12 Best Shipment Tracking Software for Real-Time Shipment Tracking

12 Best Shipment Tracking Software for Real-Time Shipment Tracking-feature image
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If you regularly order or have at least ordered gadgets, garments or any precious item online, you must have felt the excitement of it arriving. A few years ago, tracking your package was a tedious process, where you had to make endless phone-calls and pay numerous visits to the post offices.

But with technological advancements in the field of tracking and navigation, managing business orders is as easy as pushing a button. In order to track the shipment with ease, businesses are largely depending on shipment tracking system software. From tracking the item in real-time to knowing the exact delivery time, shipment tracking platform assists at every stage.

List of 12 Shipment Tracking Apps

Best Shipment Tracking Apps to get Real-Time Status of Bulk Packages:

  • Deliveries: A Package Tracker

Deliveries Image

Deliveries is one of the most popular shipment tracking apps available in the market. It comes with some of the most convenient features to make the whole process easy for its users. The main dashboard consists of a list which shows all the shipments that have been made. It also provides a countdown of the days left for the individual packages to be delivered.

Its GPS tracking system also shows where in the map is the package currently being handled. Furthermore, it provides users the option to view the official web page of the shipping company.

While its notification widget lets the users check the current status of the packages, it also provides an estimated date for individual deliveries. It has collaborations with some of the top shipment tracking companies, such as FedEx, DHL, US Postal Service, and UPS among 40 other shipping companies and courier tracking software and the postal services of 21 countries across the globe.

Most importantly, you can sync your orders and share notifications with your clients as the shipping status gets updated.

Key features of Deliveries Tracking Package:

  • Easy import with quick synchronisation
  • Background notifications
  • Package tracing
  • Syncs deliveries across multiple devices
  • Provides widgets for your home screen
  • Tablet optimized
  • Online shopping integration
  • Translation into multiple languages

Pricing Details: This shipment tracking app is free to download with in-app purchases.

Platforms Supported: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android phones

  • ParcelTrack

Parcel Track Image

Another leading tracking services available in the market is ParcelTrack shipping software that encompasses all your pending delivery status on one single platform. From there, you can check on individual shipments on the go.

This shipment tracking app provides push notifications for updates regarding individual shipments and has a ParcelTack inbox which extracts shipment tracking numbers from the emails. With this shipment tracking software, entering long tracking numbers is a thing of the past.

This supply chain logistics software is quite beneficial for businesses which place bulk orders, as it assimilates shipment from over 50 delivery services, making their task effortless. It also provides delivery forecast which includes an approximate date and time with regards to the package delivery. Businesses just need to put-in the carrier number, and it will detect the delivery service number automatically.With the help of its GPS system, businesses can also keep a track of the specific delivery van which is carrying their parcel. However, this feature is only available in the premium version, which can be availed by paying a small amount of money.

Key features of ParcelTrack:

  • Live tracking of parcels
  • Delivery forecasts of estimated delivery dates
  • Syncs with different devices to help track parcels from anywhere
  • Shipment inbox to track the progress of deliveries
  • Archive to keep a record of all delivered orders
  • Barcode scanner
  • Automatic carrier detection

Pricing Details: ParcelTrack shipment tracking platform is free to download with in-app purchases.

Supported Devices: One of the best package tracking app for Android, iOS and iPad

  • 17TRACK

17TRACK Image

17TRACK is another well-known shipment tracking service in the market. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms and can be downloaded from their website. One of the biggest features of 17TRACK is that it can track more than 220 shipping carriers at once. This makes it one of the best logistics and shipment tracking software for businesses. Businesses can keep a track on multiple shipments with the help of their tracking number.

For instance, if there are 10 shipments, users need to enter one shipment per line and this supply chain logistics software will provide thorough details about the shipping status. It also provides real-time information through alerts if there is a delay or change in the time or date of the shipment’s delivery. In addition, 17TRACK package tracking platform also provides multiple language support and a translation widget alongside so that businesses from across the globe can use its features in their preferred language.

Key features of 17TRACK:

  • Freight quotes
  • Carrier list
  • External call
  • Data analytics
  • User friendly interface
  • Centralised tracking process
  • Detailed freight quote information

Pricing Details: The app is free to download with in-app purchases.

Supported Platforms: One of the best package tracking app for iOS and Android phones.

  • TrackChecker Mobile

TrackChecker Mobile Image

In the shipment tracking software market, TrackChecker Mobile is one of the best shipment tracking system software. It is especially beneficial if you have order parcels in hard-to-reach locations. TrackChecker Mobile tracks packages from more than 550 postal services and in about 200 countries.

Customisation is one of the most prominent features of TrackChecker Mobile. Companies can choose how often do they want to be notified about their shipment and can also import/export tracking information from emails.

TrachChecker logistics and shipping software has collaborated with more than 500 courier and postal service providers across the globe. It is one of the best shipment tracking software available on Google Playstore and iPhone App Store. Keeping a track of packages is really convenient and their statuses can be checked within few taps.

TrackChecker Mobile as freight forwarding software can also calculate and highlight the estimated delivery date automatically so that you can stay up to date about the shipment. Like 17TRACK, TrackChecker Mobile also has a multilingual UI, which is fast and simple.

Key features of TrackChecker Mobile:

  • Manage groupings, labels and filters
  • Multilingual interface
  • Backu
  • Customisable appearance
  • Manual mode for selecting mail services.
  • Carrier autodetection
  • Count number of days while on the road.
  • Barcode scanner

Pricing Details: TrackChecker app is free to download with in-app purchases.

Compatible Devices: TrackChecker shipment tracking app is compatible with iOS & Android.

  • Aftership

Aftership Image

AfterShip is an excellent alternative to manual shipment tracking devices. With businesses which are growing rapidly, and having numerous packages flying out daily, this shipment tracking software can enable tracking every single delivery efficiently.

The shipment tracking software supports tracking of more than 400 international delivery companies across the globe. It keeps companies notified periodically by sending push notifications through SMS and e-mails.

AfterShip eases the workload by automatically extracting package delivery details and real-time updates. All the active shipments that are to be delivered are shown with their current status on the main interface. Users can check details about individual shipments along with the contact details of the service provider.

Key features of AfterShip:

  • Tracking page
  • Apps and plugins for integration with ecommerce systems
  • Auto send notifications
  • Webhooks and emails
  • Shopping cart connectors
  • Document storage and management
  • Real time data
  • Workflow management

Pricing Details: It’s a free shipment tracking software that supports 50 tracking per months. The premium plan of AfterShip parcel tracking software starts at around ₹680 per month.

Supported Devices: It’s a shipment tracking app for Android & iOS.

  • Package Tracker Pro

Package Tracker Pro is one of the first real-time shipment tracking apps, and hence arguably the most popular in the circles. It provides users a variety of features such as customization and sorting options along with providing the facility to archive order numbers and route maps.

The other merit of Package Tracker Pro is the excellent support they provide. Businesses can contact them through their website and can ask questions or share concerns about the product or features.

Although it is not a free shipment tracking software, it is worth its dime and provides various tools for changing the shipping address and real-time tracking.

Key features of Package Tracker Pro:

  • Label/edit package
  • Disable/enable night quiet time
  • Sync tracking list
  • Email tracking information
  • Display of package route map
  • Archive tracking
  • Enable group package list

Pricing Details: This delivery tracking software for small business and big enterprises is available for ₹132 per month on Google Play and around ₹150 on the App Store.

Supported Devices: Shipment tracking app for Android and iOS

  • Wetrack

Wetrack is one of the simplest and easy-to-use package tracking application available for both, Android and iOS users. All users need to do is put in the shipment tracking number to check the delivery status of their package.

In addition, this shipment tracking platform has also collaborated with some of the top postal services such as DHL, Aramex, Kerry Express, and TNT. Users can benefit greatly due to the simplified and easy app navigation and check their delivery status in a matter of just a few taps.

Key features of WeTrack:

  • Client portal
  • Gantt charts
  • Milestone tracking
  • Portfolio management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Budget management

Pricing Details: Please contact the software’s official website for pricing details.

Best Shipment Tracking Software for Small Businesses in 2020

Here’s the list of best shipment tracking software for logistics and supply chain management.

  • Shipway


With the likes of Amazon is raising the bar for expectations across the eCommerce industry, and with so much competition online, one bad experience for a buyer will abandon your website or app.

Shipway is an all in one shipment tracking and notification system which easily integrates with almost all the sales channel like Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce. As the businesses are growing rapidly, tracking manually and notifying buyers is not an easy task.

Shipway automatic shipment status updates will enhance the customer experience. A customizable branded tracking page will help you in the brand building along with creating opportunities to cross-sell. Collect customer feedback to measure the customer satisfaction rate and improve your store.

Key features of Shipway:

  • Predesigned email templates
  • Track & notify
  • Pages for branded customized tracking
  • Helps generate NPS score
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Reviews management
  • Order management

Pricing Details: Shipway shipment tracking software pricing is available on our platform.

Supported Devices: Both PC and mobile

  • Zoho Inventory

Supply chain logistics software

Zoho Inventory is an inventory and order management software used by businesses for increasing sales and managing orders efficiently. It is also one of the best shipment tracking software providing end to end tracking features for an orderly movement of products. 

Aside from being used as shipping software, growing businesses rely also on Zoho Inventory for its accounting capabilities and multiple shipping integrations. For better financial management, Zoho Inventory syncs contacts and orders with other accounting platforms. For multiple shipping integrations, the shipment tracking system software provides real-time shopping rates and in-transit details of shipping carriers.

You can also use this platform for checking stock level, managing inter-warehouse transfers, and generating reports for warehouses.

Key features of Zoho Inventory:

  • Centralised inventory
  • Product listing
  • Item kitting
  • Stock adjustments
  • Automatic reordering
  • Serial number tracking
  • Marketplace integrations
  • Order templates
  • Inventory reports
  • Order fulfillment

Pricing Details: Zoho Inventory is priced on per month basis costing ₹1800. You can get in touch with us for more such details related to cost structure.

Supported Devices: Android, iOS and Windows

  • Shiprocket

Logistics software for small business

Create, process, track forward and return orders through Shiprocket shipment tracking software solution. This logistics software for small businesses and big enterprises helps track shipments and automatic syncing of all orders. IAs a logistics software for eCommerce shipping, it ensures a fully automated workflow for freight forwarding and fetching orders directly from the website.

The courier recommendation engine with RTO and NDR dashboard is instrumental in processing multiple orders, generating complete order reports as well as white labeling the tracking page. Businesses and companies also use this shipment tracking software’s easy integration with other sales channels and pickup facilities from multiple locations.

Key features of Shiprocket:

  • Shipping rate calculator
  • Label and buyer communication
  • Order management
  • Multi functional dashboard
  • Billing and weight reconciliation
  • Merchant logs
  • API and multichannel integration
  • NDR management
  • One of the best shipment tracking app for Shopify

Pricing Details: The price of Shiprocket shipment tracking software is available on our website on request.

Supported Devices: Windows, iOS and Android

  • ShipTrack

ShipTrack shipping and freight forwarding software is used for handling logistics operations, optimising routes and managing ETAs (estimated time of arrival). You can also generate automatic invoices through the software’s digital workflow mechanism. Create safety checklists for maintaining compliance and ensuring driver’s safety. 

The logistics software for small business creates simple delivery tracking application whereas for logistics operations of large organisations, the platform helps in fulfillment of bulk orders.  

Businesses, big and small, depend on ShipTrack supply chain logistics software for its automated services regarding dispatch, driver management and processing of orders. 

Key features of ShipTrack:

  • Reporting and data analytics
  • Dispatch and administration portal
  • Route optimisation
  • Self service client portal
  • Secure delivery network
  • Tracking packages
  • Widget for your home screen
  • Vehicle and driver management

Pricing Details: The price is available on its official website.

Supported Devices: App-based shipment tracking software for Android, Apple & Windows

  • Move4U

Move4U software offers digital inventory solutions to develop mover’s workflow. It also provides front end applications for managing business processes such as leads management and claims settlement. You can rely on Move4U’s synchronisation mechanism to manage the moving operations of a business.

Use the Move4U MoveDashboard available for free to get an overview of the business’s progress, revenue, closing ratio, creating reports and assigning tasks to the sales team. 

Key features of Move4U:

Pricing Details: The price of Move4U logistics management software is available on request on our website.

Supported Devices: Windows, Web, iOS and Android devices


Shipment tracking software enables small businesses and enterprises to track their required inventory on a regular basis. It simplifies the tedious procedures and makes tracking convenient, with the estimated date and time, one can plan their schedules accordingly. To some up, this technology is making businesses ­­­­easier.

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