12 Best To Do List Apps to Enhance Your WFH Productivity in 2023

12 Best To Do List Apps to Enhance Your WFH Productivity in 2023-feature image
July 18, 2023 15 Min read

As employees around the globe are majorly working from home, maintaining high levels of productivity can be a tricky task. Being confined to the four walls of your house might make you a bit sluggish and directly affect your ability to carry out different personal and professional tasks.

If you are also in a somewhat similar situation, we recommend that you immediately start using to do list apps.

Why You Should Use To Do App?

The best to do list apps are the perfect sidekick to make your day organized and get more within the same time. Here we list some prominent benefits of using apps to manage tasks.

  • Provides a solid structure to your day

Many of us go about our day eyeballing which task to do when, and at the end, we are out of time. By making use of an app made to do list, we can schedule tasks as per their priority and even set the time frame for their completion.

  • Makes you feel calm and better

The best apps made to track tasks provide a psychological reward once you finish off a work. And when you feel rewarded, you are more prone to happily and efficiently finish off other tasks as well.

  • Prevents mental exhaustion

Even if you are not a fan of online to do list desktop apps, you manually keep a mental check on what task you need to achieve through the day. But this way, you would only be increasing your mental clutter.

And once your mind starts to get tired, you might forget critical tasks or not do them properly. That is why we recommend using to do list apps so that your head stays clear.

  • Help you set better goals

Making a daily to-do list using an app gives you a reality check when it comes to setting customized goals. You can obtain an understanding of how much workload you can manage daily and then set achievable goals for yourself.   

How To Do List for Desktop Help Improve Productivity?

Planning your tasks for the day involves dedication and planning on your part so that you can break down large daily goals into smaller, more achievable ones. Most to do list desktop apps these days have the provision to inculcate ample leisure time in between critical tasks, hence maintaining the balance.

On top of that, an app to manage tasks allows you to keep your time schedule as flexible as possible. This way you can include any last minute, work-related task. Thus, all tasks of a day can be completed strategically, and you will not feel stressed out.

What are the Characteristics of the Best To Do List App to Manage Tasks?

Your work habits are unique and so will be the do list app you use. We mention some of the important criteria you should look before selecting an app to track tasks.

  • Select such an app which helps quickly organize your tasks, leaving out more time for execution.
  • You can opt for apps which make use of a Kanban board. This board can help in organizing your different tasks on a single page, making it easier for you to view them.
  • There are also versions of the best to do list apps for android which let you organize tasks in plain textual form. This is suitable for all minimalist lovers.
  • For users who have a tough time sticking to their to-do lists, there are certain apps that gamify the whole experience of setting tasks and their follow-ups.

12 Best To Do List Apps for Windows & Android

Productive people assemble. This is the space for you to know the best to do list apps which will help you start your day on the right note.

  • Microsoft to do list app

to do list app for windows 10

Microsoft to do list apps can be used for a variety of purposes such as making shopping lists, notes and planning a future event. Microsoft to do app allows you to shift between different tasks across multiple lists without losing out on productivity.

Platforms- Best to do list app Android, iOS, Windows & Mac

Features of Microsoft, the Best To Do List App

  • You can access your to do lists on different devices.
  • The app allows you to share your created lists with friends and colleagues.
  • You can group different lists together under the same heading or tag.
  • Customize the background color of your lists as per your taste.


  • The app provides the option of attaching files up to 25 MB in size to your list.


  • Microsoft to do app does not offer integration with third party calendar apps.

Pricing of Microsoft App to Manage Tasks- This app is free to download and use.

  • Google to do list app

Officially called Google Tasks, this app for making to do list is an efficient way of increasing your productivity. You can start listing tasks from one device and then complete them from a different device.

Google Tasks also offers compatibility with other applications in the G Suite such as Gmail and Google calendar.

Platforms- iOS, Android, Browser

Features of Google Tasks To Do List App for Desktop

  • You can break down big tasks to subtasks and even add details about how to go about them.
  • You can directly create tasks from Gmail.
  • The app has a drag and drop option for placing the tasks as per their priority.
  • It sends timely reminders and notifications, alerting you about the work you have to do.


  • Once you have completed certain tasks, you can clear them with the ‘Clear Completed Task’ button.


  • You may find Google Tasks to have a limited organisation capability for your different to do lists.

Pricing of Google Tasks Best To Do List for iPhone- This free to do list app is can be downloaded for free.

  • TickTick

ticktick app

TickTick is counted amongst the best to do list making apps for android. This is because it allows you to add to do tasks by speaking them into the phone’s microphone.

TickTick can also be integrated with your mails which lets you create an incoming mail into a to do list.

Platforms- TickTick is the best to do list app for Android, Mac, iOS, Windows

TickTick To Do List App for Windows Features

  • TickTick automatically converts your to-do’s into reminders when you add a date or time to them.
  • It has the feature of annoying alert which ensures that you never miss reminders about a task.
  • You can place monthly or daily tasks under the recurring task window.
  • You can create customised checklists with the tags such as ‘Today’ and ‘Tomorrow’, ‘High Priority’ etc.


  • It provides you the option of sorting tasks into four levels of priority- high, medium, low and no priority.


  • TickTick has limited capabilities when it comes to syncing your tasks with the calendar.

Pricing of TickTick Online To Do List Making App- The free to do list app also has a premium version priced at ₹2069.26 per year

  • Remember The Milk

Remember the milk is a daily to do list app that makes use of a smart add feature for quickly adding the due date, priority etc. for each of your tasks. The app makes use of several mediums to remind you of crucial tasks namely email replies, text messages and even making tweets.

Platforms- You can create the best to do list for iPhone and Android

Features of Remember The Milk Free To Do List App

  • The app allows you to club different lists within the same tag.
  • You can create subtasks for bigger tasks. You even have the option of creating subtasks for subtasks.
  • You can share your created lists with others and even delegate a task to them.
  • Remember the milk offers great compatibility with google drive and Dropbox.


  • The to do list desktop app has a powerful search wizard for easy identification of old lists.


  • The app’s interface may feel cluttered if you create several to do lists at once.

Price of Remember The Milk App To Track Tasks– The app offers a free version with limited features. The price of the paid version starts from ₹2941.80 per year.

  • Any.do

any.do app

Any.do app to manage tasks has advanced syncing capabilities, which make it easy to be used across devices. It has the option of adding smart reminders so that you can better track the progress of your tasks.

You can add one-time reminders for tasks that occur frequently i.e. on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Platforms- The best to do list for Android, iOS

Features of Any.do To Do App

  • Any.do provides location-based reminders.
  • You can make grocery lists with Any.do, import recipes and even share these lists with others.
  • The app has a designated widget which helps you keep a tab on the most critical tasks from the home screen itself.
  • One you pick up a task, you can designate different titles to it, such as ‘Later’, ‘Done’ and ‘Deleted’.


  • It is compatible with voice assistants such as Siri and Amazon Echo.


  • Any.do offers limited integration with some other project management tools.

Pricing of Any.do Best To Do List App- The price of the premium version of this free to do list app starts from ₹219.95 per month.

  • Habitica

Habitica app to manage tasks gamifies the entire process of creating lists and tasks. It makes use of a reward punishment mechanism to promote productive activities. With its mobile app, you can keep an active tab on habits and daily tasks in your to do list.

Platforms- Best to do list app for iPhone & Android

Features of Habitica App for To Do List

  • You get your own avatar whose skills are updated when you complete your scheduled tasks.
  • It converts all tasks and habits into monsters which your avatar has to defeat.
  • You can play and share your progress with your friends.
  • Habitica API can be integrated with chrome extensions. This way, you would be rewarded for surfing productive sites and punished for surfing unproductive ones.


  • The app to manage tasks can be tried by both adults and children.


  • The over emphasis on punishment for any sort of failure may eventually make you fear shortcomings.

Price of Habitica To Do List App for Desktop- This to do app offers a free version. The price of the paid version starts from ₹367.82 per month.

  • Omnifocus

Omnifocus app

Omnifocus is meant for those people who run on a tight schedule.  The to do list app can be synced across different apple devices which means that you can easily add tasks anywhere anytime.

You have the option of assigning due dates to projects and then track their status with the help of ‘Forecaster’.

Platforms- iOS, macOS

Features of Omnifocus Best To Do List for iPhone

  • The app has a robust notification system which ensures that you never miss out on any task.
  • You can sort your different lists based on their due date, priority, project type.
  • Omnifocus offers integration with third party apps such as Slack and Trello.
  • The online to do list app conducts a weekly review of your tasks and identifies the status of different tasks.


  • The app to manage tasks has an engaging and intuitive interface.


  • The initial learning curve associated with the app is a bit steep.

Pricing of Omnifocus Online To Do List- The price of Omnifocus daily to do list app starts from ₹734.90 per month.

  • Todoist

todoist app

Todoist to do list app for Windows lets you add new tasks in seconds. The app is especially useful for reminding you of recurring tasks. With Todoist, you have the option of viewing due date, comments and subtasks attached with a particular task.

Platforms- To do list app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android  

Features of Todoist Best To Do List App for Android

  • You can categorise your projects and tasks as Favourites.
  • Todoist allows you to divide tasks into sections to keep the interface uncluttered.
  • You can delegate tasks to individuals from within the app.
  • The app notifies you when somebody comments on your to do list, complete the work delegated to them and so on.


  • Todoist Karma- which awards you for completing goals and streaks.


  • Jumping from one list to another can be an arduous task at times.

Pricing of Todoist Online To Do List- The app to track tasks offers a free version with limited features. The cost of the paid version starts from ₹220.69.

  • Things

Things to do list app provides a smooth and clutter free experience of adding new tasks. Its USP lies in providing a clean interface for you to easily register your thoughts.

Things app to track tasks provide the option of classifying any newly created to do list with tags, deadlines and more.

Platforms- Best to do list for iPhone & Mac

Features of Things Daily To Do List App

  • You can choose from a range of calendars to view in Things such as Personal, Family and Work.
  • With its ‘This Evening’ feature, you can schedule tasks which do not require your attention during the daytime.
  • Its ‘Upcoming’ feature lets you plan for the approaching week in advance.
  • Things has a drag and drop interface for rescheduling your to dos in case of an emergency.


  • The app helps you juggle multiple lists. Each time you create a new list, you can set a new timeline for it and it appears under the Today section.


  • Things does not offer compatibility with non-apple calendars.

Pricing of Things Free To Do List App- The price of this app starts from ₹734.90.

  • Asana

Asana app

In addition to creating a personalized to do list, you can use Asana Project Management Software to assign tasks on priority to your office team. With its timeline feature, you can easily resolve overlapping tasks. Asana also makes use of Boards feature to describe details associated with different tasks.

Platforms- The best to do list app for Android, iOS

Features of Asana App to Track Tasks

  • You can obtain the progress status of different tasks visually.
  • Asana offers robust integration with third party apps such as Teams, Slack, Gmail and Zapier.
  • The app is useful for setting personal goals as well as common goals for the entire workforce.
  • It enables you to build a Gantt chart in just a few minutes.


  • You can leave comments on tasks assigned to team members.


  • The interface may get cluttered at times.

Price of Asana To Do List Apps- The app offers a free version. The price of the paid version starts from ₹808.46 per user per month.

  • Memorigi

Memorigi to do apps can be used for professional and personal use both. It has an engaging user interface which allows you to move between different lists with a simple swipe. In addition to daily tasks, Memorigi can also be used for shopping and grocery lists.

Platforms- To do list app for Android

Features of Memorigi Best To Do List App

  • The app has been designed keeping Getting Things Done Philosophy.
  • Memorigi offers compatibility with calendar apps for you to plan your week and month in advance.
  • The app offers cloud backup for your to do lists so that you can access them from any device.
  • Memorigi provides timely reminders about pending tasks.


  • Memorigi has the option of breaking your large tasks into smaller subtasks.


  • The app is not available for Mac and iOS devices.

Pricing of Memorigi App To Manage Tasks- Memorigi can be installed free of cost from Google play store.

  • ClickUp

ClickUp app

ClickUp app to do list can organise your lists in different views such as list, box, board and so on. ClickUp can be used for personal as well as professional work.

It also provides the option of real time chat with which you can communicate with your team about the task assigned to them.

Platforms- To do list app for Android, iOS

Features of ClickUp To Do List Desktop

  • You can create a task and then assign it to one or more people for completion.
  • The app allows you to create interactive workflows and also repeat them.
  • Each new task in ClickUp comes with an inbuilt global timer.
  • ClickUp provides the opportunity of flagging tasks according to priority.


  • With its recurring checklist feature, you can create events for tasks that repeat daily, weekly, monthly.


Pricing of ClickUp Best To Do List App for Windows– ClickUp is a free to do list app. The price of the paid version starts from ₹367.82 per member per month.


To do list apps are a sure shot way of increasing productivity. They help to declutter your mind and phase you through the completion of crucial tasks.

Not only do they help you tag several lists under one banner, they also provide timely reminders about tasks yet to be completed. Therefore, we recommend that you must include to do apps in your list of apps to use in 2023.

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