List of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Software in India

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April 12, 2023 10 Min read

Have you switched to the logistics and supply chain management software yet to taste profits in your business?

In recent times, the Indian economic scenario has grown leaps and folds. It has attained an all new high. The sale and purchase of raw materials and finished products has also grown manifolds. As a result, there is an increased need for a systematic, reliable and user-friendly logistics software and supply chain management system.

Such a system must ensure ease of business by streamlining all supply related processes such as maintaining warehouse stocks, transporting products, ensuring optimum utilisation of resources, facilitating efficiency in processes, ensuring customer satisfaction, etc.

Let’s read through to understand logistics and supply chain management software in detail and explore the list of logistics management software available in India

Logistics can be defined as the process of planning and managing storage and transportation of resources from the point of origin to their destination.

Logistics management is included as part of supply chain management. Under this process, businesses essentially plan and execute the movement of goods and services to meet production requirements and client needs.

Logistics and supply chain management software helps manage goods and services details and transfers relevant information from the point of origin to destination. With logistics management, resources can be acquired, stored and transported and customer requirements can be met in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

What is Supply Chain Management and Why Is It Important?

Supply chain management is an integral part of any business. It refers to the management of the flow of goods and services.

Supply chain management includes a broad range of activities required to transform raw materials into final products and distribute the products to the consumers in a cost-efficient way. It involves managing and streamlining supply-side activities.

What is Logistics and Supply Chain Management Software?

Supply chain management software refers to the set of modules used to manage transactions, process purchase orders, manage inventory, maintain warehouse stocks, fulfil customer requirements and strengthen supplier relations.

Nowadays, the terms Logistics and Supply Chain Management are used interchangeably. There is an increased need for logistics and supply chain management software solutions to optimally utilise resources, maximize customer satisfaction and have a competitive edge in the marketplace.

List of 10 Supply Chain Management and Logistics Software

Now that we have understood the terms logistics and supply chain management, let’s further explore our extensive list of logistics management software and supply chain management solutions.

  • Magaya Cargo System Software

Magaya Cargo System software

Magaya Cargo System software is a complete supply chain software that understands the changes in the supply chain management business. Magaya meets the dynamic business demands and performs several functions for your business, such as:

  1. Manages invoices, accounts payable, accounts receiving, etc.
  2. Helps maintain multi-channel online warehouse inventory
  3. Encourages communication at every stage from receiving orders to delivery updates
  4. Customizes and shares labels, documents and reports
  5. Helps deliver merchandise from sellers to consumers seamlessly
  6. Receives orders from online channels as it is e-commerce ready
  7. Facilitates online transactions as it supports multiple payment channels.
  • NetSuite

netsuite supply chain software

Oracle NetSuite is a preferred cloud-based warehouse software suite that serves the need of large, medium and small size businesses alike. It performs inventory management and has manufacturing and purchasing capabilities to smoothen the supply chain and warehouse management process. Soon after its inception, NetSuite gained popularity as a reliable and efficient inventory software.

  1. NetSuite Supply Chain Control Tower facilitates inventory visibility and control. It allows to monitor demand and supply efficiently.
  2. NetSuite’s cloud-based integrated solution makes communication quick and easy.
  3. NetSuite helps firm with analytical data to ensure complete control over costs, service level and lead time.
  4. NetSuite is a refreshing change that takes businesses away from manual purchasing to cost-efficient, automated purchasing of products.
  5. NetSuite’s Demand Planning module calculates demand and incorporates sales forecasts.
  6. NetSuite is a boon for businesses as it provides a single platform to manage information. It helps save the time and effort in maintaining and constantly upgrading separate applications.
  • Sagar Logistics Management System

Sagar Logistics Management software by Sagar Informatics Private Limited, is designed to plan, implement and channelize movement and storage of goods, services and data to ensure ease and convenience.

This freight and logistics software helps a firm’s logistics management department to manage their warehouse stocks and purchasing at affordable costs.

Features of Sagar Logistics Management Software:

  1. Tracking inventory
  2. Creating personnel on board lists
  3. Ship Manifests
  4. Maintaining operations statistics
  5. Logistics planning and execution
  6. Maintaining personnel files
  7. Tracking the consumption of bulk materials
  8. Handling goods packaging
  9. Smooth and cost-effective purchasing process
  10. Track the work of custom brokers and freight forwarding agents
  • Ocean Bird Logistics Software

oceanbird software

Designed by STARK Infosystems, Ocean Bird is web-based logistics software that provides end-to-end freight forwarding solution for one’s business. This modular logistics software efficiently manages the business of interactional freight forwarding agents.

It is a modular, easily accessible and reliable enterprise- wide logistics software to ease out the logistics and supply chain management process.

Ocean Bird is a dynamic logistics software that effectively manages several entrepreneurial operations, such as:

  1. Facilitates single-window view of operations across several locations
  2. Tracks profits and expenses
  3. Streamlines the documentation process
  4. Increases employee efficiency
  5. Provides customers with latest quotes and other booking updates
  6. Automatically manages sea freight forwarding operations
  7. Allows greater transparency
  8. Efficiently tracks shipments
  9. Manages freight rate buying and selling to generate profits
  10. Monitors payments
  11. Manages bills and expenses.
  • LogiVigil Supply Chain Software

Developed by Nissi Infotech, LogiVigil is one of the most trusted vehicle and fleet management logistics software. Logistics firms benefit greatly from LogiVigil, which helps with hassle-free fleet management. It is also popularly known as the fleet management logistics software as it assists logistics companies in managing their fleet.

Lorry transport management firms use this logistics software as it caters to all their requirements.

  1. Maintains and monitors vehicles used
  2. Identifies shorter routes for travelling
  3. Manages store, purchase and vendor inventories
  4. Helps deal with tyre maintenance issues
  5. Maintains a vehicle log book to register vehicle movement
  6. Manages the number of loads per month
  7. Maintains and changes the vehicle spare parts periodically
  8. Stores details of drivers and brokers
  9. Maintains incidental expense details in times of toll payments, etc.
  • Trimble Visual Cargo Solution

Trimble Visual Cargo cloud-based solution makes consignment visibility and management really quick and convenient. It’s a service-oriented architecture-based software solution which uses Trimble GPS devices to provide all information of the cargo vehicles used. It has a dynamically generated route engine for drivers to follow. Trimble provides on-road supply chain visibility to increase efficiency and ensure optimal utilisation of driver and vehicle.

This logistics and supply chain management solution is a boon for large enterprises in India as it updates the firm about everything right from loading the vehicle to the delivery location.

  1. The software provides all loading information which in-turn ensures better load planning and optimal vehicle utilisation.
  2. It helps stakeholders of the supply chain, including shippers, consignees and transporters to view and track the position of the vehicle and manage the movement of goods in transit.
  3. Performance evaluation also becomes possible as the Trimble Visual Cargo Software monitors driver and transporter performance, keeps check on safety compliance and view schedules and route selection, on route stops, delays etc.
  • AgES Logistics Management Software

Developed by Agaram infotech, AgES Logistics is an efficient ERP solution that provides businesses real-time information about the deliveries, helps evaluate efficiency and tracks the location of their shipment. AgES integrates all the business functions in one place and ensures efficiency of resources.

This software facilitates:

  1. Integration with the GPS/GPRS to track consignments and plan the route of the vehicle and ensure optimum utilisation of the vehicle.
  2. It updates all stakeholders about the departure, arrival and stoppage details of the vehicle.
  3. Convenient GST filing and automatic E-Way bill generation. The GST logistics software generates e-invoices and e-way bills quickly and accurately.
  4. Instant booking and delivery details to consigner and consignee through e-mails and instant messages.
  5. Access to fleet cards to reduce cash payments, ensure proper fuel management, take care of parking and other overhead costs. It also optimally utilises the vehicle and ensures enhanced driver performance.
  • Sagar E-com Dispatch Management System

Sagar Informatics Software System designed the E-com Dispatch Management System. EDMS is a cost-efficient yet powerful tool for managing the delivery process of a business nationwide. It helps streamline operations, maximize resources and ensure smooth dispatching of products.

  1. It is a completely web-based solution capable of handling powerful deliveries, congested orders and fulfilment queues.
  2. This easy-to-use cloud-based E-Delivery Software solution is designed to ensure cost-efficient and timely eCommerce fulfilment and shipping.
  3. The E-com Dispatch Management software has flexible modules to ensure that the e-commerce warehouse functions smoothly.
  4. It helps control stocks and maximize customer satisfaction by providing constant updates about delivery.
  5. Additionally, this logistics and dispatch management software automatically produces courier labels.
  • Newton SCM

Developed by Nippon Data, NEWTON – ERP Software is an affordable business management solution that caters to all information management requirements of diverse businesses.

  1. Newton SCM integrates all parts of business, so all sales and distribution processes work in unity. Customer service is also simultaneously taken care of with this business management solution.
  2. Newton SCM provides a single platform to automate all sales and related administrative processes. NEWTON interface facilitates quick business decisions and processes.
  3. It provides business management solutions for all single-product to multi-product segments and allows business to take faster and fruitful decisions and reduces competition.
  • CEVA Supply Chain Solution

Be it for small, midsized or large businesses, CEVA’s Supply Chain Solution provides stability and efficiency to the entire supply chain management process. CEVA offers a complete range of tailor-made supply chain management modules to cater to one’s requirements.

It provides the following benefits:

  1. Cost-efficient supply chain management
  2. Optimal utilisation of the different modes of transport
  3. Design solutions to explore opportunities and increase efficiency
  4. Facilitates independent logistics and transportation services
  5. Provides CEVA Matrix Supply Chain Management technology platform to provide visibility, increased efficiency and complete control.

This supply chain software provides secure lead times and brings inventory closer to the prospective clients. It provides timely delivery to the customers. CEVA’s Advanced Hub retains transhipment status at hub port. It helps reduce storage costs as the cargo remains in the container. It provides quick and easy access to global markets and monitors the stock available in the hub.

CEVA Supply Chain Solutions engages the CEVA Matrix Supply Chain Management technology platform that makes the supply chain process visible and efficient.


SCM software is designed to improve the performance of different operations, be it inventory storage, check-in or distribution. All these processes are handled automatically to fasten up the process of product and raw material delivery. Logistics and supply chain management software can play a significant role in reducing production costs and transportation costs while maximizing inventory. So, invest in a logistics and supply chain management software today to enjoy all these benefits!

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