What are the Benefits of Using Productivity Tools at Your Workplace?

What are the Benefits of Using Productivity Tools at Your Workplace?-feature image
April 12, 2023 9 Min read

Productivity tools are used by employees across organizations to create and produce documents, databases, charts, graphics and presentations. Today, these tools have become the necessity for both corporations and individuals to successfully execute their overall strategy.

Think back to the last time you used productivity tools to accomplish a task in your office. Quite possibly, you used those today itself for performing everyday computing tasks, creating address labels, writing and sharing an email, all of these things are possible with productivity software.

You need online productivity tools to ensure that your employees are performing at the optimal level and contributing to higher business productivity.

Do you know, 73 percent of organizations have realized that they are wasting time each week in creating reports and slides and fetching information manually?

Especially in the context where businesses are driven towards greater execution of their strategies, adopting these tools to enhance productivity is a must.

5 Benefits of Using Productivity Tools

Let’s dive into the benefits of using productivity tool to increase as well as improve work efficiency.

  • Project Management

Enterprise product management software is used by businesses to manage even complex projects with ease. Digital productivity tools for project management helps managers prioritize tasks and align resources accordingly.

From Zoho Projects to Asana, Jira and Wrike, there is an employee productivity tool to manage projects from strategic viewpoint. Common features of office productivity tools for project management are internal messaging, file sharing, task calendar and project portfolio management.

You can further communicate effectively and never miss an important update with productivity software at your disposal.

  • Time Tracking & Resource Planning

Resource planning is a key aspect of project management. You need the right tools to ensure that task assignments and resource allocation within your team do not overlap.

Take, for instance, your developers perform tasks for both design and marketing teams, and without the best resource planning tools they may end up working on a task that is allotted to someone else in the team.

Tools like GanttPRO and actiTIME help in setting time estimates for tasks and monitor project budgets. Additionally, you can add comments and attachments to any project task and get real-time notification about the latest changes.

From managing project teams to estimate the cost and planning resources, every task is made easier with these workplace productivity solutions.

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  • Unified Communications

From audio conferencing to video chat, employees today have different options to ensure hassle-free communication with clients and co-workers. The latest trend is of bringing all your multimedia communication tools together and experiencing the benefits of Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS).

By integrating all your productivity apps into a single easy-to-use portal, you can manage text messages, file-sharing, video communication and email transfer from a single communication portal.

Some of the trusted unified communications solutions that can be useful for SMBs and big enterprises alike are Microsoft office 365 business basic, G-Suite, WittyParrot, etc.

  • Improving Workflow

What’s the usual vibe at your workplace? If chaos and frustration define your workplace, it’s high time that you invest in productivity solutions. Employees often face distraction in a chaotic setup and struggle to stay on tasks at home.

To concentrate and accomplish work at a facer pace, your employees need more than just motivation. They need the right tools of the trade to manage their time and prioritize tasks.

  • Microsoft Sharepoint Online for effective sharing and collaboration
  • Freshdesk for an improved customer service
  • XLTool Excel to Tally to instantly migrate Excel data into Tally accounting application, and manage your data efficiently.
  • Bullhorn Middle and Back Office to manage expense reports, create invoices, and calculate commissions efficiently.
  • Mobile Office

Mobile office solutions are making it possible to stay connected on the go through the power of the cloud. Now that businesses are going global, they need mobile office solutions to stay connected with remote employees and collaborate via smartphone, laptop or tablet.

You can also opt for mobile conferencing and enjoy uninterrupted accessibility with clients. And, you have mobile integration facilities so that you can access different software solutions like accounting and CRM software through your mobile device.

Top 6 Online Productivity Tools for Businesses in 2023

Here’s the productivity tools list for businesses to grab more opportunities in 2023.

  • EzeeFile – For Online Document Management
EzeeFile document management system

Organizing, storing and sharing large volumes of documents and information is easy with EzeeFile document management system. The user-friendly document management software is a cost-effective solution for ensuring fool-proof data backups in a simple manner.

As a result, all your files are secured here from device failures and cyber-attacks. This smart document management solution can be integrated easily with your existing business tools for hassle-free document and data sharing.

The best part about this enterprise document management system is its automatic workflow structure, which is helpful in tracking the information flow. You can also take advantage of other features like easy document sharing, mass data uploads and quick data search. Further, the software gets monthly updates to stay up to date with the latest advancements.

Key Features of EzeeFile:

  • Audit logs
  • Centralized repository
  • Customizable user privilege
  • Seamless integration
  • One point access
  • On-site server and cloud-storage enabled
  • Domain knowledge
  • Hierarchy free
  • Easy to retrieve data
  • Document sharing & email integration

Pricing: At present, EzeeFile has following three paid plans:

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

Expert advice regarding the software’s features and free demo support is available with Techjockey.

  • Microsoft 365 for Business – For Teamwork & Communication
MS Office 365 | Productivity Tool

Share folders and files with Microsoft 365 for Business to streamline daily business process workflows. The software offers a team site library for organizing documents.

Most importantly, you can chat, connect over the call, attend online meetings, and collaborate across silos with Microsoft Office for Business. It’s an integrated solution that works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, Office apps and OneDrive cloud storage.

For efficient, workflow management, Microsoft 365 offers further modules like power virtual agents, to do list and power automate. It’s a completely secure productivity tool with identity and access management features. Further, the Power Automate feature helps streamline different business processes.

Key Features of Microsoft 365 For Business:

  • Access and identity management
  • Analytical & voice capabilities
  • Calling and meeting management
  • App and device management
  • 1TB storage on OneDrive

Pricing: Monthly paid plans start from Rs 150 per month. You can consult the experts at Techjockey for feature details and free demo.

  • Giddh – For GST Compliant Accounting & Billing
Giddh Accounting Software

Giddh is an easy to access online accounting and billing software ideal for managing inventory and invoices. The software also makes it easy to prepare GST file returns directly on the portal. Built-in further into the software are business intelligence capabilities. Such capabilities help you get insights into the losses incurred, profits earned and the total net worth.

Along with such actionable insights, Giddh can also be used to track monthly overdues, discounts given and expenses done. Also, you can compare profit/loss and revenues for making better business decisions.

Features of Giddh Accounting & Billing Software:

  • Expense graph
  • Financial ratio analysis
  • Excel file importing
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Multicurrency support
  • Data sharing

Pricing: Giddh accounting software is available at just Rs 4000 per annum on Techjockey.

  • ezeeCRM – For Customer Relationship Management

ezeeCRM is a customer relationship management software deployed for communicating with customers/clients, tracking leads and managing valuable business opportunities. To further streamline customer relationship processes, this productivity tool provides customizable layouts, a dedicated email client support and an option to organize contacts into multiple groups.

You can also use ezeeCRM productivity tool for managing sales pipeline, creating conversation workflows, follow-ups and ensuring higher sales conversion. This CRM software also has capabilities for creating graphical tables that would help with lead and opportunities management.

ezeeCRM Software Features:

  • Flexible UI
  • Territory management for organizing leads
  • Sales force automation
  • Lead management
  • Powerful report builder
  • Contact management
  • Timeline & history logs
  • SMS and email integration

Pricing: ezeeCRM offers the following paid plans:

  • Seed: ₹900
  • Sapling: ₹100
  • Plant: ₹1500
  • Tree: ₹1700

ezeeCRM free demo support is available with Techjockey.

  • RapBooster – For Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

RapBooster is a chat automation and bulk messaging tool for businesses of all types. The online digital marketing platform is deployed for kickstarting campaigns and boosting a company’s revenue.

Group sending of messages, filtering numbers or personalizing messages, all is easy with this bulk WhatsApp sender. You can also use RapBooster WhatsApp marketing software for fetching contacts from WhatsApp chats. Another additional feature of this productivity tool is importing of contacts directly from online portals.

Features of RapBooster:

  • Bulk message sending
  • Tracking messages using instant chat replies
  • Multichannel support
  • Sending multi files and customized messages
  • Fast number filtering

Pricing: Paid plans of RapBooster productivity software start from Rs 1500 per annum. Details regarding the cost of other paid plans, free demos and expert advice are available at Techjockey.

  • Trello – For Project Management
project management software

Trello is a project management software well-suited for organizing communication between different members of a team. The software offers cards, lists and boards for managing projects based on priority. Collaborating on projects using Trello is easy as you get here the option for adding attachments, comments and due dates to project files.

This project management tool is a complete productivity solution as it offers integration capabilities with any other application that you may be using. Device syncing is easy too with Trello.

Features of Trello Productivity Software:

  • Due date commands
  • Board buttons and card cards
  • Calendar commands
  • Rule-based triggers
  • Board utilities
  • Reporting & analytics
  • File management
  • Custom stockers and background

Pricing: Trello productivity tool pricing is available on the official website.

Wrapping Up

Execution is the key to a successful business. With the right set of productivity tools, your employees will perform at optimal levels and achieve greater execution on your strategic goals.

Guessing from where to get different types of productivity tools. Explore the exclusive list of the best productivity apps and software, all listed at a single platform.

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