Benefits of Courier Delivery Management

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February 2, 2023 9 Min read

In the present scenario of flourishing e-commerce, logistics play a significant role in easing out trade activities and ensuring successful business endeavors. Logistics includes production, inventory, warehouse management.  Logistics providers are struggling to meet dynamic consumer demands. Thus, courier management system has become a necessity to simplify complex business models.

With an urge to ensure optimum results, logistics managers are increasingly adopting courier and logistics management software. The software streamlines multiple logistics management operations and provides clients with the flexibility and transparency they want in their business activities. Courier Management System is customisable to suit the needs of customers.

Ease-of-use, cost efficiency, timely product delivery and optimal utilisation of resources are the main drivers that make courier management software services for logistics companies smooth and for customers, well, a satisfying experience.

Let’s look at the key challenges faced by logistics managers today:

  • Soaring Transportation Cost

For businesses to run smoothly and effectively, the transportation costs need to be managed well. Increasing fuel prices escalate surcharges and add to the freight rates. This in turn affects the earning of drivers. There is an urgent need for companies to adopt strategies that reduce transportation costs.

Logistics providers must use visibility software to ensure visibility and ease out the transportation process. Another way to overcome this challenge is to opt for fuel-efficient vehicles. Further, electric trucks and trucks using biodiesel, natural gas or even electricity will help reduce fuel costs which will in turn control the overall transportation costs.

  • Human Resource Retention

Manpower is the backbone of all businesses. It is the key driver to success. One major challenge that most companies face is to hire skilled, efficient and committed employees. However, the other significant challenge is to retain them and optimally utilize their talent. Logistics managers must make lucrative offers to the employees to retain them. Offering flexibility of productive work hours, better salaries, work life balance and other such benefits will not only keep the employees satisfied but will keep them motivated and loyal to their respective firms.

  • Lack of Customer Service Swiftness

Logistics management is all about providing the right quantity of a product to the right people within a stipulated time. Thus, logistics providers required to manage multiple supply chains simultaneously. Customers want complete transparency of their logistics process. Delivering the right goods on time is one thing. Customers want visibility of their shipments till their delivery to the endpoint. However, the other important aspect is to offer customers, clients and suppliers customized services in terms of price and packages. Consumer demands must be met in the quickest possible manner to make for a smooth customer experience.

  • Vendor/Supplier Management

A cordial vendor – logistics provider relationship is of utmost importance for successful logistics management. Thus, the rule is to create and understand a set of standards, both the company and the supplier can comply with. This not only helps evaluate current performance but also explore more opportunities and maximize the scope of improvements.

However, another important factor is open communication. The courier management system software allows to build a strong relationship with vendors and obtain an enhanced understanding of their businesses to turn efforts into profits.

  • Poor Infrastructure

To add to the insufficient integration of transport networks, logistics providers face other serious issues as well. The condition of roads and railways increases the delivery time and adversely affects the process of supply chain management.

  • Compliance with Government and Environmental Regulations

Logistics staff need to comply with a set of rules and regulations. Additionally, there are transportation rules and security norms that logistics providers need to obey. However, these rules can be different for different cities, states and countries. Certain environmental regulations that pose a threat to environment must also be complied with to ensure swiftness in the entire logistics and supply chain management process.

How Courier Management System Can Help with Logistics Management

Courier Management System is a web-based system that provides swift and efficient courier services to corporates and customers alike. Also, the system makes placing and tracking delivery orders for packages and products possible. Best courier software eases all activities including professional courier tracking with GPS to manage deliveries and mention estimated delivery time of products. Further, courier management software services meets the end-to-end needs of transportation and makes daily activities such as booking a courier, processing company data, providing driver details with exact location of the consignment a reality.

Courier Management System

Modules of Courier Management System

Courier Management System has helped many big and small businesses to mange their couriers in an effective manner. Let’s look at the modules of courier management software.

  • Courier and Consignment Details
Courier Management System

This module provides every little detail related to couriers and consignments. All details about the consignments including the point of dispatch to the point of delivery, driver details, route details along with unique consignment id is stored in the system using this module. These details are then sent to employees of courier companies.

  • Payment Module

This module effectively manages all payments and keeps track of the count and amount of payments that are received.

  • Administrator Module

This module effectively manages all administration activities right from receiving order requests from customer to taking the required actions to cater to their requests.

  • Customer Management Module

All information related to the customers such as their names, address, phone numbers are managed and stored in the system with the help of the customer management module.

  • Consignment Receipt Generation Module

Once the clients receive their couriers, they are given consignment receipts with all information about the consignment number, the weight of the consignment and its delivery destination. All these factors are considered before calculating the amount of the consignment.

  • Notification Module

This module provides updates about the parcel, its dispatch and delivery details to the clients through mails and messages.

  • Bill Generation Module

This module makes the automated bill generation process efficient and timely. The invoices generated provide all consignment and customer details. This module reduces manual work and ensures that there are no pending invoices against any orders received.

  • Challan Details Module

Use manifest module to manage all challan-related details.

  • Data Storage and Rate Management Module

Setup master and rate master modules store fiscal year data of the companies, manage employee salaries, set up company details. Additionally, they set up service tax, domestic and surface rates, and fuel charges for the companies.

How Courier Management Software Makes Logistics Simpler

The logistics & courier industry relies greatly on digitisation that focuses on the use of right technology to maximize customer satisfaction. Further, logistics and courier management firms use latest courier and logistics management software to improve supply chain management, increase visibility and transparency in operations and reduce shipment delivery time.

Such a software also provides real-time updates about shipments, ensures route optimization and makes the entire logistics and supply chain management process cost-efficient ensuring customer satisfaction.

Let’s look at a few advantages of the courier management system.

  • It’s makes logistics process paperless

Bid farewell to the piles of papers around you. Yes, to heard it right! It is a web-based courier facility to cater to logistics. Logistics firms are going digital and using some of the best logistics software to understand their consumer’s requirements. These firms are handling all the delivery and logistics operations of e-signing, maintaining records, dispatch and delivery details, driver details, bill generation etc. online with the help of courier management software.

  • Reduces costs

By opting for transport management software, logistics firms can effectively manage the expenses incurred on warehouse space and inventory management. Also, the software can effectively manage all transportation activities and maintain and store consignment and driver data.

  • Real-time merchandise tracking and visibility
Courier Management System

Free Courier management software solutions allow customers to check the status of their orders. This software ensures that customers can check the location of their consignment. Customers get constant updates about the delivery time of their orders through mails and with efficient courier management software.

  • Route optimization becomes possible

Courier management software’s route optimization tools offer customers instant courier tracking of their consignments. Such a software advises drivers which route to take in order to reduce delivery time and distance. This facility also provides estimates of shipment arrival time and communicates it to the end user. This together ensures maximum utilisation of the company’s resources to make deliveries timely and cost-efficient.

  • Provides complete order information

Courier management software facilitates courier companies to store and analyse data & important information. Courier companies get updates about everything be it the number of parcels delivered, delivery date and the time taken for delivering the order. Also, the software provides updates about the parcel delivery cost, delays,and the location of parcel delivery.

  • Data Security

Courier management software provides data security feature to make data accessible only to employees authorized to access it. Additionally, employees can process the consignment and update the status only with the authenticated process to make user data secure which is our main concern in this era.

  • Higher Accuracy

Transport management software uses newest technologies throughout the logistics management process to facilitate accurate, cost-efficient processes. Human errors are common. Since the entire software works digitally there is lesser scope of errors ensuring higher accuracy in operations

  • Customer Satisfaction

The online courier management software enables couriers to manage multiple drop-off points efficiently. This means the software locates nearest drop-off point to drop receiver’s parcel. This facilitates timely delivery and improves customer experience.

Additionally, customers can also provide their valuable feedback and ratings through the seamless feedback mechanism. This is beneficial for companies wanting to make amends to their operations and for customer who feel satisfied when heard. This in turn makes the customers happy and increases their loyalty towards that parcel service company.


We just read about the various advantages that the online courier management software offers to the logistics and supply chain industry. Further let’s refer to the link below and take a sneak peek at the best courier management software and logistics management software. These solutions will ease out processes right from accepting the order, warehouse inventory to timely and cost-effective delivery and constant updates about the shipments.

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