How Petpooja restaurant management software helped Pizza Eatery

How Petpooja restaurant management software helped Pizza Eatery-feature image
August 3, 2023 5 Min read

The restaurant industry in India has grown rapidly over the last few years. This is due to the changing Indian mentality, where the idea of eating in restaurants is no more limited to special occasions. Due to the increase in the average wage, urbanization, and the influence of technology on consumption habits, the average Indian doesn’t perceive restaurant dining as a luxury but as a part and parcel of modern life.

Restaurants are now sprouting in large numbers, thanks to this phenomenon. To enhance operational capability and stay competitively viable, more & more restaurants are adapting and integrating restaurant management software into their day-to-day activity.

It isn’t just automation that restaurant management software offers. With the surge in the popularity of food delivery in India, restaurant managers have to focus on two verticals simultaneously- diners and delivery orders. Restaurant management software offers many important tools to keep the two wings separate but equally effective.

The effectiveness of restaurant management software cannot be stated enough. Continue reading to understand how one of our customers enhanced & improved his business with restaurant management software.

The Client in Question

Pizza Eatery is a quick-serve restaurant (QSR), located in the Vasant Kunj neighborhood of New Delhi. It’s a relatively new business, having started in 2018, but has received favorable reviews for its food & ambiance. Its owner, Rohit, started the business as a budget-friendly alternative for customers looking to eat good Italian food.

The Business Challenge

As with any restaurant, Pizza Eatery hit a snag when they had to manage their dining-in & delivery verticals simultaneously. Order tokens were getting difficult to manage manually and there were errors in dining orders. For a new restaurant, such errors are detrimental to the customer experience, leading to a dip in online review quality and an increase in negative ratings.

Besides these, other problems that the restaurant was facing: –

  • Difficulty in managing table orders and communicating exact requirements to the kitchen
  • Kitchen & inventory management challenges
  • Lack of any channel to communicate with customers and ask for feedback
  • Lack of integration for different delivery service providers.

The Solution

Rohit spoke to one of our sales reps & explained the problems his business was facing. He mentioned that his ideal software would help him manage orders from a single dashboard, generate automated invoices and help with inventory & recipe management. Rohit also wanted a solution that was self-sufficient and required the least amount of human intervention.

The rep, on understanding the complete extent of Rohit’s requirements and pain points, suggested Petpooja restaurant management software for Pizza Eatery. In the sales rep’s opinion, not only would Petpooja help in easing Rohit’s pain points but its artificial intelligence-powered mechanism would ensure his self-sufficient requirement as well.

With Petpooja, Pizza Eatery got the following features to improve its daily operation: –

  • Consolidated billing of both dine-in and delivery, ensuring up-to-date accounts
  • A single unified dashboard to manage online & restaurant orders
  • Customer management feature that lets Rohit communicate with patrons using email, SMS, etc.
  • Inventory management capability, to track stock status and ensure that key items are always on shelves
  • Simple but comprehensive discount-adding capability
  • Automated report generation capability for quick analysis
  • Error-free billing, inclusive of GST and other taxes
  • Live Table management, through which table status (occupied/unoccupied) can be viewed in real-time

This is what Rohit had to say after using Petpooja at his restaurant for a few weeks:

Petpooja has not only helped in making my business run smoother but I can now focus on different verticals without being overwhelmed. Thanks, Techjockey!

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Key Learnings

Irrespective of the size & scope of your dining business, restaurant management software is a must-have solution. It not only helps in making your daily operations run effectively but also ensures that your customer service experience isn’t compromised.

Kitchen Order Management- When an order token is generated at your restaurant’s main desk, the type of order it is (dine-in, takeaway, or delivery) is automatically assigned. Additionally, orders received through food delivery services are marked as such, and the relevant information is updated in your books. On order completion, the token is marked closed, preventing any chance of making the same order again.

Integration with Food Delivery Services- In the world of Swiggy & Zomato food delivery, restaurant management software integrates such platforms into its dashboard. When you receive an order from such providers, it will be sent to you in real-time. This will allow you to generate an order token and deploy it with enough time to complete the order.

Reporting & Analytics- Different metrics such as sales during a period, average daily/weekly/monthly sales, etc. can be viewed in report format. Its analytic tools help in making crucial business decisions, based on hard facts and figures.

Leveraging technology’s power with restaurant management software is necessary for every dining business, to stay ahead of the times and steer their ship clear in the future.

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