Best MS Office Apps for Digital Business Transformation

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February 2, 2023 6 Min read

Microsoft Office 365 includes services applications such as Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Publisher, OneNote, MS Teams apps, and Skype for business which all serve one purpose: enhancing your productivity.

According to a study conducted by Microsoft on its product in 2019, the company found out that a constant access to Office 365 business via mobile app and web services helped in improving worker’s productivity by 2.5 hours.

How MS Office Apps Help Businesses Achieve Digital Transformation

Now that most of the offices around the world are working remotely, Microsoft has upgraded its Office 365 applications to make them more mobile friendly. Take Outlook MS Office app for example. Microsoft 365 office suite is implementing conversational AI tech to provide users voice based assistance through mobile devices and improve their productivity.

Another example of improved usability with MS Office apps is its enhanced search option. It enables you to easily find out your stored multimedia content in a matter of seconds.

The primary intention behind MS Office apps is to make productivity tools accessible and support multitasking.

Microsoft Office Suites Features That Are Broadly Useful for All Businesses

Microsoft 365 Business
  1. You get desktop version of Microsoft Office apps, which include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote etc., and Access and Publisher apps that are useful for PC users.
  2. 1TB of storage space on OneDrive for business, which you can also share with your team.
  3. One license fully covers the Office apps on five PCs or Macs, five tablets, and five mobile devices.
  4. Microsoft rolls out updated versions of its MS Office apps once a month at least.
  5. You get 24X7 phone and web support from Microsoft in case you are facing any challenges.

Why MS Office 365 Is One of the Best Office Suites Software?

MS Apps
  • Microsoft 365 Apps is installed as a package, i.e., all office applications are installed on your PC, and you can configure the deployment to remove certain Office applications.
  • Office 365 Business is updated every month with new features – a distinction that you don’t see in non-subscription based versions of Office. It uses an installation technique called Click-to-Run, to apply monthly application updates. 
  • With Office 365 enterprise, you get licensing application for up to five different computers or devices.
  • You don’t have to be connected to the internet all the time, but you must connect to the internet to at least once every 30 days to receive the latest updates.
  • With Microsoft 365 apps, can store your files on your network, like a SharePoint site or locally on your computer. Else, you can also store your files on cloud.

Top 11 MS Office Apps for Businesses to Achieve Organizational Productivity

Microsoft offers a bouquet of services for businesses to function smoothly. With evolving technologies, these upgrades are no longer limited to your personal computers, and have also reached to your phones and other smart devices. You use them to connect with people sitting miles away from you.

Now, given the popularity and usefulness of Office 365 business tools, it is essential that you take course in it to know more how it works. These user-friendly tools are extremely versatile for jobs of different kinds.

  • Word

MS Word

Probably the most widely known application, Microsoft Word is also the most popular. The application allows you to illustrate, create, edit or format text for different tasks. The app comes with tools that let you write personal texts, creating content, and connect with your associates.

  • Excel

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Used in almost every commercial establishment, Excel is the best friend of an accountant looking to compute data or for basic calculation. The application allows you to add data and create sheets for different purposes. When making a presentation that deals with data figures, Excel proves worthwhile.

  • PowerPoint

Microsoft Office PowerPoint Online

The software application helps you create presentation in the easiest way possible. An application of Office 365 app, PowerPoint allows you to add a highlight or create a drama in your presentation. The application enables you to add picture, text, even videos to make them more engaging and interactive.

  • Publisher

Microsoft Office Publisher Online

A strictly desktop-based application, Publisher is ideal for creating different types of publications like newsletters, business cards, greeting cards, calendars and so much more. With Publisher, you don’t have to hire an expensive designer, and you can do it all yourself.

  • Lync

Microsoft Lync 2010

A cloud-based application, Lync enables instant messaging and communication. Launched in 2011, the app allows you to share text, data and link it with others using Lync Online Scheduler. You can use Lync to collaborate with your colleagues and engage them more meaningfully.

  • Outlook

MS Outlook Online

An application that allows you to send mail and communicate effectively among team members, Outlook customizes your profile, and help you manage and merge data in mails, by creating calendars and scheduling tasks.

  • SharePoint

Sharepoint office 365

Much like cloud, SharePoint is also an app that helps you store, organize and share data across different platforms. With SharePoint, you can create your own tools. A part of the Microsoft Office 365suite, SharePoint enables you to organize and manage data for effective dissemination. A complete know-how of SharePoint enables you to edit docs, manage calendars, create lists, coordinate libraries, and much more.

  • OneNote

OneNote App

The OneNote application of Microsoft allows you to create and synchronize your notes. Powered by MS office suite, the application enables you to add, edit, delete, insert objects, and transfer data easily. A dynamic tool of Microsoft Office, it aids efficient coordination of project.

  • Visio

Visio Online

The application, enabled by MS office suite helps create vector graphics, diagrams, and flow charts. Its various chart building tools create diagrams and other graphics. Visio allows you to work on different pages, customize and format them. It helps create complex flowcharts and several other things that are essential for creating a comprehensive report.

  • Project

Microsoft Project is laden with features that are essential for preparing projects for a particular assignment. It allows you to share different projects with its task tracing facilities and in-built Lync features.

  • Microsoft Teams App

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular MS Office apps for teamwork. It helps organize meetings and video conferences and supports content collaboration. It’s a single platform from where you can manage your tasks and stay connected.

Pay as You Buy! Explore Microsoft 365 Pricing for MS Office Apps & Other Versions

Microsoft office 365 offers the following plans for individual users and businesses:

Plan NamePrice
Microsoft 365 Business Basic₹125 user/month
Microsoft 365 Business Standard₹660 user/month
Microsoft 365 Business Premium ₹1320 user/month

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