Best AI Chatbots (Artificial Intelligence Chatbot) in 2024

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What is AI Chatbot? Let’s Find Out

AI chatbot is a software program that uses artificial intelligence to come up with smart and interactive replies in a chat-based environment. With the help of artificial intelligence, chatbots can simulate the conversational environment which resembles natural human conversations.

There are various platforms used by developers for the creation of AI chatbot. Python is one of the most widely used platforms for AI chatbot’s development. It follows an intricate sequencing of commands that help in creating a more adaptive environment for the AI chatbot.

How a Chatbot AI Enhances Customer Experience?

Today, AI Chatbots for businesses are transforming the way customers interact with brands. Many known brands and start-ups are integrating AI chatbot apps on their websites and popular social media platforms such as Facebook, to address general queries instantly.

Some of the ways that Chatbot AI is transforming the consumer experience are:

  • NLP Live chat: Natural Language Processing (NLP), an integral part of AI-based chatbots, helps in keeping conversation with users, seamless and free-flowing. With the help of live chat, customers can ask simple questions to AI chatbot for websites to get relevant information about the products and services.
  • Round-the-clock availability: Unlikecustomer services for business websites, which are only available during business working hours, AI Chatbots can provide round-the-clock service with automated responding solutions.
  • No Waiting Time: Most of the customer care services, put customers in a queue due to high customer volume and limited agents to assist. However, with an AI chatbot for website, there is no waiting time even during peak hours.
  • No IVR: AI chatbot provides a seamless and free-flowing experience of solving queries.  The hassle of selecting the correct option on an IVR, have become a thing of the past.  With AI chatbots customers can directly address their queries without having to hear/read all the choices that IVR provides.
  • No human limitations: With a human agent, there can be limitations in terms of asking too many questions orexplaining the query. However, as AI chatbot apps check keywords and process queries accordingly, communication becomes effortless.

List of 9 Best AI Chatbots for 2024

Let’s jump onto the list of best AI Chatbots available in the market.

  • MobileMonkey

Best AI Chatbot

MobileMonkey is an easy-to-use cloud-based AI Chatbot software solution for businesses. It helps build intuitive chatbots and can be used for various purposes, especially for social media platforms like Facebook. With the help of this, you can record and save user responses for the future.


  • Live Chat Stream
  • Analytics
  • Notifications
  • Performance Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Data Reporting
  • Schedule Blasts

Pricing: MobileMonkey provides a free forever plan which includes list building tools, Facebook Messenger Bots Basics and audience tools. While its Pro Plan costs ₹ 1368 per month and comes with additional features such as messenger bot automation and integration.

  • Aivo

AI-based Chatbot

Aivo provides an AI Chatbot building platform which is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Being AI-based, Aivo enables businesses to attend to the queries of customers through live chat.

Its AI technology chatbot helps businesses create auto responders so that customers can receive relevant replies based on their queries. One of its key features is that it can easily be integrated with other third-party software solutions.


  • Chatbot
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Content Management
  • Personalisation
  • Multi-Language
  • On-Demand Communication
  • Transfers/Routing

Pricing: Pricing is available on-request on their official website.

  • Mindsay

Mindsay is one of the most popular AI chatbot designing software that helps companies create AI chatbots in simple steps. Offering a SaaS-based service of AI chatbots and voice-bots, Mindsay allows businesses to enhance their customer support operations while also being cost-efficient.


  • Sequencing
  • Live Chat
  • Customisation Interface
  • Knowledge Base
  • Analytics
  • Query Data Gathering

Pricing: Mindsay provides a free version which comes with basic features such as Live Chat and sequencing. Its pricing plan starts at ₹1,073 per month and provides all the features of the free plan plus, additional features such as customisation of the UI and Analytics.

  • ItsAlive

AI Chatbot Python

ItsAlive is one of the feature-rich AI chatbot apps for businesses that helps them to expedite customer’s query responses by setting autoresponders with the help of chatbots by detecting keywords in Facebook Messenger. As with most AI chatbots with state-of-the-art features, it lets human agents take over the conversation when required.


  • Conception & UX
  • Integration
  • Chatbot Development
  • Graphic UI Creation
  • Testing & Optimizing

Pricing: It provides a free AI Chatbot plan which provides one chatbot, and 1000 monthly messages. Additionally, it also provides four paid packages, out of which Solo, Plus, Pro cost ₹1,359, ₹3,503, and ₹7,078 per month, respectively.

The Solo plan provides 1 chatbot and 5000 messages, Plus offers 2 chatbots and 20,000 messages while the Pro plan comes with 5 chatbots and 1,00,000 messages per month.

The pricing for the Enterprise plan is available on request on their official website.

  • Pandorabots

One of the best AI chatbot software providers, Pandorabots, provides a comprehensive platform for AI chatbot development. A large number of businesses from across the globe, including some Fortune 500 companies, use the platform to develop conversational AI chatbots for their websites and apps.


  • Multiple Device Support 
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Training Classes
  • Free Web Publishing and Hosting
  • Web-based Development 
  • Conversational Logs
  • AIML Development
  • Open-Source Knowledge Sets
  • Programmable Output formats
  • API Access 

Pricing: Pandorabots provides a Sandbox tier, which is free of charge and provides basic features such as development sandbox, and unlimited sandbox messages.The Developer tier comes at ₹1,360 per month and comes with additional features such as API access and chat widget.

The Pro tier costs ₹14,245 per month and comes with all the features of the Developer tier, with additional feature of third-party channel integration

  • Boost.AI

Boost.AI is one of the best AI chatbot creator software that helps businesses create intuitive and interactive virtual assistants for their websites. With the help of conversational AI chatbot software created by Boost.AI, businesses can offer quick and interactive support to the customers.

Unlike human customer support, chatbots by Boost.AI help minimise the wait time for customers by addressing simple queries by the customers.


  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Speech Recognition
  • Code-free Development
  • Virtual Assistant
  • On-Screen Chats
  • Pre-configured Bot
  • Reusable Components
  • Multi-Language
  • Contextual Guidance
  • Intent Recognition

Pricing: Pricing Plans are available on-request on their official website.

  • Imperson

AI Chatbot for Website

Imperson is an intuitive AI chatbot platform that helps businesses to create customised AI chatbots that support text and audio messages on all major social media and website platforms. Its platform helps in creating chatbots that provide intuitive and free-flowing chat experiences for customers.

Imperson provides conversational chatbots for websites, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and several other platforms.


  • Reusable Components
  • NLP user intents
  • AI moderator 
  • Real-time insights
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Customisable Chatbots

Pricing: Prices are available on-request on their official website.

  • Chatfuel

AI Chatbot Online

Chatfuel is another feature-rich and free AI chatbot building platform that provides a user-friendly interface ideal for startups, SMEs, and agencies. Its code-free development module is apt for designing customised chatbots for businesses.


  • Code-free Development
  • On-Screen Chats
  • Pre-configured Bot
  • Multi-Language
  • Speech Synthesis

Pricing: It provides a free plan which provides up to 1000 Subscribers, Basic Features to automate Messenger inbox.

It also offers two paid plans; Pro and Premium at ₹1,075 and ₹14,245 per month, respectively with both the plans not capping the subscriber limit and no watermark.

The Premium plan additionally comes with features like VIP support, account manager and synced cloning.

  • BotPenguin

Botpenguin chatbot

BotPenguin can generate leads, answer queries, book appointments, and acts as an assistant bot as well. This AI powered chatbot can communicate and engage with customers on various platforms like website and Facebook messenger. It contains a chat window, agent chat interface, chatbot builder as well as a well-equipped analytics dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Negligible development time
  • Setup cost is zero
  • Interactive UI
  • Deep analytics
  • Easily integrated
  • Very cost Effective
  • Customizable
  • Multiple messaging channels available
  • Branch appropriate
  • Can be trained further

Pricing: There are different packages available to select from. You get the basic package for free. Then you get the ‘little’ package available for Rs. 999 per month.

The ‘king’ package is available for Rs. 2299 per month and the ‘emperor’ package you have to contact us.

AI Chatbot Trends to Watch Out in 2024

Chatbots are becoming one of the most indispensable elements in businesses today. Let’s look at some of the upcoming AI Chatbot trends that we will witness in 2024.

  • Conversational Bots

After text-based chatbots, we have moved to the next level; voice-activated bots in popular home devices such as Google Home and Alexa. So, in 2022, we may see this technology entering the enterprise space and integrated with chatbots. It is quite possible that in the future, we have AI chatbots that solve the queries of customers through voice conversations.

  • Self-Learning Chatbots

One of the main hassles of acquiring an AI chatbot for business is to train it using the relevant data for your business. Since the chatbots use the data already provided by the moderator, it has limited query solving capabilities, presently.

However, with the help of deep learning, this is changing, and we can predict that in the coming years, the AI chatbots online will learn with each interaction and the material available on the internet.

  • Chatbots for Transaction

In 2022, it is most likely that AI chatbots will be able to help e-commerce platform businesse immensely by assisting customers in making purchases. It would be easier for the customers to shop directly through the chat, instead of browsing through the business website, trying to find the product.


  1. What is a chatbot, and how does it link to AI?

    A chatbot is a program that can converse with the user in a natural flow. Many businesses use chatbots to help customers by addressing simple queries. AI helps in making the conversation free-flowing and informative with the help of NLP and machine learning techniques.

  2. What AI techniques are used in chatbots?

    Chatbots use several AI-based techniques today to ensure a natural flow of conversation. Some of these techniques are behavior analysis and natural language processing (NLP).

    NLP has two sub-factors; Intent and Entities that help immensely in conversations with AI Chatbots. Intent is the primary purpose of the command given by the user, while Entity is used to specify and categorise the Intent.

    For instance, if the user provides the command “Check all the Hindi language movies in the city,” here Intent is to “check the movies” and entities are “Hindi Language” and “city.”

  3. Is Siri a chatbot?

    Siri is an intelligent chatbot that works as a virtual assistant for owners of Apple devices. Siri uses voice commands to reply to queries, do specific tasks such as setting alarms, and provide suggestions according to the user’s requirements.

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