Want To Boost Your Sales? ECommerce Is The Way

Want To Boost Your Sales? ECommerce Is The Way-feature image
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Choosing an E-commerce platform to set up your online venture, here is what you need to know…

In recent years, startups are emerging at a revolutionary pace in India, fueling innovation. Some of these startups have attracted more FDI than China in 2015, as reported by the Financial Times (FDI Intelligence unit).

The young and ambitious are ditching the all too familiar corporate ladder and the MNC salary that comes with it, to go the entrepreneurial way. After the launch of “Start-up India Stand-up India” slogan by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in 2014, Indian industry has started blooming with a never-so-planned boost, making India one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

FDI Intelligence

As per renowned consulting firm Deloitte India, the e-commerce sector has seen unprecedented growth in 2014-2015 encouraging more entrepreneurs to enter this sphere.

Ecommerce industry is expected to frame the vital aspects of the online businesses with an estimation of around USD 100 Billion by 2020 which is also going to increase the number of online shoppers in India to 220 million by 2020.


Having an impressive and all-stating website is the core essential of a substantive e-commerce online business. To ease the burden of website development for such entrepreneurs, numerous facilitators have concocted their best ingredients and toolsets.

Top E-commerce Platform Providers in India:

  • StoreHippo
  • KartMagic
  • EComNation
  • Yo!Kart
  • FreKart
  • WorldMart Marketplace

Let’s traverse through some top e-commerce platform providers in India.

  • StoreHippo

StoreHippo is new age mobile commerce platform that provides comprehensive turnkey solutions for retailers to sell their products and services in the online marketplace. Powered by a truly mobile architecture and most advanced technology stack, StoreHippo excels in delivering a highly scalable and mission critical mobile applications for its clients in domestic as well as international market.

StoreHippo is a flagship product of Hippo Innovations Pvt. Ltd., a company envisaged to help SME’s and individual entrepreneurs to effectively set up their Ecommerce portals.

The company has taken a technology leap by venturing into futuristic m-commerce technology for the retailers by offering mobile applications for online stores which helps the stores sell faster and securely. This makes business scalable and truly mobile ready.

  • KartMagic

KartMagic is an online platform that helps people create their very own e-commerce portal with just a few clicks. The solution has in-built features which make it interactive and user friendly.

A user can create his/her store virtually within a few minutes by using various ready-to-use pieces like themes, inventory management, display management, payments, logistics, marketing and promotions, etc.

  • EComNation

EComNation is an all-in-one hassle-free e-commerce platform with great advice.  The company supports start-ups by providing an expert e-commerce advisor who handholds the business users, so that they save time in designing, development, plugging or customization.

The company aims to empower Ecommerce players with an innovative technology platform. Driven by Innovation, with ever growing complexity in e-commerce, the company constantly strives to find new ways to simplify e-commerce and increase business productivity. After all, eCommerce is a lot about efficiency.

  • Yo!Kart

Yo!Kart is an agile Ecommerce solution that enables businesses to create online market place with multiple vendors selling their products from within a single platform. Available with cloud base and mobile support, Yo!Kart is a secure, scalable and robust solution catering to the Ecommerce automation needs.

This cutting edge solution provides extensive features for overall operations to deal with the all essential aspects of multivendor stores. The software consists of a wide range of useful reports and analytics striving to create useful business insights with a clear view of sales, traffic, registrations, conversions, etc.

  • FreKart

FreKart is a complete bundle of automated features and tools empowering businesses with impeccable e-commerce marketplace development tools. Businesses, irrespective of their types and sizes can create their own eStore and marketplace online on the go.

The solution enables to manage catalogs, vendors, orders, delivery and all other vital components on fingertips with cloud-based eCommerce solution. The payment gateway in India and virtual wallet integration helps the online businesses to process the orders and generate invoices effortlessly.

FreKart allows the complete inventory management based on automatic stock updating from within the solution itself as and when a transaction takes place.

  • WorldMart Marketplace

WorldMart Marketplace online store is an innovative e-commerce solution that enables the business of any type and size to sell their products online effortlessly. The software is a one stop-shop for entire online sales operations starting from product listing to order status tracking and delivery.

The solution provides free domain and email ids as essential online business tools. Fully equipped with SEO and blog features, the solution offers logistics support and COD options for flawless execution of the processes.

To explore more on choosing the best suited solution for your business, feel free to contact our IT software consultants.

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