10 Grocery POS Software for Your Retail Business

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January 16, 2023 10 Min read

Whether you run a small grocery store or a ginormous hypermarket-type retail outlet, the importance of a Grocery POS software cannot be overruled. A retail pos software assists you with a retail store with billing, reporting, analysis, customer management, inventory operations, employee management and more.

software for grocery store in 2021

Using a POS system software, a retail store can maintain systematic and updated records of products sold and in stock. A retail store can also detect any mismatch in figures with the actual stocks available, using a Grocery POS software.

Why are Small and Medium Grocery Companies Opting for Grocery Software?

These days, as customers’ demands are changing dynamically, grocery stores and retail chains have to quickly adapt themselves to better service the customers. And there can be no better ally than a grocery shop billing software. Here are the top reasons as to why they are in demand:

  • Accuracy– A billing software for grocery stores streamlines complex and numerous calculations to produce accurate billing every time.
  • Management of inventory- Billing software for grocery stores help in inventory management, keeping you up to date about the availability of perishable and non-perishable items in real-time.
  • Dashboard- POS software for supermarkets provides a dashboard which updates in real-time when an item is scanned by a barcode.
  • Servicing the customers in a better fashion- Grocery store billing software cuts down on the time required for billing each customer at the checkout, hence enhancing their shopping experience.

List of 10 Best Grocery POS Software System for Retail Store

To help retailers choose the best grocery POS software, here’s a compilation of the top ten best retail POS tools available in the market. With this list, you can confidently decide on the POS solution that’s best suited for your business.

  • HyperDrive HDPOS Smart Grocery Shop Software

grocery point of sale system - HDPOS smart

HDPOS smart grocery software has been primarily designed to automate the billing process for retail stores and make it simpler for employees in such stores. Additionally, HDPOS can be used to handle inventory, bookkeeping, customer management and more.

HDPOS smart is best grocery pos software, highly scalable and can be deployed in any type of business setup, ranging from single store locations to large businesses with multiple stores and departments.

Features of HDPOS Smart Best Supermarket Software

  • Easy checkout

The software facilitates a fast checkout process due to its intuitive interface.

  • Different views of the inventory

The software allows you to create multiple views of your inventory and each view can incorporate different categories.

  • Efficient search option

The software allows you to search for products on the basis of barcode, name or product description.

  • Cash register

You can assign specific cash registers to specific employees and easily add opening balance.

  • Purchase orders

The software facilitates easy creation of purchase orders. You can choose from the supplier providing the least price, supplier you worked with the last time and more.

Price of HDPOS Smart Grocery Point of Sale System :

The price of HDPOS software starts from ₹3500.

  • Tally Shoper 9 for Online Grocery Store

Tally’s Shoper 9 is a highly configurable POS system software which addresses business’s point of sale requirements like billing, reporting, discount calculations etc. Also, Shoper 9 comes with a flexible and intuitive user-interface which makes integration simpler and easier.

Tally Shoper 9 Kirana Store Software Free Download Features

  • Alert management

You can preset alerts to notify different store chains about a specific event.

  • Recorded webinars

Beginners can quickly get a hang of the software by making use of prerecorded webinars.

  • Adherence to GS1 Standard

GS1 standards are widely accepted standards across the world for better functioning of the retail chain and stock management.

  • Till Management

The software helps in streamlining all till operations such as billing, cancellation and return. They are also known as POS operations.

Price of Tally Shoper 9 Tally Software for Grocery Store: The price of Tally Shoper 9 starts from ₹18000.

  • Marg POS Software for Grocery

software for online grocery store - marg

Marg POS handles all the automation needs of a retail store and helps in managing overall operations efficiently. It also comes with all features expected of free POS software for small business, like managing purchases, billing, document management, invoicing, MIS reporting & financial accounting.

Marg POS Software for Grocery Store for Free Download Features

  • Dashboard

The main dashboard provides access to different operations within a retail store and provides a pictorial view of different items.

  • Advanced search option

You can quickly scan for any particular item in your stock by searching for their name, brand, category and so on.

  • Management of inventory

Marg software lets you efficiently manage inventory by setting reorder points for replenishing stocks.

  • Multiple modes of payments accepted

The software lets you make payments online through credit/debit cards, wallets etc. or through cash.

  • E-mail/SMS reminders

Marg software lets you send reminders to clients or customers through email and SMS.

Price of Marg POS Accounting Software for Supermarket: The price of Marg software for grocery stores starts from ₹7500.

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  • Primaseller ERP Software for Grocery Store

Primaseller cloud based POS software can handle different retail activities ranging from procurement, sales, accounting, online sales, shipping, order fulfilment, etc.

Features of Primaseller Grocery Software

  • Third party integrations

The software offers integrations with third party applications such as amazon, magento, quickbooks etc.

  • Stock management

Primaseller helps synchronize stock management across different stores and auto replenishes stock whenever it goes below a certain level.

  • Dropship

With this feature, suppliers can directly connect with customers. It even facilitates auto creation of POs.

  • Quick setup  

You can quickly set up the software and get all your components online just within 10 minutes.

Price of Primaseller Grocery Store Billing Software: The price of Primaseller billing software for grocery stores starts from ₹5530.

  • GoFrugal Retail POS Software for Supermarket

grocery store billing software - gofrugal

GoFrugal free Retail POS software equips retail businesses with the tools needed to perform successful billing and reporting. In addition allows for the management of retail stores with features for CRM, loyalty programs, POS Integration, reporting, accounting, etc. This POS solution is GST-compliant and specifically designed for retail shops and restaurants.

GoFrugal Grocery Shop Software Features

  • Servicing clients through multiple channels

You can service customers through different online channels, mobile apps and much more.

  • Easy to set up

The software can be easily set up in your store and does not need a dedicated team to initiate operations.

  • Backup to the cloud

The software stores most of your critical data on the Cloud to keep it.

  • GST Compliance

GoFrugal is compliant with the latest GST norms set by the government.

  • Robust notification service

GoFrugal software provides instant notifications regarding the stock level of different products, finances and more such operations which need your attention.

Price of GoFrugal Best Supermarket Software: The price of GoFrugal software starts from ₹15,000.

  • C Square Pharmsoft Kirana Store Software

Designed for standalone retailers and pharmacists, this pharmacy POS software helps in managing various operations including sales, purchase, returns, accounting, inventory management, etc.

Above all for pharmacies, this is a useful solution to engage customers by providing complete information about their prescription orders and process prescriptions in the least possible time.

Features of C-Square Grocery Point of Sale System

  • Purchase management

The software supports auto-generation of purchase orders.

  • Inventory control

It provides a robust control of inventory where retail stores can manage company and category-wise inventory details.

  • Intuitive reports

The software provides analytical reports detailing which items are moving quickly and which items are slow.

  • Easy to use interface

The software has a simple and intuitive interface, thus making it suitable for beginners.

Price of C-Square Pharmasoft Software for Online Grocery Store: The price of C-Square software is available on request. Do get in touch with us to know detailed price plans.

  • Fusion Retail POS Software for Grocery Store

grocery shop billing software - fusion retail

With key features such as inbuilt point of sale and inventory management. Fusion Retail POS solution helps retailers in quickening their retail operations. Also enhances consumer engagement, without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Fusion Retail Software for Grocery Store Free Download Features

  • All-in-one solution

Fusion Retail is an all-in-one software for POS-based operations, inventory management, finance work and more.

  • Intuitive interface

The software has an easy to use interface which can be effectively taught to beginners in no time.

  • Intelligence ordering system

With the software’s intelligence ordering system, you can keep a real-time check on the stock level of different programs.

  • Employee management

The software lets you manage the workload of each employee and distribute tasks among them evenly.

Price of Fusion Retail Best Accounting Software for Supermarket: Fusion retail software can be bought for a starting price of ₹800.

  • Vanuston Probilz ERP Software for Grocery Stores

Vanuston Probilz ERP is a comprehensive retail POS system software that provides end-to-end solution for retailers to manage their stores efficiently, increase profitability, and support day to day processes effectively.

Even more, this solution helps in automating store operations, improves efficiency and has an extensive range of features like inventory management, CRM, and report generation integrated with accounting.

Vanuston Probilz Grocery Software Features

  • Enhanced point of sale functions

The software supports automation of sales processes and keeps a history of all transactions made.

  •  Multiple payment modes

Vanuston Probilzaccepts different modes of payment such as cash, card and coupon-based payment methods.

  • Better stock management

The software enables better stock management with the help of purchase order that comes through mail integration.

  • Masters

With this feature, you can centrally manage different processes such as distribution, merchandising, employee management and much more.

  • CRM functionalities

The software provides CRM modules that help you trace the purchase history of customers and use it to service them better in the future.

Price of Vanuston Probilz Grocery Shop Billing Software: The price of this software is available on request. For more details, do get in touch with us.

  • Ginesys Billing Software for Grocery Store

billing software for grocery store - ginesys

Ginesys POS is a user-friendly POS system for retail store which assists retail outlets with fast billing. It not only manages retail POS but also helps retailers take charge of the entire retail value chain. Above all it include POS billing, procurement handling, managing inventory, wholesale & distribution, sales report generation, etc.

Ginesys POS Software for Supermarket Features

  • Easy to use

The software provides an intuitive interface that supports faster customer checkout.

  • Multiple bill printing modes

Ginesys can print bills in different modes namely graphics mode and text mode billing.

  • Data Synchronization

The software carries on data synchronization automatically in the background, without hindering processes being worked in the foreground.

  • Audit

It provides the feature of conducting in-store stock audits.

Price of Ginesys Grocery Shop Software: The price of Ginesys software starts from ₹2500

  • RetailPOS Grocery Point of Sale System

Retail POS is a powerful, easy and affordable software for enterprising business owners in retail and wholesale distribution. Besides this it offers billing & cash management, inventory management, analytics and bookkeeping, among others.

However, it is also available in three distinct modes: as a cloud-based solution, as a desktop application, and as a hybrid that can be used in both offline & online modes.

RetailPOS Best Supermarket Software Features

  • Management of Inventory

The software helps you manage the stock levels of items below a certain point.

  • Purchase management

Retail POS supports automatic and manual creation of purchase orders.

  • Intelligent repacking system

The software extends an intuitive system for re-packing based on a customer’s past purchases.

  • Update system

Get notified each time the stock level of any particular item goes below the threshold value.

  • Customer loyalty program

You have the option of rewarding your loyal customers with discounts and vouchers.

Price of RetailPOS Software for Online Grocery Store: The price of Retail POS is available on request. More details can be obtained by visiting the official site.


With any of these Point of sale software in your arsenal, you can certainly improve your retail operations and enhance your service quality.

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