Parashara Light- Best Online Vedic Software for Upcoming Astrologers

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February 2, 2023 4 Min read

Doesn’t the prospect of knowing future events excite you? Or how planetary positions and movements can influence parts of your life? The science of Astrology has been relevant since the early human settlements and in the 21st century, Parashara light is taking astrology, especially Vedic astrology to different heights.

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is the science of tracking and recording planetary movements and their influence as practised in the Hindu religion. This branch of astrology derives its inspiration from the Vedas and is also known as Jyotish Vidya. It also differs from the western astrology in the way that it takes the updated effect of earth’s ecliptic path into account while making astrological calculations.

What is Parashara Light Kundli Free Prediction Tool?

Parashara Light software uses the basics of vedic astrology to predict future events including education, purchase of property, marriage, etc. You can use this kundli prediction free online software for developing calculations, birth charts and detailed reports. Parashara astrology software also offers tutorials for beginners so that they can get acclimatized with its core functioning.

What makes Parashara light jyotish software so famous is that it provides support for most of the astrological calculations you might want to undertake. It also features a graphical interface, which makes it easy to construct customizable reports and charts.

Prominent Features of Parashara Light Vedic Astrology Software

Parashara Light and Parashara lite is not just any ordinary astrology software. It is a robust online vedic astrology solution that endeavors to combine traditional methods of predicting position of stars with modern day technology. In recent times, Parashar Light has emerged as a potent solution to develop a grasp on important events in one’s life. Some of the prominent features are as follows:

Features of Parashara Light Vedic Astrology Software
  • Low Learning Curve

The software is easy to get hold of for new astrologers, hence it makes future prediction from kundli easier.

  • Support for multiple languages

This free vedic astrology software offers support for different languages such as English, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

  • Accurate Calculations

Parashara astrology software is certified by LBS Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth to provide 100% accurate calculations.

  • Built-in Atlas

Parashara light 9.0 latest version has a built-in atlas which provides the feature of entering latitude, longitude and even daylight savings.

  • Customizable Worksheets

What makes Parashara the best vedic astrology software is that the layout of worksheets used for kundli free prediction can be totally customized.

Pricing of Parashara Light Software:

Parashara software for astrological predictions starts from ₹5000. Details of other pricing plans are as follows:

  • Parashara light 9.0 professional version for Mac OS- ₹20000
  • Parashara light 9.0 professional version for Windows- ₹20000
  • Parashara light 9.0 lite version- ₹12000
  • Parshara Light personal edition- ₹ 5000

The Reason Why Everybody Prefers Parashara Jyotish Software

The pandemic has affected professions across the world and astrologers have been no exception. In such trying times, Parashara Vedic astrology software has made its impact felt by providing kundli prediction free online and other such astrological services virtually. Here are some other reasons why astrologers new to the field are preferring Parashara lite and professional version.

Parashara software
  • Parashara future prediction from kundli tool has gone through rigorous developments and updates so as to give accurate results for health, Dasha Phala, Varshaphal, compatibility and much more.
  • Parashara software offers robust technical support and also features a Vedic book store containing religious texts such as Gita and texts for vaastu and palmistry.
  • This free Vedic astrology software has an interactive graphical interface, offers tutorials and even contains materials on the four Vedas.
  • Parashara astrology software has charts and printouts that can be customized all the way to the finer details. This includes their background, content and size. Hence Parashara Light is regarded by many as the best vedic astrology software.
  • The computational speed offered by Parashara light software cannot be matched by most other Vedic astrology tools. You can obtain results based on planetary positions almost instantly.

Parashara Kundli Free Prediction Software: Summing It Up

The possibility of predicting the future events before they happen will always be of a mystery and lure. Parashara kundli prediction free online tool offers a method to gain advice regarding important events in our life. It is intuitive, even for beginners and offers 100% accurate results based on the ancient science of Vedic astrology.

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