Our Review of Parashara Light- Top Features, Benefits and Pricing in 2023

Our Review of Parashara Light- Top Features, Benefits and Pricing in 2023-feature image
February 2, 2023 6 Min read

Parashara Light has been making a lot of buzz lately for its ability to give 100% accurate astrology predictions online. Here’s the Parashara Light review based on the ratings and responses from thousands of customers.

This review of the kundli free prediction tool will tell you why Parashara Light is the best vedic astrology software for birth charts, planetary info tables, vedic calculations and interpretive reports from jyotish. 

Parashara Light Review in Detail

What Exactly is Parashara Kundli Prediction Free Online Software

Parashara light is a jyotish software based on the ancient art of Vedic astrology. The Vedic astrology software is the perfect tool for professional astrologers as well as those new to the field of astrology.

Parashara software’s graphical interface provides detailed charts and reports for understanding nakshatras, grahas, upagrahas, pranapadas and shad bala.

Many people prefer Parashar Lite and professional version for creating kundlis, calculating planetary positions, shubh muhurta, panchang, Ashtakavarga and much more.

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Features of Parashara Light Tool, Best for Future Prediction from Kundli

Parashara free vedic astrology software is the best option for predicting career and personal life related events. Below we list some prominent features, based on Parashara Light reviews, detailing why it is so popular among users.

  • Built-in World Atlas

Parashara astrology software has built-in world atlas where you can put in the latitude, longitude and time zone of a particular place.

  • Multilingual Interface

Parashara light 9.0 version offers its services in several languages which include English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati and much more.

  • Support for Complete Customization

What makes Parashara light as one of the best Vedic astrology software is that it supports customization for all types of documents starting from reports, charts, backgrounds, content and much more.

  • Pre-designed Worksheets

Parashara light software contains 5 pre-set worksheets which are easy to use and understand even for beginners.

  • Different Chart Styles

This kundli free prediction tool provides a number of charts with different themes such as North Indian, South Indian, Bengali and Oriya chart styles.

  • Appropriate Learning Tools

Parashara kundli prediction free online software offers several tutorials related to astrology techniques and general terminology.

  • Changing Location

This feature of Parashara software lets you change your birth location without any hassle. Your birth chart and planetary influences thus get recalculated almost instantly.

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Pricing of Parashara Light Jyotish Software: The price of Parashara Vedic astrology software personal edition starts from ₹5000. Here is Parashara Lite paid plans in detail:

  • Parashara light 9.0 professional version for Mac OS: ₹20,000
  • Parashara light 9.0 professional version for Windows: ₹20,000
  • Parashara light 9.0 lite version: ₹12,000
  • Parashara light personal edition: ₹5,000

Parashara Light Review: Benefits of Parashara Lite Solution for Astrological Predictions

Apart from future prediction from kundli, Parashara free Vedic astrology software is also suitable for adding a second person’s dashas and obtaining their chart corresponding to yours. There are some other benefits of using Parashara astrology software, which we have mentioned below:

  • Planetary movements

The planetary movements are predicted in an authentic manner, factoring in influence of each planet in the calculation.

  • Chart Management

Parashara light 9.0 software allows you to segregate charts into different groups. You also have the option of adding, removing or moving charts with ease.  

  • Saving older data

Parashar Light, one of the best Vedic astrology software, lets you import data from the older versions of the software into new versions. So, you don’t have to go through the hassle of adding personal details again and again.

  • Built-in accounting functionalities

Due to the inbuilt accounting features offered by Parashara light, you can keep a tab of the reports that you print using the software and the purpose too behind printing these.

  • All in one data entry

Different screens for putting in information for chart making can be coalesced into one single interface to save time and avoid navigation troubles.

  • Easy Activation

The kundli free prediction tool can be activated easily over the internet. This is useful for those using the software from remote.  

  • Robust research features

Parashara kundli prediction free online has a powerful research tool using which you can find out any of the 1001 parashari yogas from a set of charts.

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Parashara Vedic Astrology Software: What We Liked

  • Parashara lite edition is capable of incorporating almost all your astrological calculations.
  • It has a printout design tool which allows you to customize the final designs.
  • Parashara Light reviews on our website talks a lot about the tutorials that help with learning how to use the software with ease.
  • Beautiful layouts for reports and printouts.
  • Parashara Lite review suggests that its interface is simple and friendly. Friendly graphical user interface that makes it easy to use the software.

Parashara Software for Future Prediction from Kundli: What We Didn’t Like

Updates to existing features could be released at a quicker pace.

Parashara Software for Astrology: Summing it up

Parashara light jyotish software utilizes the knowledge present in the ancient Vedas to formulate customizable reports and charts. We had the opportunity to explore its features and found that it was way more resourceful than any other horoscope generating software.

It takes into consideration significant planetary movements and its intuitive interface is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Parashara Light Reviews: Words from Our Customers

This vedic software provides accurate graha calculations and predictive analysis. I have already suggested my students to go for Parashara Light as it is a great learning tool too.

Jagmohan, Vedic Astrologer, Delhi

Parashara Light has capabilities for doing dasha and varshaphal analysis. Graha and nakshatra calculation features are awesome too. The list doesn’t end here for I really appreciate the worksheet displays generated by the software. All in all, the best jyotish software.

Asha Puri, Kundli Matching for marriage, Jabalpur

Some of my clients are eminent business people who prefer to take any important business step only on auspicious occasions. I use Parashara Lite to check auspicious lagnas. Well, an honest Parashara Light review here would be the software has never disappointed me and my clients are happy too.

Raghav Mani, Jyotish Gyan Expert, New Delhi

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