Potential Sales- This is possible with the forecasting feature of free CRM for small business. Also, with this you can predict future sales trends with the help of past or present performance.
  • Tracking inventory- The best open source CRM software keeps you updated about the status of stock across multiple locations.
  • Lead Management- Moreover, the best free CRM for start-upshelps put a sales pipeline in place for ensuring that the most critical leads get processed first.


Most CRM software provides different mediums for you to connect with your existing client base as well as chase potential leads. They also provide several interactive solutions to not only keep their end users updated of the status of different accounts but also offer the existing ones with a unique experience.

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