8 Reasons Why You Need a Specialized Best Real Estate CRM Software?

8 Reasons Why You Need a Specialized Best Real Estate CRM Software?-feature image
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Real estate agencies never get enough free time. A typical day for real-estate agents involve juggling multiple tasks, such as attending to your prospective customers, keeping tab of referrals, scheduling appointments and meetings.

There are various other tasks they have to manage, such as taking customers for a tour of properties and maintaining catalogues of the progress made with the customers.

Apart from this, there are several other tasks such as answering emails, ordering paperwork, and talking to possible buyers and clients.

And how can you put order in all this chaos? The solution is to use the best real estate CRM.

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What is a CRM in Real Estate?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a management tool that helps organize communication with your customers and put order in your company.

It helps keep a track of what progress has been made with each client, which buyer has finalised the deal and who wants to look at more options. In other words, it is a tool that helps you sell more.

A generic CRM software focuses mainly on the sales part. Normally those help you detect possibilities of creating a conversion funnel, or have a calendar where you can see all the tasks of the day. But in the case of real estate agencies, a specialised real estate CRM can do a lot more.

CRM For Real Estate

Real estate companies do not just have to sell; they also have to acquire new properties and find potential contacts. Top real estate CRM focuses on the need of this industry world has to cover both these requirements.

In general, CRM for real estate is a complete productivity tool, which facilitates efficient management in any real estate agency. But is it worth it?

The main objective of using the best real estate CRM software is to save time. Since the most valuable asset in a business is the time saved, the more efficient you are, the more money you can generate.

Hence, in order to know if a real estate CRM software suits your needs, you need to take a number of factors into account. The CRM for real estate agents helps in calculating how many hours can you save you per month.

What’s more, using a real estate CRM software would be more profitable for your business. You would have enough time to sell more properties with less effort.

The first thing you should do before buying your real estate CRM software solution is to decide the specifications and requirements you need. The next thing is to determine what you want the CRM to do for your team. You need marketing listings, contact management, sales performance tracking, etc.

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8 Reasons Why Do You Need a Specialized Best Real Estate CRM?

Let’s have a look at the two main reasons one needs to take the help of best CRM for real estate for an enhanced customer experience.

  • For Enriching The Leads

As a real estate agent, it is natural to receive leads from different sources. It could either come from your official website or through the marketing campaigns your company is running. Now, the question arises, how to collate all the leads and understand what these leads are looking for in the real estate market?

Real estate CRM software can help enrich your leads by collecting details about your prospect from their social media profiles, automatically. In addition, it can also keep an eye on your website visitors and provide insights about the pages which attract the maximum number of visitors. This will provide more context into what your leads are looking for.

Real Estate CRM Image
  • To Get a Centralised Customer Information

The second-best aspect about having a robust real estate CRM software is that it provides all the essential tools to manage your business through a single platform. From making calls and sending emails from within the CRM, to tracking customer activity and getting chronological view of the engagements with them.

In addition, the best real estate CRM software in the market also helps you add notes, tasks, and appointments specifically for each customer. With the software, one can even upload files related to buyer contracts, purchase agreements and more.

  • Management of Potential Clients

Different clients have to be treated differently. Customers also need to be categorised according to their nature, i.e. those who need more persuasion, while others who are already inclined. A good real estate CRM software should be able to customize the main strategies according to the needs of the client.

  • For The Step-By-Step Work Management

Whether you need to send a reminder for a follow-up on payments or appointments and meetings; these tasks can easily be categorized systematically with the help of a real estate software. Workflow automation doesn’t just save time, but also provides the opportunity to cater to your customer’s needs efficiently.

  • General Management From the Cloud

One of the most important characteristics of the real estate CRM is that it ensures integral management from the cloud. This makes the CRM accessible to all real estate agents and also relieves costs.

Also, it helps you access data from anywhere and anytime. Being on an online platform allows you to be constantly updated with the latest features that a CRM Software provides.

  • Greater Efficiency across Multiple Teams

With real estate CRM software, different departments within your organization can work cohesively. Your sales, marketing and customer service professionals will get access to the same set of information.

They can share valuable information about clients with each other to ensure higher sales conversions and outstanding customer service. All teams can work together towards improving the bottom line of your company with the right real estate CRM.

  • Improved Analytical Data and Reporting

Miscalculated data is a common concern for the most real estate start-ups who are still operating with manual processes. However, Customer Relationship Software – CRM can prove to be a boon for them, and they can benefit significantly from improved data analysis. With real estate CRM, you can get personalized reports, which are generated automatically. Also, the software provides an intuitive dashboard to quickly access customer information, sales status, etc. With better data reporting and analytics, any real estate business can make effective, data-driven decisions and ensure long-term growth.

  • Improved Customer Service

In any business, customer is the priority. If customers are facing any issue that needs to be resolved, they are going to be disappointed unless it is addressed quickly and efficiently. With a specialized estate CRM software, your agents will be able to take immediate action as soon as the customer contacts the company.

With the help of the cloud-based database, they will be able to retrieve the past purchases and activities of the customer and provide quick solutions.

  • Automation of Documentation

Real estate industry is unlike other industries where a simple sale-purchase is carried out. It involves a lot of documentation, such as sale and purchase agreements, proof of ownership, and other legal papers.

The best CRM in real estate industry provides the necessary tools to archive all these documents for a smooth transaction while also ensuring that all formalities are executed step-by-step.

Examples of the Best Real Estate CRM Software

  1. Freshsales -Best CRM for Real Estate to Manage Sales
  2. Propertybase – Marketing Automation Tool for Real Estate
  3. Bitrix24 – Real Estate CRM for Lead Management
  4. Zoho CRM – Real Estate CRM Software for Property Management
  5. B2BBricks – Customized CRM for Real Estate Agents

1.Freshsales- Best CRM for Real Estate to Manage Sales

Freshsales CRM solution is one of the best CRM software which allows you to use artificial intelligence for getting better leads through calls, emails etc. Moreover, Freshsales provides you the option of customizing your account, enhancing productivity through notifications, improving the communication through email, SMS, calls, etc. It also suggests improved methods to collaborate with different people of your team on the same project.

2. Propertybase – Marketing Automation Tool for Real Estate

Propertybase is a global platform for teams dealing with different aspects of real estate. Propertybase simplifies a variety of processes associated with real estate and make for a unique user experience. Such processes include marketing automation, campaign management, marketing through email, etc.

3. Bitrix24 – Real Estate CRM for Lead Management

Bitrix24 is a cloud-based real estate CRM software used for efficient project management. Bitrix24 provides a host of features such as CRM database, sales reports and a self-service portal. It serves the lead management, property handling and sales tracking needs of both, individual realtors and real estate firms.

4. Zoho CRM – Real Estate CRM Software for Property Management

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based property management software which enables you to respond to customer queries in real time. Additionally, Zoho CRM offers automated solutions for the purpose of analytics and customer support. Further, it also allows integration of third-party apps such as WordPress, Mailchimp, G Suite etc. for the effective marketing of your real estate property.

5. B2BBricks – Customized CRM for Real Estate Agents

B2BBricks is a customized CRM for real estate, which provides alerts for sales follow-ups, customized website layouts, and marketing support through emails and SMS functionalities. It also helps generate leads through geo tracking, synchronization with different online property marketplaces and much more.

To know more about these products and other popular real estate CRM software, click here.


So, to sum up, a good real estate CRM can contribute a lot to the productivity of a real estate agency. In addition to helping in sales and conversions, it also facilitates day-to-day management, provides useful tools, and much more.

In general, it helps you to recover time and make your work simpler and more productive.


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