15 Best Apps for LinkedIn That Will Enhance Your Platform Experience

15 Best Apps for LinkedIn That Will Enhance Your Platform Experience-feature image
July 18, 2023 14 Min read

Modern business networking happens beyond conferences and seminars on social networking sites like LinkedIn. But there’s much more than this that you can do on LinkedIn.

According to HubSpot, 79% of marketers see LinkedIn as one of the best sources for lead generation. Businesses have the potential to market themselves to a professional network of 700 million professionals across the world.

So, how can you do all this and make the most out of LinkedIn?

Well, we have listed the 15 best apps for LinkedIn that can help you in exploring the platform’s potential and gaining maximum benefit for your business.

Why are Apps for LinkedIn Important?

Let’s understand why businesses like yours need additional apps for LinkedIn.

  • Make more connections at one
  • Use analytics to understand your LinkedIn campaigns better
  • Understand your prospects and audiences better
  • Stay up to date with the latest happenings on LinkedIn
  • Send standard brand communications
  • Find the right people and jobs with advanced searches

Best Apps for LinkedIn That You Should be Using Right Away

Let’s check out what some of the best apps for LinkedIn can do to enhance your platform experience.

LinkedIn Mobile AppGrow professional network, hire employees and find jobs
LinkedIn Sales NavigatorConnect to relevant prospects
LinkedIn Resume BuilderCreate a professional resume
LinkedIn Job SearchFind the right candidate and job
LinkedIn Advanced SearchFind relevant searches across categories
PulseReceive daily updates for LinkedIn activities
SlideShareShare content with your professional network
HunterExtract official email addresses
ZapierConnect other social apps to LinkedIn with automation
TextExpanderUse short codes to send standard responses
OktopostSchedule, post, and manage LinkedIn content
LinkedIn LearningAcquire new skills from industry experts
Slinky AppSend customized messages using standard templates
Elink ProIncrease page visits and engagement
LinkedIn Recruiter AppPost jobs and hire right candidates
  1. LinkedIn Mobile App

LinkedIn Mobile App

LinkedIn mobile app offers some amazing in-built features that are great for businesses as well as individuals. Businesses can connect to leads and prospects, and job seekers can find the right organization for themselves. The platform gives users a great opportunity to widen their professional network and directly connect to leading business and corporate personalities.

How Does LinkedIn Mobile App Work?

  • Simply download and login with your credentials
  • User-friendly interface guides through all the features
  • Instantly search for people, groups, and organizations
  • Apply for jobs across the globe using inApply within just a click
  • Run campaigns to market your products and services in your professional network

Is LinkedIn Free – Yes, all the major features of LinkedIn are available in its free version.

LinkedIn Pricing – LinkedIn provides a premium version with a one-month free trial that helps you get hired faster and grow your network better. LinkedIn Premium cost starts from ₹1,567.70 per month.

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a LinkedIn sales solution that guides businesses to reach the right companies and buyers. It allows you to reach out to your prospects directly through InMail. In fact, users can also keep track of their communications by saving leads, setting alerts, making custom leads, notes, etc.

How Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Work?

  • Use advanced searches to find relevant prospects
  • Receive lead recommendations customized to your needs
  • Integrate and sync your Sales Navigator activities to CRM
  • Get real-time updates about activities on your leads’ accounts
  • Organize your prospects’ accounts using multiple tags
  • Track audiences’ engagement with your content

Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Free – LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not free. However, you can avail yourself of a one-month free trial of the paid packages.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing – LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers three paid packages Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus starting from ₹6246.46 per user per month.

  1. LinkedIn Resume Builder

LinkedIn Resume Builder

LinkedIn Resume Builder is an in-built feature of the LinkedIn app. The feature allows you to create a professional resume and get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters. In a few simple steps, you can easily build your resume from the existing information on your profile. Additionally, you can also download this resume in a PDF document and share it externally as well.

How Does LinkedIn Resume Builder Work?

  • Click on your profile icon on the right corner of the desktop version of this LinkedIn app
  • Tap on ‘View Profile’
  • Now, click on ‘More’
  • Select ‘Build a Resume’ from the dropdown menu
  • Here, you will get two options, to create a resume from your profile and the other one to upload your resume. Click on ‘Create from Profile’.
  • Now, here add all your details like the job title, experience, education, etc.

Is LinkedIn Resume Builder Free – Yes, LinkedIn Resume Builder is free to use for all LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn Resume Builder Pricing – LinkedIn Resume Builder has no paid plans; it is free to use.

LinkedIn Job Search app

LinkedIn app’s in-built feature for job search can help you search for relevant jobs according to your skillset, qualifications, experience, and other preferences. Millions of recruiters from across the globe post job requirements on LinkedIn that can become a turning point in your career.

How Does LinkedIn Job Search Work?

  • Tap on jobs icon on the top of LinkedIn
  • Now, type the job title you want to search for
  • Add your preferred city and country in the location tab and tap on search
  • Streamline your job search using filters like experience level, company, date posted on, etc.
  • Apply directly from the LinkedIn app with ‘Easy Apply’
  • Compare your application with other applicants with LinkedIn Premium

Is LinkedIn Job Search Free – Yes, the LinkedIn Job Search feature is free to use for LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn Job Search Pricing – LinkedIn Job Search is completely free. Although, you can choose to buy LinkedIn Premium starting at ₹1,567.79 per month depending on the plan you choose. The premium plan will allow you to compare yourself with other applicants, learn new skills, and give a chance for your application to stand out.

The LinkedIn Advanced Search feature enables its users to search for jobs, people, companies, etc. You can further apply advanced filters to your search such as people, jobs, groups, events, schools, courses, and more to find the exact thing you are looking for.

How Does LinkedIn Advanced Search Work?

  • Type the keyword in the search bar on the top
  • Receive suggestions for your search in the drop-down
  • Get related searches in different categories
  • Apply filters to streamline your search

Is LinkedIn Advanced Search Free – Yes, the LinkedIn Advanced Search feature is available for all users completely free of cost.

LinkedIn Advanced Search Pricing – LinkedIn Search is a free app for LinkedIn.

  1. Pulse


The Pulse app for LinkedIn is a quicker way to access and use all the functionalities of LinkedIn. It keeps you updated on all the latest happenings in the professional world of your LinkedIn connections like their achievements, promotions, new ventures, etc. Businesses can use this app to offer personalized communication to their LinkedIn connections.

How Does LinkedIn Pulse Work?

  • Receive daily industry news
  • Get notifications of popular articles
  • Get notified about the mentions of your LinkedIn connections
  • Access anywhere on Android, iOS, and Apple Watch
  • Save and share your articles with your connections

Is Pulse App for LinkedIn Free – Yes, LinkedIn Pulse features within the LinkedIn app, which is free for its users.

Pulse App Pricing – LinkedIn Pulse is completely free for its users.

  1. SlideShare


You can connect to LinkedIn, the largest professional community platform, and SlideShare, the largest platform for accessing professional content. Connecting these two platforms will help you to build credibility and widen your professional network on both applications.

How Does SlideShare Work?

  • Log in to SlideShare using LinkedIn credentials to easily connect both the platforms
  • Create presentations on SlideShare and upload them directly on LinkedIn
  • Embed SlideShare presentation link in your LinkedIn profile Summary
  • Upload a PDF document of the SlideShare presentation directly on your LinkedIn profile

Is SlideShare Free – Yes, SlideShare is free to use.

SlideShare Pricing – SlideShare offers a premium package starting from ₹1,482.88 per month that allows you to do professional branding, upload videos, access analytics, etc.

  1. Hunter

Hunter app for linkedin post

Hunter for LinkedIn mobile app helps you connect better with other professionals by extracting their official email addresses in just a few seconds. You can search for professionals on LinkedIn and then get their email address from Hunter to connect further. Hunter’s Email Finder feature is a great help for sales representatives, marketers, and recruiters for reaching out directly to managers, founders, and business owners.

How Does Hunter Work?

  • Conduct an advanced search by entering the first and last name of the person with their domain name
  • Take help from the ‘Autocomplete’ feature to find a company or domain if you are not sure
  • Directly send email from apps for LinkedIn, Hunter
  • Save the email address as a lead for future use
  • Use Hunter’s Email Verifier to validate email addresses and avoid bounces

Is Hunter Free – Yes, Hunter is a free app for LinkedIn that offers 25 monthly searches and 50 monthly verifications.

Hunter Pricing – Hunter offers four paid packages – Starter, Growth, Pro, and Business starting from ₹3,824.28 per month.

  1. Zapier


Zapier allows you to integrate the LinkedIn app with more than 5000 other popular apps like WordPress, Mailchimp, Google Sheets, etc., to automate your tasks without any coding knowledge. This minimizes your manual work so that you have more time to focus on what’s important. You can automatically pull information from other social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, etc., and share the same on LinkedIn using Zapier.

How Does Zapier Work?

  • Automatically update your organization’s LinkedIn profile
  • Use automation to move information among your social apps
  • Run marketing campaigns on Mailchimp
  • Manage your website through WordPress
  • Ease your hiring process by sharing BrightMove jobs on the LinkedIn mobile app

Is Zapier Free – Yes, Zapier offers a free plan which allows its users to automate 100 tasks per month. These tasks may include sharing posts, campaigns, articles, etc., on LinkedIn.

Zapier Pricing – Zapier provides four paid plans for LinkedIn apps; Starter, Professional, Team, and Company starting from ₹1,595.32 per month. | Best Zapier Alternatives

  1. TextExpander

TextExpander LinkedIn App for Android

TextExpander is one of the most useful apps for LinkedIn. It enables your team members to achieve consistency, accuracy, and efficiency with standard short codes and standard responses to send messages or inquiries. In addition to this, TextExpander also ensures that your teams around verticals are sending synchronized communications to your customers and prospects.

How Does TextExpander Work?

  • Use standard short codes and responses across multiple platforms
  • Simply, type the code to get the expanded version of the message on LinkedIn
  • Save time spent on typing repetitive communications
  • Share consistent communication with all your prospects on LinkedIn

Is TextExpander Free – No, TextExpander is not a free app for LinkedIn. However, you can avail yourself of a 30-day free trial of the paid versions.

TextExpander Pricing – TextExapnder offers four paid packages, Individual, Business, Growth, and an Enterprise package starting from ₹259.60 per user, per month.

  1. Oktopost

Oktopost is one of the most important apps for LinkedIn and your other social media platforms. It allows you to publish, measure, engage, and monetize your content across multiple platforms. With Oktopost you can review the impact of your LinkedIn campaigns with measurable analytics for clicks, comments, leads, and all other activities.

How Does Oktopost Work?

  • Generate statistics for all the activities on your LinkedIn and other social media campaigns
  • Schedule, post, and manage your LinkedIn content
  • Identify what’s working for your audience and what’s not
  • Understand your customers and prospects better with a 360-degree view of their database

Is Oktopost Free – No, Oktopost is not a free app.

Oktopost Pricing – All the information about Oktopost’s pricing and plans is available on request on their official website.

  1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning Platform

LinkedIn Learning is a platform by LinkedIn that helps individuals to grow their skills and boost their career. It offers a list of recommended courses, customized just for you, weekly top courses, and other trending topics. These skills will help you in strengthening your presence in your professional network.

How Does LinkedIn Learning Work?

  • Find recommended courses according to your profession
  • Identify top skills required in your profession
  • Access top LinkedIn community to take best career advice
  • Take live sessions from industry experts
  • Connect with LinkedIn influencers in your field to widen your professional network

Is LinkedIn Learning Free – No, LinkedIn Learning does not provide a free package. However, you take a 1-month free trial to check out their features.

LinkedIn Learning Pricing – LinkedIn Learning’s paid package costs ₹1,610.17 per month.

  1. Slinky App

Slinky App works as an extension that allows its users to design templates for different LinkedIn messages, introductions, and InMail. It is one of the best apps for LinkedIn, especially for sales representatives, marketers, and recruiters that will save their time and send consistent brand communications. For example, your sales representatives can send standard pitches to all their prospects, by just changing their names. This will save their time from typing the same message again and again.

How Does Slinky App Work?

  • Simply start by installing the Slinky App google chrome extension
  • Enable the extension with the Slinky App icon on the right corner
  • Choose ‘Load Profile’, and login using Google
  • Now, you are ready to create and edit customized message templates for LinkedIn

Is Slinky App Free – Yes, Slinky App is free to download extension for Google Chrome.

Slinky App Pricing – Slinky App is a completely free Google Chrome browser extension.

Elink Pro is one of the popular LinkedIn marketing software that helps you get more leads and close more deals. It offers an extension that works like a LinkedIn marketer for your brand page by attracting more views.

Elink Pro’s extension views all the profiles as if it’s viewing every single profile from the browser. This sends them a notification, and the majority of the profiles will visit your brand page to check who viewed their profile. All this is done using automation that will increase your page visits and engagement.

How Does Elink Pro Work?

  • Download the browser extension for Elink Pro
  • Elink Pro will view your prospects’ profiles as if they are being viewed specifically by a browser
  • Now, your prospects will start receiving LinkedIn notifications for people who viewed their profile
  • Now, following the notification your prospects will check who visited their profile and will be redirected to your brand page.
  • As a result of this, your page will witness increased visits, followers, and engagement.

Is Elink Pro Free – No, Elink Pro does not offer any free services. Although, you can check out their features in a 5-day trail pack.

Elink Pro Pricing – Elink Pro’s pricing starts from ₹2,261.01 per month.

  1. LinkedIn Recruiter App

LinkedIn Recruiter enables hiring managers to find and employ the right candidates using LinkedIn’s professional community. It helps businesses to cut down the time, effort, and cost spent in hiring. Recruiters can also use advanced search filters and recommended matches to find the right candidate in the network of more than 1.6 million professionals.

How Does LinkedIn Recruiter App Work?

  • Use advanced search filters
  • Connect to candidates directly using InMail
  • Send bulk messages in saved templates
  • Instantly share employee profiles for further approvals
  • Collaborate with team members by tagging
  • Conduct skill assessments from job posting

Is LinkedIn Recruiter App Free – Yes, LinkedIn recruiter offers a free plan for beginners where recruiters can post jobs to find the right candidates.

LinkedIn Recruiter App Pricing – For LinkedIn Recruiter pricing you need to contact their sales team from the official website. The paid version will offer you advanced application management, recommended candidates, bulk messaging, and more.


  1. Which is the best app for LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator, TextExpander, Zapier, Hunter, etc., are some of the best apps for LinkedIn.

  2. What are the best apps for LinkedIn posts?

    Elink Pro, Ocktopost, and Zapier are some of the best apps for LinkedIn posts that help you to schedule and analyze the performance of your LinkedIn posts.

  3. Is there an app for LinkedIn?

    Yes, there are multiple apps for LinkedIn such as LinkedIn Learning, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Oktopost, and more.

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