AstroSage Kundli & Rashifal Software: How It Predicts Your Future

AstroSage Kundli & Rashifal Software: How It Predicts Your Future-feature image
February 2, 2023 5 Min read

Astrologers can provide a holistic analysis of their client’s life and future with the help of technologies like astrology software. It helps improve the quality of service drastically by generating accurate horoscopes and providing faster kundli matching results. One such product is AstroSage kundli matching software, which is widely used for horoscope calculations & predictions.

Why is AstroSage Astrology Software so Popular?

AstroSage software online is used by professionals and individuals alike to get accurate life predictions. Its predictions are accurate, based on your sun sign & moon sign, constellations, and astrology charts.

AstroSage kundli software also tracks which planet is posted in which house for you, and suggests doshas, if any.  This astrology software online is commonly used for creating kundali during a child’s birth to forecast about all auspicious and inauspicious yogas.

Many people are referring to this online astrology software for horoscope prediction to identify their real potential and tackle challenges or doshas in a planned manner.

Get ‘Aaj Ka Rashifal’ with AstroSage Software

By adopting the principles of Vedic astrology, AstroSage rashifal software provides daily predictions of people. These predictions are useful for astrologers to guide their clients about what stars have in store for them.

Who can benefit from Aaj Ka Rashifal by AstroSage:

  • Those who are looking for a love partner or companion in life.
  • Professionals searching for new career opportunities or seeking promotions in their existing company.
  • People planning to go abroad for new opportunities
  • Budding entrepreneurs, who are planning to start their own business or have already started
  • Those who want to know how their children will perform in examinations
  • Kundli matching software for marriage helps married couples avoid arguments by knowing about daily predictions beforehand
  • With Kundli software online, people can also know if they are likely to spend more today, and can have a better control over their expenses.

How AstroSage Software Helps with Kundli Matching

AstroSage kundli matching software provides one of the proven methodologies for kundali matching based on nakshatras. The software takes into consideration the moon star so that compatibility between a girl and a boy for marriage can be assessed accordingly.

How important is Guna Milan in marriage:

  • As per the Hindu religion, at least 18 gunas should match out of 36 for a happy and fulfilling married life
  • Guna milan or kundli milan is important to check mental compatibility among a couple
  • Kundli milan with Astrosage can also predict how long a relationship is going to last
  • Also, factors like health perspective, compatibility with families and sexual compatibility can be analysed with AstroSage kundli milan software.
  • Also, it signifies Ganas in a person’s horoscope, which is important to predict the life and future of both parties involved in a marital relationship.

Predict the Future with AstroSage Horoscope Software

The software also provides to the point predictions regarding doshas in a Kundali like sade satil kaalsarp, dasha phal and mangal dosha. Based on such predictions made by the software, you can decisions accordingly and build a better future.

AstroSage astrology software provides a complete life report in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and other languages. AstroSage horoscope software provides the overall life predictions by taking into account the Vimshottari Dasha Predictions, Lal Kitab Predictions, Transit Predictions, and more.

Popular Features of AstroSage Astrology Software

AstroSage horoscope software provides many important features to predict the lifecycle of any person, and provides a complete prediction analysis of doshas, gunas, and yogas

  • Numerology Calculation in 9 Different Languages

With AstroSage software, you can know about the Lucky number, Root and Fortune number of your clients in just a few clicks.

  • All Types of Muhurat

You can check auspiciousdays for special occasions like, wedding, house-warming, Annaprashan, Namkaran, etc. to help you clients plan their events accordingly.

  • Panchang in Hindi & Regional Languages

This astrology software helps with sun & moon calculations and auspicious time for Chandra Balam & Tara Balam. It also makes forecast for rahu Kaal and Yogas in your client’s lifecycle.

  • Pachak & Bhadra Calculation

Panchak & Bhadra timings are important to find out if any inauspicious event is forecasted on any specific day. People can plan their days accordingly. 

AstroSage Software Pricing: Choose the Best Plan as Per Your Client’s Queries

You can also opt for the complete AstroSage software package at just ₹ 299. Also, you can try any of these customized versions of the software, such as:

  • AstroSage Year Book at ₹ 499
  • Raj Yoga Report for ₹ 499
  • AstroSage Brihat Horoscope for ₹ 999
  • Horoscope 2020 E-Book at ₹ 449

There are many other options to help you find answers for all your life problems, be it about health, career, money, marriage, education or family. etc.


AstroSage astrology software is a common name for creating birth chart and natal chart, based on Hindu traditions. When you know precise positions of planets, stars and nakshatras, you can take precautionary steps to avoid unforeseen circumstances. People usually have certain queries in their mind, and this online astrology software ensures that all your questions are addressed.

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