10 Best Cloud Telephony Providers in India

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January 16, 2023 9 Min read

Contacting and maintaining a connection with your customers and prospects has become even more difficult in today’s remote and hybrid working spaces.

Businesses and even customers no longer prefer personal meetings to discuss products, plans, and pricing.

So, how do you connect with them and maintain the same personal connection?

Voice calling is the answer!

Today, there are multiple cloud telephony providers that offer customized solutions to businesses that help them connect to their prospects and clients using voice, text, and video messaging.

But how do they work, which cloud telephony solution should you choose, and what price should you pay? There are a lot of questions.

Let’s find answers to all these questions and understand how cloud telephony can help businesses boost conversion and improve customer service.

What is Cloud Telephony?

What is Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony is a technology that takes your business calling and phone service to cloud, using the internet connection. Users can directly place calls using any computer or any other smart device with an internet connection. You don’t need to invest in and install separate handsets or any other hardware.

It can be classified as a UCaaS, Unified Communications as a Service, which means it merges various communications and collaboration tools to offer voice, text, and video messaging through a third-party host. Customers can simply gain access to cloud telephony via the internet and pay as per their requirements through a subscription-based payment model. This means whether you are working in remote, offline, or hybrid workspaces, expansion becomes super easy.

10 Best Cloud Telephony Service Providers in India

  • Pulse

Pulse is an innovative unified communications service for enterprises. This cloud telephony provider easily routes incoming calls to agents in different departments. In fact, it also offers a virtual receptionist that can manage your inbound calls effectively.

Pulse Features

  • Allows users to mask phone numbers and choose area codes to maintain complete privacy and anonymity.
  • Use VoIP calling with unlimited calling, talk time prepaid and wholesale plans with affordable pricing
  • Cloud routing, smart call queues, encrypted calling, call forwarding, recording, and more
  • Monitor agents in real time to check out their calling status like active call, query time, logged in, ringing, lunch, or any other break.
  • Connect, divert, retrieve, and record voicemails
  • Use voicemail to email feature to send wave audio file to your email

Reasons to Buy Pulse

  • 24*7 Instant customer support
  • HIPAA compliant, ISO 27001:2013 certified
  • Pulse library for exclusive blogs

Pulse Pricing

Price on Request

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  • Exotel


Exotel simplifies customer engagement by offering omnichannel call center management functionalities. It helps businesses to set up their remote customer service and sales teams within 30 minutes. Its call analytics and tracking features ensure that your remote teams are fully productive and offer the best customer service to your clients.

Exotel Features

  • Get 1800 series Toll Free Number so that your customers can call you completely free of cost
  • Integrate voice calls with your Helpdesk, CRM, website, app, etc., to offer personalized customer service.
  • Get your calls automatically assigned to the right agent with an automatic call distribution software
  • Announce promotions, offers, etc., with bulk SMS broadcasting services
  • Manage internal and external business calls with call forwarding, tracking, recording, and more

Reasons to Buy Exotel

  • Perfect for remote teams with auto dialers
  • Patented cloud telephony solutions

Exotel Pricing

₹9,999/ 5 months onwards | 7 Day Free Trial

In the free trial you receive 1000 free credits that can be used to make calls and send SMS.

  • MyOperator

MyOperator enables businesses to manage inbound and outbound calls, enhance their customer support and boost sales. It tracks your teams’ performance through a live dashboard in real time and helps increase their productivity. In fact, the cloud telephony company offers 50+ call management features including call tracking, recording, forwarding, etc.

MyOperator Features

  • Get easily recognizable vanity numbers to increase brand recall value
  • Know your business call traffic with a live dashboard
  • Analyze call volume and individual agent’s performance through reports
  • Use extension dialing for internal communication
  • Multi call answering with IVR
  • Transfer calls without disconnecting

Reasons to Buy MyOperator

  • Assign role-based permissions
  • SSL security through complete data encryption
  • CRM integration available

MyOperator Pricing

₹2,499 per month onwards | 3 Day Free Trial

  • Servetel


Servetel helps businesses run multiple voice campaigns for different industries such as politics, education, healthcare, banking, eCommerce, hospitality, and more. In fact, users only pay for answered calls, which reduces overall campaign costs. This flexible pricing allows you to easily scale your campaigns with demand and requirement.

Servetel Features

  • Use a comprehensive dashboard to monitor your agents’ performance
  • Receive real time analytics for live calls and campaigns
  • Save your customers from junk calls by filtering ‘Do No Call’ numbers
  • Collect leads or collect feedback with quick missed call service
  • Automate query resolution by using smart IVR solutions

Reasons to Buy Servetel

  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  • Quick installation and setup
  • Zero investment in infrastructure

Servetel Pricing

Customized Pricing | 10 Day Free Trial

In the Servetel free trial users get customized IVR greeting, ₹1500 of call and SMS services, and access to multiple cloud telephony solutions.

  • CallHippo


CallHippo cloud telephony providers not only increase your employee productivity, but also encourage them with in- built cool badges for recognition. In addition to this, it allows you to add a message or welcome music to greet callers and keep them entertained while they wait for an agent to answer.

CallHippo Features

  • Record outgoing and incoming calls for analysis and training purposes
  • Access a comprehensive dashboard to monitor your agents’ performance
  • Generate call reports to check team targets
  • Integration with ZohoBooks, Freshdesk, Slack, and more to increase productivity
  • Increase conversion rates by transferring the call to your supervisor with call barging

Reasons to Buy CallHippo

  • Use smart switch to select the best network and improve call connectivity
  • Intelligent outgoing ID displays the country code of the region you are dialing in
  • Quickly set up CallHippo within 3 minutes

CallHippo Pricing

Free Basic Plan | ₹1300 per user per month

The paid plans offer an additional free number, call reminders, conference calling, call tagging, and other addons.

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  • Ozonetel

Ozonetel’s dashboard allows you to effectively access all call controls including hold, mute, transfer within just one click. Also, you can ask these cloud telephony providers to integrate CRM to facilitate click to call feature. This will enable users to call directly from the CRM itself.

Ozonetel Features

  • Modify IVR with drag and drop feature without coding
  • Divert after hour calls to agents working in different shifts, voicemail, or IVR
  • Access advanced APIs for customized
  • Integrate digital social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Reasons to Buy Ozonetel

  • Access speech analytics to understand customer’s sentiments on call or chatAdd AI voice bots to automate and answer calls naturally
  • Automatically displays screen pops to show caller details like name, location, country code, etc.

Ozonetel Pricing

Price on Request

  • CloudConnect

CloudConnect offers a scalable, affordable, and secure cloud telephony service for different businesses and industries. In also offers mobile and digital PBX that allows agents to make business calls from any device, any time. It enables users to improve their customer service and sales through voice broadcast, hosted IVR, call analytics, and more.

CloudConnect Features

  • Instantly share text messages and attachments with your callers
  • Low maintenance costs for hardware
  • Smartly route calls to right agents to reduce query time
  • Add customized greetings, menus, and music

Reasons to Buy CloudConnect

  • Get one virtual number to build a business identity
  • Access conference dial ins
  • Advanced encryption with ad

CloudConnect Pricing

Price on Request

  • Ameyo


Ameyo cloud telephony providers enable businesses to set up a remote call center with flexible solutions. You can manage outbound, inbound, and blended type of call centers easily and with complete flexibility. Moreover, it allows users to communicate in real-time through voice and video calls, and text messages.

Ameyo Features

  • Maintain your customers’ privacy by masking numbers, call history, recordings, etc.
  • Instantly dial numbers with Click to Call feature without dialing them
  • Reduce agents’ Average Handling Time with a unified agent desktop, as they won’t need to switch between screens
  • Seamless integration with popular CRMs and HelpDesk software

Reasons to Buy Ameyo

  • Add human touch to your conversations by adding video contact center
  • Engage your callers with WhatsApp Business API
  • Receive more calls with Truecaller verified ID

Ameyo Pricing

Price on Request

  • Microtel

Microtel cloud telephony providers help businesses tap into new local and international markets with voice and SMS services. The software also allows you to send voice messages in bulk to establish connection with the receiver. Moreover, you can also send bulk messages for promotions and offers to your customers and prospects.

Microtel Features

  • Dial multiple calls to boost agent productivity
  • Integration available for third party websites, apps, CRMs, and ERPs
  • Schedule bulk messaging by predefining time and date
  • Add music or message to be played during the waiting for the customer

Reasons to Buy Microtel

  • Use Text to Speech feature to play the converted text in audio format
  • Conduct internal and external conference calls
  • Add filtration for ‘Do Not Call’ numbers

Microtel Pricing

Price on Request

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  • Knowlarity

Knowlarity offers cloud telephony services for small businesses, startups, and enterprises to enhance customer engagement. It provides voice, messaging, video, and other AI powered solutions that help you connect to customers and prospects in real time.

Knowlarity Features

  • Increase agent productivity with Knowlarity’s auto dialer
  • Automate outbound calls with pre recorded messages
  • Ensure quality lead generation with missed call services
  • Track agents’ performance with analytics dashboard for end-to-end monitoring

Reasons to Buy Knowlarity

  • Flexible pricing model with pay as you go
  • Scalable and capable of managing large call flow

Knowlarity Pricing

₹1500 onwards | 7 Days Free Trial

Benefits of Cloud Telephony in a Business

Benefits of Cloud Telephony
  • Cloud telephony systems are comparatively easy to implement as compared to on premise PBX systems
  • Zero investment in infrastructure
  • Allows you to manage internal and external business communications
  • Go beyond traditional calling with customized campaigns
  • Cloud telephony solution is easily scalable as your team and business grows
  • Enables you to monitor and increase your agents’ productivity
  • Keep your customers’ database completely secure with encryption
  • Increase conversion rates by never missing a follow up with call reminders

How to Find the Right Cloud Telephony Service Provider

With a lot of options available in the market, let’s understand what points you need to consider while selecting the right cloud telephony providers for your business.

  • Provides a call monitoring option so that you can identify training needs for your agents
  • Provides you with a virtual, toll free, and vanity number
  • Enables you to add customized IVR messages
  • Allows you to access call reports to analyze agent performance
  • Ensures number masking to protect your customers’ data
  • Offers a free trial to test all the features
  • Availability of 24*7 customer support

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  1. What is cloud telephony provider?

    Cloud telephony takes your business calling and phone service to cloud, using the internet connection. It allows users to directly make calls using any computer or any other smart device with just an internet connection.

  2. What is the difference between VoIP and cloud telephony?

    Cloud telephony is an umbrella term that includes VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, bulk messaging, chat, etc. Cloud telephony includes voice, text, and video messages, whereas VoIP only includes voice messages.

  3. How do I choose a cloud telephony provider?

    To choose a cloud telephony provider, you must look out for features such as virtual numbers, call analytics, real time call monitoring, toll free numbers, and more.

  4. Is cloud telephony legal in India?

    Yes, it is legal to use cloud telephony in India. Internet Service Providers and Telecom Service Providers don’t need a separate license to offer cloud telephony services.

  5. Which are the best cloud telephony services in India?

    The best cloud telephony service providers in India are Exotel, MyOperator, Pulse, etc. They allow you to run voice campaigns and connect to clients and prospects.

  6. How does cloud telephony work?

    Cloud telephony works on the internet that enables users to make calls using the internet through their desktops and mobile handsets.

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