Top 14 Retail POS System for Small Business in 2023

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February 24, 2023 12 Min read

Summary: Even small food outlets struggle to achieve efficiency while managing kitchens, orders, bills, inventory, sales, timely deliveries, etc. Automating your processes through a POS system is the only way out. But the bigger question is, which POS system would be the right choice for your food outlet? Check out our expert recommendations for top retail systems that you must consider now.

The time of end-of-month spreadsheet, cash registers and manual counting of inventory is long gone. At the time when people are looking for options to buy things online, retail POS system is critical to stay ahead of the competition. This is the era of best retail POS software that helps retail stores adopt the omnichannel approach towards sustained growth.

How to Use POS System in Retail

Paid or free POS systems play an important role in streamlining sales processes and retail and grocery stores and pushing up transaction speed and efficiency. Once you get a retail POS system, you need to take care of the following steps to make the most of this technology.

  • Add items for sale: Once you scan the barcode of any product, its details start showing the retail POS system monitor. You can quickly search for any item and figure out their frequency of sale.
  • Add different discounts: If you are offering discounts in your retail store on specific items or the entire item in the cart, you can do easily with the POS system.
  • Take payments: POS system provides the functionality to take payments through cash, credit cards, and mobile payments. You can also apply gift cards, loyalty points or pay later options. 
  • Add notes for future reference: Using the POS system, you can add notes for specific sales to highlight customer concerns or requests for the future reference.

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Different POS Systems for Retail Stores

You can choose from the following types of POS systems for your retail store:

  • Desktop POS System: Desktop POS systems are the fixed POS systems at the cash counters of retail stores. Hardware devices like card readers, barcode scanners and cash drawers are attached to a desktop POS system.
  • Mobile POS System: Mobile POS system or mPOS is getting quite popular these days. It allows using any mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet as a point of sale terminal.
  • Self-Service Kiosk: Self-service kiosks are often used in large retail stores and supermarkets for the customers to check product availability and pricing quickly.
  • Online POS: Online POS is often used by grocery stores and small retail stores as there is no additional hardware cost. You can use your own system or a tablet as a point of sales terminal.

List of Top 14 POS System in India 2023

  1. Busy

Retail POS

Busy software, which is originally an accounting software, now comes with inventory and GST billing modules. The GST ready accounting software is also known as Busy 17. Being also a GST software, it serves as the backbone of GST associated operations in the company. Operations such as accounting, invoicing, taxation management, financial management, etc. Apart from multi company accounting, it facilitates POS functionality via barcode integration, POS invoicing, bills of materials, warehouse management, etc.


  • Inventory management
  • Sales & purchase quotations
  • Billing & invoicing
  • MIS reports

Pricing: The Basic plan of Busy software starts at ₹7200 yearly.

  1. HDPOS Smart

HDPOS Smart is a retail point of sale system that integrates seamlessly with all popular barcode scanners and POS hardware. This retail billing software also assists with other critical functions like CRM, accounting, inventory, reporting and bookkeeping. Along with retail stores, HDPOS Smart software can be used in bookstores, shoe stores, sports shops, electronic stores, etc.


  • Helps create loyalty programs and retain customers through offers, promotions and customer grouping
  • Provides features for multiple price lists, gift cards, promotional email, gift cards and SMS promotions.
  • You can create customized invoice designs with printing of barcode stickers
  • Facilitates faster product catalog printing
  • Supports manufacturing operations with bill of material (BOM) and production planning features
  • It helps with weight scale integration
  • Multilingual support for an interface in the language you prefer
  • Integrates with all major payment gateways
  • Supports customer display screen and pole display
  • You can track stock transfers and the stock in transit
  • Helps manage franchise business in multiple currencies
  • Assists with tax calculation, GST and VAT
  • Dynamic sub-grouping of SKU’s
  • Provides suggestions for re-orders and purchase history.

Pricing: HDPOS Smart software price starts at ₹13000 for a single computer on annual basis. If you need this software for your client server, it will cost ₹25000 per annum. For the cloud set, HDPOS Smart pricing is ₹17500.

  1. Marg Retail POS

Marg GST-ready accounting & inventory software that helps in smooth running of the retail business. It does so by generating invoices easily & quickly, reconciling bank statements, and tracking inventory accurately. This point of sales GST billing system helps in barcode management, GST return filing, to name a few. This software is designed to fulfill all the requirements of an individual retail store to the retail chain.

Features of Marg POS System

Marg POS Price: The starting price for Marg POS is ₹7,200 annually.


  • Complete accounting & inventory management
  • Has an integrated Android app


  • User interface can be improved further
  • Product training can be improved
  1. Tally Shoper 9

Point of sale

Tally Shoper 9 POS system is fit for all the operations of a retail store or distributors’ location. It is one stop solution for inventory management, pricing, barcode generation, customer relationship management, taxation, etc. It provides solutions to all the problems faced by retailers, wholesalers and distributors in managing retail functions.

Pricing: Tally Shoper 9 Silver plan starts at ₹18,000 annually.


  • Features are quite user friendly
  • Automatic interest calculation


  • GUI graphic colours can be improved
  • Difficulty in working with several windows.
  1. Invoay Retail POS

Invoay retail POS system is a complete automation tool for your retail store to ensure repeat customers and higher profits. It’s an all-in-one POS system, which helps with retail management processes. You can use this retail POS system to manage your product assortments, multiple integrated payment selections, discount memberships, membership wallets and loyalty points. This POS system for retail stores also help with online-offline billing, GST invoicing, inventory management, etc. Its marketing management feature is quite useful for running WhatsApp and SMS campaigns to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones.

Invoay Retail POS Features

  • Easy to use Point of sales
  • Touch POS for faster checkout
  • Manage Barcode
  • Supplier and Vendor Management
  • Minimum Stock Tracking
  • Customer Loyalty and Membership Wallet
  • Promotions, Customer Coupons, and Referral Programs
  • Offer Notifications to Customers, E-Bill & Feedback
  • Employee Management
  • Invoay Pocket App for Owners
  • Integrated Centralized Backoffice and Warehouse
  • Flexible Reporting and Business Intelligence

Invoay Retail POS Pricing: Invoay pricing starts at ₹ 12,000 per year, which includes the one-time setup cost and unlimited users.

  1. Vend POS

retail POS system

Vend POS is for those busy retailers who need an easy solution that helps them focus on their customers’ needs. It also provides interesting customer loyalty features and marketing functions to achieve higher traffic and sales. This is an important retail POS system to streamline your operations with higher efficiency.

Features of Vend POS

  • Returns, Refunds & Store Credit
  • Cash management
  • You can create individual staff accounts
  • Helps track sales
  • You can add notes & discounts

Pricing: Vend retail POS is available in three different plans, and its Lite plan starts at ₹7,560 per month.


  • User-friendly interface that requires minimal training
  • Data is stored securely on the cloud for higher accessibility


  • You need better knowledge of Excel to use this software.
  1. ShopKeep

ShopKeep retail POS software

ShopKeep retail POS system is one of the most user-friendly systems, which helps with faster transactions through online and offline modes. It also helps with staff management and faster check-out processes. With ShopKeep, you don’t need to worry about day-to-day inventory management tasks at your retail store anymore.

Features of ShopKeep

ShopKeep POS Pricing: The price is available on request at the official website.


  • Allows accessing the information remotely
  • Provides customized features


  • It’s not easy to make changes repeatedly
  1. MRL Posnet

MRL is responsible for different services including the entire process of designing and running the card payment network. MRL posnet proffers a complete and secure POS solution to banks and aggregators by rendering merchant services, technology services, MRL Analytica and MRL 360 services.

Features of MRL Posnet

  • MRL merchant services
  • MRL technology services
  • MRL analytics
  • Helps with transaction reconciliation

Pricing: The price is available on the office website on request.


  • It’s a flexible platform for merchant acquiring
  • Higher risk efficiency ratio


  • Can have more intuitive user interface
  • Need more customization.
  1. Zopper

Zopper POS system solution is a complete POS system for retailers. Zopper is a GST ready billing software also offering inventory, CRM, payments and e-commerce solutions. Moreover, this retail POS system in India is not limited to your computer as you can connect it to a phone, or tablet. It is suitable for all types of businesses from micro to major.

Features of Zopper POS

Zopper POS System Price: The price of Zopper POS is available on our website. You can visit our detail page.


  • Provides mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Advanced inventory management features


  • No free version or trial available
  • User interface can be improved further.
  1. Jio GST

Reliance announced its GST starter kit for its JioFi device. It was done with an aim to enable taxpayers to comply with GST law by providing the users with GST solution. Jio GST solution facilitates an integrated system with other applicants for simple and easy GST compliance. It helps in maintaining records, filing GST returns, and complying with the provisions of GST law.

Features of Jio GST

  • Pre-reconciliation
  • Statutory provisions
  • Compliance using Jio GST
  • Billing functions
  • Tax Return Filing

Pricing: The price of Jio GST is available on request on Techjockey website.


  • Jio GST knowledge series
  • JioFi device


  • Nothing disappointing as such.
  1. GoFrugal

GST ready-POS billing software

GoFrugal GST ready-POS billing software is one stop solution for retail shops, restaurants and distribution business when it comes to point of sale. This retail POS system facilitates all important features in one. For instance, inventory management, GST billing, customer relationship management, multi store management, customer loyalty, and more. Also, being a cloud-based retail POS system, it allows you to avail the benefit of a POS system without installing one in your store premises.

Features of GoFrugal

  • Helps manage delivery, billing and payment
  • Provides flexible payment types
  • Suggests different loyalty program options
  • Supports POS and ERP integrations
  • Helps with efficient store operations

GoFrugal POS System Price: GoFrugal retail POS starter kit starts at ₹15,000.


  • Accurate reports for hassle-free compliance
  • Ensures faster inventory turns


  • Supports integration with limited software.
  1. Odoo

 This is what a retail store needs. A software that needs an internet connection only to start with and you can continue to work even if the connection is lost. It is a flexible software that is fit for any retail company. Odoo has different apps for different services such as Odoo inventory app, Odoo eCommerce, Odoo HR, Odoo CRM, etc. The best part is that they can be integrated in one software. Odoo is a great retail management software, as it maximizes efficiency.

Features of Odoo

  • Helps run loyalty programs for customer engagement
  • Integrated inventory management
  • Allows tracking customer buying habits
  • Can be integrated with other Odoo apps

Pricing: Odoo POS price starts at ₹610 per month.


  • Compatible with all types of hardware
  • You can add Odoo POS even when offline


  • Requires more frequent software upgrades.
  1. POSist

POSist is not just a POS system but provides a complete restaurant pos solution to the restaurant industry. It is a comprehensive cloud-based POS system consisting of four important features – billing, CRM, Stock & inventory management, and reporting & analytics. POSist also caters to the restaurant’s ‘operational needs by providing customized Cockpit app, feedback app, delivery app, waiter app, etc.

Features of POSist

  • Stock and inventory management
  • CRM management
  • Billing
  • Reporting and analytics

Pricing: You will get POSist retail POS demo and pricing details at the official website.


  • Ensures efficient inventory and order management
  • Provides insights to target the right audience


  • The app versions are comparatively slow.
  1. Saral POS

Saral POS provides touch-based POS solution and caters to all the needs of a retailer that can help in managing the store in a better manner. It is easy to install and easier to use. Inventory management, storefront & back office reports, procurement management, reconciliation of cash balance are few of the key features of Saral.

Features of Saral Retail POS

  • Purchase & inventory management
  • Returns & refunds management
  • Store credits tracking
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Barcode & cash management

Saral Pricing: The price of Saral POS is available on the official website.


  • It’s easy to use
  • Provides detailed dashboards and reports


  • The inventory management feature can be improved further.


People sometimes believe that POS system in India is an unnecessary expense. However, we are sure that after reading the above benefits of each software your misconception must have bid you all adieu.

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