10 Best Free Invoicing Software for Small Businesses

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June 10, 2023 9 Min read

Invoicing is a prime function of any small business. Professional invoices help SMBs get payment from their clients on time. Online invoices also include UPI links for secure payment from clients.

There are a few free invoicing software solutions in the market for small businesses to get started with professional invoicing right away. These free billing software solutions make invoice generation and payment collection easier.

What Is Invoicing Software?

Invoicing software is a tool that businesses use to generate and send bills, Performa and quotations to their clients. It allows enterprises to quickly calculate the net receivable amount from customers based on preset rates for product/services, taxes and discounts.

The billing software allows businesses to track payments, manage expenses, and create reports. The software typically includes features such as invoicing templates, automatic payment reminders, and integrations with accounting software.

Invoicing software makes it easy for businesses to keep track of their finances and get paid on time. It can save time and money by automating billing processes.

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What are the Benefits of Invoicing Software?

Here are some of the major advantages of using billing and invoicing software:

  • Time saving: Automating the invoicing process can save businesses a significant amount of time.
  • Accurate records: It helps businesses keep accurate track of their sales, returns and receipts.
  • Increased efficiency: The software can help businesses streamline their billing process and improve overall efficiency.
  • Reporting: Invoicing software can generate reports that help businesses track their sales performance, debtor turnover, returns, etc. for better decision making.
  • Improved cash flow: It ensures faster payment by sending automatic payment reminders to customers.

Top 10 Free Invoicing Software for PC and Mobile

The best free invoicing software for PC lets you manage invoices, track pending payments and manage the cash flow. Let us have a look at some of the popular free online invoice software.

  • Vyapar

Vyapar software

Vyapar software is a free online invoice generator app for Android, offering multiple functionalities for managing your business account. The free invoice maker software also supports inventory and billing management capabilities to track the stock and access live product updates.

Vyapar app also helps its end-users create bills and GST invoices and maintain the cash flow.

Features of Vyapar

  • Creating and sending quotations and estimations and GST invoices
  • Tracking and purchasing of sales orders
  • Multiple format support with themes for making customizable invoices
  • Detailed cashbook system for maintaining details of payables and receivables
  • Recording of expenses for optimizing the business expenditure
  • Creating delivery challans

Vyapar Price to Upgrade: Vyapar app for Android is free for a lifetime. However, its premium plans offer unlimited features, starting at ₹599 per year.

  • Wave Accounting

Wave Free invoicing software

Wave accounting software is one of the best free billing software for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The free invoice software provides automated payroll and payment management functionalities besides letting you create and share professional invoices with ease.

This invoicing software also provides a powerful reporting system for profit and loss, overdue bills, and cash flows.

Features of Wave Accounting Software

  • Tracking sales tax on expenses and income
  • Double-entry function for generating financial statements
  • Option to organize expenses into different tax categories
  • Single account for running multiple businesses
  • Run multiple businesses through a single account

Price to Upgrade: Wave Accounting is a free invoice software requiring no setup or monthly fee.

  • Zoho Invoice Generator

Zoho Invoice Generator

Zoho is free invoicing software for PC and smartphones that helps small businesses create professional invoices along with proforma, timesheets, recurring and credit notes. Zoho invoice generator lets you create, edit, download and send invoices to clients and customers across the board.

Invoices can be created in multiple languages and currencies. The free online invoicing software for small businesses also helps track employees’ work hours and expense management.

Key Features of Zoho Invoice Generator

  • Client portal and time tracking
  • Automatic recurring invoice system
  • Billing can be done in multiple languages and currency
  • Automated payment reminder system
  • Online payments and estimates
  • Template gallery and customization for invoices
  • You can set recurring invoices
  • Supports digital signing of invoices to prevent fraud.

Zoho Invoice Price to Upgrade: Zoho billing software is available for free download with no hidden costs.

  • MyBillBook

MyBillBook is a free GST invoice software ideal for recording different business transactions such as returns, sales, quotations and purchases. This GST billing and invoicing software make it easy to build and customize invoices with selected themes, batch numbers and eWay bills.

With the help of MyBillBook software, small businesses can also collect payments digitally through UPI link mentioned in the invoice.

Features of MyBillBook

  • Stock adjustment and item categories for tracking the inventory
  • Recording the different business transactions
  • Sending payment reminders and UPI support for collecting them
  • Party and stock ledger reports for managing the business
  • Greeting logo for sharing business cards

Price to Upgrade: MyBillBook is a free billing software for small business available at Techjockey.com. Its premium plan starts at just ₹69 per month.

  • CaptainBiz

CaptainBiz is a free invoice maker software helping businesses streamline their daily activities and improve sales with the app’s power-packed features.

This free invoice generator lets you prepare easy to share tax exclusive and tax inclusive invoices too. The free invoice app provides inventory updates and access for managing the movement of goods.

Features of CaptainBiz:

  • Available for up to two users
  • No limit on customer accounts
  • Unlimited product catalogue
  • Support for up to thirty invoices/month

Price to Upgrade: The premium plan starts at ₹589 per month and is available at Techjockey.com.

  • Sighted

Sighted invoice management

Sighted free online billing software offers multiple invoice management modules like expense recording, easy invoice creation and integrated payment systems.

The free online invoice software for small businesses supports invoice generation and helps with contacts, cash receipt management, and expense tracking. You can even save invoice attachments here for later reviewing.

Features of Sighted:

  • Unlimited quote and invoice support
  • Client, product and service database
  • PDF receipt system
  • Customization modules
  • Recording and organizing expenses into different categories
  • Organized product items’ list complete with tax details and cover prices
  • Professional templates for PDF designs
  • Quick access to financial information in real-time

Price to Upgrade: Sighted is a free invoice maker software with limited features. Paid plans are available on request.

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  • Due

Due is an online invoicing software for small businesses that helps with invoice tracking and cash flow management. This online billing software helps create professional invoices with your business’ logo and color theme.

You can also replicate payments and manage outstanding payments and requests with Due. The invoicing platform digitizes as well the invoice replication system for avoiding invoice duplication.

Features of Due Free Invoice Generator Software

  • Create unlimited invoices
  • Payment reminders
  • Invoice forwarding
  • Invoice link sharing
  • Add multiple recipients
  • Integration with PayPal & Stripe
  • Customized payment terms

Price to Upgrade: Due is free invoice software with 1 percent interest on your money for the lifetime. The premium plan starts at ₹73736 per month with 3 percent interest.

  • Handdy Accounts

Free invoice maker software

Handdy Accounts is an online accounting and invoicing software. It offers expense and income management capabilities along with reporting features. The online billing software provides various customizable options and cloud storage capabilities for handling invoices, expenses, profit and loss.

Features of Handdy Accounts

  • Unlimited income entries
  • Unlimited expense entries
  • Sales tax & VAT related reports
  • Unlimited credit card & bank accounts
  • View invoice history for the last nine months

Handdy Software Price: Handdy Accounts is a free GST invoice software with limited features. Paid plan can be availed by paying a monthly charge of ₹73.

  • Square Invoices

Square Invoices is a free online billing solution letting end users send invoices and digital estimates from any location. The free invoicing app tracks the status of invoices in seconds, accepts payments, and sends payment reminders with ease.

Square Invoice also offers a single-click interface for completing ACH bank transfers and doing auto-billing. You can create custom invoice templates and create estimates for multiple packages. This free invoice generator also helps with milestone-based payment scheduling.

Features of Square Invoices

  • Auto-reminder system for sending custom notes
  • Setting up recurring bills schedules
  • Tracking from remote the status of invoices
  • Setting automatically the taxes
  • Collecting insights and customer information
  • Tracking in real-time overall cash flows and payments
  • Templates for digital contracts

Price to Upgrade: Square Invoices is free invoice software for all types of businesses.

  • Refrens

Refrens is a free online invoice generator helping businesses with easy management of payments, quotations and invoices. This invoicing software offers a simple click interface for quickly creating and managing online purchase orders.

You can also set here auto-reminders, add payment gateways and prepare a tax-compliant invoice with Refrens, a free invoicing software.

Referns online invoicing software is widely used by freelancers, agencies and small businesses. It’s a user-friendly software that anyone can use even without a prior idea of GST.

Features of Refrens Invoice Software

  • Unlimited quotations and invoices
  • Ad-free interface
  • Chat support for expert advise
  • No watermarking on documents

Price to Upgrade: Refrens is free invoicing software with limited features. The paid premium plan starts at ₹2500 per year.


Free invoicing apps are critical resources for managing payments, expenses, invoices and clients. The best software solutions support their end-users with detailed insights and reports on stock levels too.

Free online invoicing applications offer support as a unit and help organizations go a long way in achieving their business objectives.


  1. What is the best free program to create invoices?

    There are many great invoicing software programs available, both free and paid. Some of the most popular free billing software for PC is SleekBill and Zoho.

  2. Is Zoho Invoice really free?

    Yes, Zoho Invoice is entirely free. As of now, a business can use all the features of Zoho Invoice free of cost.

  3. What’s the best invoice app for small businesses?

    Some popular invoicing apps for small businesses include myBillBook, FreshBooks and Vyapar.

  4. How long is FreshBook’s free trial?

    FreshBooks offers a 30-day free trial. After the free trial period is over, users can either continue using the free version of the software or opt for a paid subscription starting from ₹545 per month.

  5. Is Vyapar app free?

    Yes, Vyapar offers a 15-day free trial with limited billing options. The premium plan starts at ₹499 for Only Mobile Plan.

  6. What is the best free billing software for PC?

    SleekBill and QuickBooks are the most popular free online billing software for PC. Users can use any device to generate bills through these solutions.

  7. Which is the best free accounting software for PC?

    QuickBooks and Tally are the most popular accounting software for PC with POS billing feature.

  8. Is there any free billing software in Excel?

    Excel itself is multi-purpose business software that can be used for a number of purposes. Users can generate free invoices on Excel with some formulas and formatting. However, there is no inbuilt billing software or function in Excel.

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