12 Best Free Invoice Generators in 2023 with Customized Invoice Templates

12 Best Free Invoice Generators in 2023 with Customized Invoice Templates-feature image
January 19, 2023 11 Min read

Save your business time and resources through invoice makers. Free invoice generators are designed to meet specific business requirements. You can be assured of the minimized possibility of errors in processes such as expense management, invoice tracking, recurring invoices and account statements.

Customisable invoice templates further make you task easy by generating invoices indicative of your business, type, client’s preferences, estimates and other relevant information.

What are Online Invoice Generators?

Paid and free invoice generators create invoices with the help of various custom options available to cover all aspects of your business. Logos, leave notes, client information, custom terms and discounts are examples of such options that can be attached to an invoice document for developing professional invoices on the go.

Further these invoice makers automatically calculate estimates once all the necessary payment information is entered in the application.

Built to suit any business requirements, free invoice generator software also provide for customised templates so that you can develop, download and print invoices as per the business’s needs or client’s preferences.

These detailed invoices with a professional cut to them save time by lending you a helping hand in getting payments for the projects so undertaken.

What an Invoice Consists of When Generated with Online Invoice Generators?

While selecting the best free invoice generator, check that it helps generate invoices with all the required elements:

  • Business contact details
  • Clients’ contact details
  • Invoice description (what it is for)
  • Services performed or products delivered
  • Tax details
  • Balance due
  • Terms & conditions (mutually agreed upon)
  • The date it has been issued
  • Unique reference number

Free Online Invoice Generators with Invoice Format in Excel, Word, PDF & More

Reliable invoice paid and free online invoice generators let you structure and download invoices along with multiple customisable layout options. The best available free online invoice generators in different formats are:

  • Zoho Invoice

Online invoice generator

Zoho Invoice creator helps develop payment reminders and invoices for faster payment processing. This online voice generator also helps prepare detailed estimates regarding prices and discounts through the client portal.  With Zoho free invoice generator, you can receive auto reminder emails for all kinds of customised payments aside from creating client statements and charts.

Best for: Zoho Invoice is multilingual while at the same time efficient for generating multicurrency invoices.


  • Time tracking
  • Online payment
  • Track expenses
  • GST compliant invoices
  • Template customisation
  • Workflow automation

Maximum number of invoices: 5 (free plan)

Invoice format: Invoice format in Excel, PDF and Word

Supported Platforms: Zoho Invoice is a free invoice generator for Windows, Android and iOS.

  • PayPal

Invoice maker

Use PayPal free invoice generator for creating invoices as well as tracking these. This free online invoice generator works through an invoicing API to help users create, share and track the invoices. All you got to do is register yourself for free and start generating automatic invoices. Most importantly, you have to pay to PayPal only when you paid online by your customer for any invoice.

Best for: PayPal free invoice generator accepts payments from even those customers who don’t have a PayPal account through credit and debit cards.


  • Recurrent billing
  • Payment reminders
  • Invoice conversion
  • Shared links
  • Template customisation

Maximum number of invoices:  You can save up to 50 invoices with the free PayPal account & batch up to 100 invoices

Invoice format: You can save invoices in the PDF format

Supported platforms: PayPal is a free invoice generator for Android, Web, iOS, macOS, Windows, Chrome, Safari

  • InvoiceNinja

Invoice format in Excel

InvoiceNinja free invoice maker is an open source invoice generator to create proposals, accept payments and track expenses. The unique feature of this online invoice generator is that end users can even attach third party files to invoices and quotes. The e-signature enabled platform has a variety of customisation options available to give a professional touch to invoice documents. 

Best for: This free invoice generator has over forty payment gateways available for all transactions related to online payments.


  • Custom proposal emails
  • Quote approval and conversion
  • Client-side portal
  • Custom branded invoice design
  • Automatic expense imports
  • Supports 50 currencies & 20 languages

Maximum number of invoices: Helps manage up to 5 companies with a single free account; upgrade to the premium plan and get 10 professional invoice templates.

Invoice format: PDF

Supported platforms: InvoiceNinja is a free invoice generator for iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Web App.

  • WaveInvoicing

Online invoice maker

WaveInvoicing online invoice generator India promises to deliver neat professional invoices to its customers in quick, easy steps. Through this invoice generator software, you can attach logos, due dates, business information to make professional looking invoices. 

Best for: Option to switch between manual and automatic payment.


  • Investment tracking
  • Financial reporting
  • Multicurrency
  • Bank integration
  • Real double entry accounting
  • Invoicing/billing

Maximum number of invoices: Send unlimited invoices with this free invoice maker.

Invoice format: Invoice format in Excel, Google Sheets, PDF, Word, and Google Docs.

Supported platforms:  WaveInvoicing is a free invoice generator for Windows, Android and iOS.

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  • Square

Manage invoices and estimates with the help of Square free invoice maker. All you got to do for online receipt generation is enter the customer’s email, amount details and enter send. Add attachments, colour schemes and logos to give a personalised touch to your invoices. The available invoicing and billing information gets synced automatically in this free invoice generator software. 

Best for: Square free invoice generator for Excel and other formats syncs with other software available on your device. You can also use other available Square apps such as Square Appointments, Square for Retail and Square Point of Sale.


  • Recurring invoice
  • Automatic tracking
  • Scheduling invoice deliveries
  • Invoice history
  • Customer portal
  • Business performance analytics

Maximum number of invoices: A small fee is to be paid for generating unlimited number of invoices. 

Invoice format: Invoice format in Word, PDF and Excel.

Support platforms: Square is a free invoice generator for iOS and Android.

  • Invoiced

Free Invoice Generator by Invoiced streamlines payment processes by automating invoicing procedures such as collections, emails, text messages and letter communications. You can download account statements and access billing history through Invoiced invoice generator software. It provides free trail for its different premium plans – Basic, Advanced & Enterprise.

Best for: You can create invoices directly from the web browser without even signing up.


  • Portal customization
  • Automated accounts receivable system
  • Installment payment plans
  • Invoice and payment syncing
  • Statement templates
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Invoice view tracking
  • 15 plus payment gateways

Maximum number of invoices: Unlimited number of invoices

Invoice format: PDF

Supported platforms: Invoice Generater by Invoiced is a free invoice generator for Android and iOS.

  • Invoice Quick from Chrome Web Store

Online invoice creator

Invoice Quick free online invoice maker is used by businesses small and large for creating professional invoices while on the go. Expense management and invoice tracking continue to be the prime functionalities offered by the software. You can easily customise currency and payment terms, charts of accounts, etc. with the free invoice maker.

Best for: No upper limit for the number of invoices that can be downloaded through this free invoice generator. All this without going through the hassle of any registration process.


  • Tax presets
  • Up-to-minute dashboard
  • Customer management
  • PayPal integration
  • Account standing quick view
  • Detailed customer summary
  • Create your own company with logo to track invoices

Maximum number of invoices: Unlimited

Invoice format: PDF

Supported platforms: Allows adding Chrome extensions on desktop

Best Free Invoice Templates for Online Invoice Creation

Budgeting estimates, expense management and invoice tracking are key functional areas of paid and free invoice makers. The top free online invoice creation platforms are:

  • Invoicely

Invoice generator software

Invoicely helps small businesses serve their clients efficiently through quick and easy generation of invoices/estimates. As an end user, you also have the advantage of receiving online invoice payments from customers situated in any part of the globe. Make use of control panel section to set the design of the invoices as per your business requirements. 

Best for: Managing multiple businesses with one single client or customer.

Invoice format: PDF

Supported platforms: Web based application

  • Microsoft Office for Free Template for Invoice

Free online invoice generator

Create detailed and comprehensive invoice documents through Microsoft Office free template for invoice. The platform is a highly secure one taking every step possible to ensure the privacy of its users. As per your business requirements, you are free to select either the individual plan or business subscription. Along with basic invoices, you can also generate sales and service invoices.

Best for: Use the platform for updating and removing credit cards as well as turning off recurring billing support.

Invoice format: Word & Excel

Supported platforms: Microsoft Office is a free invoice generator for Mac and Windows PC and mobile devices.

  • FreshBooks

Online invoice generator India

Handle all the accounting matters of your business through FreshBooks online invoice generator. It generates powerful business reports that provide an insight to improve the business itself. You can manage, organise and track your expenses to save time and improve customer relations. Seamless project collaboration and automatic time tracking are the software’s key features. 

Best for: Logbook available for organising expenses so that you are aware of each penny spent on the working of your business.  

Invoice format: Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, Sheets & more

Supported platforms: Free invoice templates can be downloaded on both desktop & mobile.

  • QuickBooks

Online invoice generator India

QuickBooks invoice generator software is of greatest utility to businesses small and medium for creating invoices, managing accounting data and tracking sales. You can also use this free invoice creator for expense management, invoice tracking and receiving payment reminders.

Best for: Connecting bank account with the software for importing and categorising transactions. 

Invoice format: PDF, Excel and Word

Supported platforms: You can download free invoice templates on desktop and mobile devices.

  • Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple is an invoice creator and receipt online generator application for helping users create estimates and invoices in quick, easy steps. Organise your business by keeping track of monthly income, client records and built-in reporting tools for managing invoices. Track payments securely with the help of Invoice Simple receipt maker and expense maker.

Best for: Saving details of the client and items invoiced so that next time you don’t have to re-type the same details again. 

Invoice format: Excel, PDF, Google Sheets, Word, Google Docs & Google Sheets.

Supported platforms: Free invoice generator for PC & mobile

How to evaluate the best free invoice generators for small businesses?

Paid and free invoice generator tools provide specific set of functions to keep a business going. Each invoice maker and receipt online generator software has unique features to offer. However, you need to look for the following core functions in every invoice creator to ensure it is the best choice for your business.

  • Auto-Reminders for Payments

Invoice maker software has to have auto-reminder feature enabled to receive timely payments and keep the business going. Just generating invoices is not enough and one sure way of making timely payments a norm is enabling auto-reminder feature in paid and free online invoice generator tools. With the help of this feature, you can send automatic reminders to the clients/customers and follow up with them on a regular basis. This option is especially useful for small businesses and startup companies. 

  • Multiple Invoice Designs

Presentation these days matter and since you are a growing business, it is necessary that you work on every detail of payment/invoice process. Multiple design templates with colour schemes, font tools and layout options based on the region the client is based, type of customer, type of payment, etc. These invoice structures can be further saved as default templates for the future use.

  • Informative Graphs

Use PDF, Word and Excel sheets format to download invoices as per your convenience. The best available invoice creation tools also provide for informative graphs in the form of charts and graphs to highlight all the financial information, estimates and transaction. Through thee graphical tools of online invoice creators, information tracking and understanding is easy as well as reliable.

  • Multi-Language & Multi-Currency Invoices

Get an invoice generator that helps generate invoices in multiple languages and currencies, to facilitate your business expansion plans. This will also help increase the chances of getting paid on by your customers on time.

  • Generate Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices helps save the time of your accounting professionals who can manage repetitive invoices automatically.

  • Automatic Tax Calculations

The best online invoice creator helps generate invoices with details regarding the amount of tax due filled automatically.

  • Works on Multiple Devices

If an online invoice generator works easily on multiple devices, it will be easier for you to create and share invoices even on the go. Check if an invoice generator is responsive for Android and iOS platforms and keep your invoices organized from anywhere.


Recurring costs, expense and billing estimates, an online invoice maker has all these features available at its disposal to help save you your resources and time. Whether you are a small business owner or manager of a large business enterprise, online invoice creators are amazing tools for those in the business of buying and selling products.

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