What is Microsoft Office 365, And Why Its Important?

What is Microsoft Office 365, And Why Its Important?-feature image
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2022 is going to be the year when businesses revamp their strategies and look forward to capitalize on the opportunities. Experts suggest that the best way Indian SMBs can also join the bandwagon is by adopting Microsoft 365 business solutions as a regular part of their operations.

What All Services and Products You Get with Office 365 Business Edition?

The main aim of Microsoft behind developing Microsoft 365 business standard and premium version is to maximise productivity, collaboration and security. You can access the following apps when you buy office 365 business premium or any such version.

App Name Best For
Word Drafting professional and personal documents.
Excel Analysing mundane data in the form of graphs and charts.
PowerPoint Presentation of ideas with the help of customizable slides.
OneNote Taking notes in an intuitive manner.
Outlook Professional conversations over mail.
Access Building and sharing databases in quick time.
Publisher Creating and editing graphic designs.
OneDrive (Premium apps) Hosting files and synchronization.
Microsoft Editor (Premium value) AI powered writing assistance for word, outlook.

Key Benefits of Using Office 365 for Business

Microsoft 365 business premium and other versions provide one stop solution to all your business needs. Here we mention reasons why you should definitely buy a plan for your organisation.

  • Ease of Access with Microsoft Office 365 Business Standard and other Versions

Office 365 solutions can be synced across devices such as iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows. This ensures that you can access your profile on the go, even if you are away from your designated system. The fact that Microsoft 365 apps are available both in browser version and app version only helps strengthen our cause.

  • Nothing Beats Outlook When It Comes to Sending Emails

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Part of Microsoft 365 suite, Outlook is arguably the best mail sending service out there. For starters, it comes with an enormous 50 GB storage in the mailbox and a healthy limit of 25 MB on attachments. You also have the option of uploading your large files to OneDrive and then attach the link.

Other than that, Outlook helps you to quickly schedule meetings, even in advance and a robust integration with Teams.

  • Create and Share Content Efficiently with Microsoft 365 Business Solution

MS Publisher

With help of SharePoint, businesses can now share content with people from within the organisation as well with those outside. MS office 365 helps organisations optimise their intranet in such a manner so that colleagues, members from different teams and even clients can collaborate on a single project.

  • No Specialised Training Required for Using Microsoft 365 Business Standard Version

None of the applications that are part of office 365 suite have a steep learning curve. Your employees need not have advanced IT knowledge to use Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and other applications. Microsoft 365 also offers a trial version using which you can get your workforce accustomed to using MS tools.

  • Office 365 Business Takes Care of Your Data Security… Always

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

One of the core principles on which Microsoft 365 business standard and other versions have been formed is security. The suite ensures that your private data is protected at all costs. Admins can also imply role-based access to critical protection to prevent a leak. The logging in process for your Office 365 profile involves multi-factor authentication along with regular scans for keeping your files free of malicious bugs.

  • Scale Office 365 Business Premium and other Versions as Per Your Needs

No two businesses are the same. Depending on your business operations, you will have very different requirements. Thankfully, Microsoft Office 365 has been developed with the purpose to serve small and large businesses both. Currently three plans are available-

Microsoft Office 365 Plan NameMicrosoft Office 365 Business Price
Microsoft 365 Business Basic ₹125 per user per month
Office 365 Business Standard ₹660 per user per month
Office 365 Business Premium ₹1320 per user per month

For more details and amazing discount offers, visit techjockey.com.

  • Office 365 Is Required to Keep Your Businesses Agile

In case you are looking to establish your business across different locations, you need IT solutions that can help make your business agile. The best way to do this is to use MS Office 365 solutions to switch your business operations to the cloud. You can request for any number of licenses for enhancing communication and productivity. Microsoft 365 is also beneficial in case you want to scale down your operations.

  • Improve inter-communication

Microsoft Collaboration Tools

Success for your business endeavours is often mired by lack of communication between different departments. By using communication tools offered by Office 365, you can ensure better collaboration and productivity across ranks. Microsoft currently offers Teams, Skype, Yammer, Exchange online and so on.

  • Sort out all Licensing Mess

One employee in your organisation is working on one particular version of an application while the other is using the same application but a different version. Result? It would be difficult to bring both the employees to speed and more so if they have to collaborate. MS Office 365 suite solves this. When you purchase a license, the same version of Microsoft Office would be deployed across the organisation, boosting collaboration in real time as well as productivity.

  • Physical or Digital Disasters Can’t Harm Your Business

cloud based MS Office 365 suite

As per a recent survey, 40-60% businesses never recover from a disaster, either digital or physical. In such a scenario, it makes sense that you immediately shift operations to cloud-based MS Office 365 suite. So even if peripheral devices, physical assets, applications, etc. are damaged, your data would be safe and always available to be worked upon.

Thinking of Unleashing Your Digital Transformation? Follow These Easy Steps

MS Office 365 suite


2021 is the year where all SMBs in India are targeting unprecedented growth. But with increasing competition and threat of data breach always looming, only Microsoft 365 solutions are an efficient way of scaling operations, driving collaboration and boosting productivity.

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