Top Badminton Software in India to Manage Sports Tournaments Successfully

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May 22, 2023 10 Min read

What is Badminton World Tournament Software?

Badminton world tournament software is used for organizing badminton matches. The software eases the job of organizers and tournament planners with match scheduling, organizing, registration, payment collection, ticket management, and more. this further helps with tournament publication and online entry of matches.

How BWF Tournament Software Works (Badminton World Federation)?

BWF tournament software saves tournament organizers from the hassle of manually managing and organizing matches. Instead, use a badminton league scheduler for setting up matches. Go through the steps mentioned below to see how badminton management tools and planners provided by BWF software help:

  • Select the type of schedule and number of players. 
  • Identify the date and time for the game.
  • Prepare schedules for courts and groups or divisions.
  • Add or delete matches as per the requirement.
  • Track scores online through badminton software.
  • Reschedule matches if necessary.
  • Online chat guides, support, and email are provided for further guidance and support.

Benefits of Badminton Tournament Software in India

Tournament software functions as a centralized tool for scheduling badminton matches. Aside from providing basic functionalities such as scores and rankings, the managerial solutions embedded within the platform offer other crucial benefits. They are the following:

  • In the software’s database, upload the data of the participants and send it across to concerned authorities in just one click.
  • Share with sponsors, fans and players match schedule.
  • Download schedules for printing so that the same can be used offline.
  • You can attach playoffs to schedules.
  • Paste images and players’ logos.
  • Ranking systems to track every player’s world ranking and update automatically
  • Helps with membership management based on types and access levels
  • Provides automatic live scoreboard
  • Event registration can be managed online

Key Features of Badminton Software

Badminton software models provide online solutions for efficiently processing match scheduling, tracking, sharing and uploading operations.

Badminton software and such tournament systems have core functionalities for scheduling/organizing badminton as well as other sports. Besides, it provides a host of such key benefits as mentioned below:

  • Court and player availability for an easy schedule.
  • Complete visibility of player data at the selected corner of the screen.
  • Set up option for scheduling timeslots and days.
  • Get an overview of scheduled, unscheduled, and played matches.
  • You don’t have to unschedule a match for rescheduling it.
  • Visual club web for sports clubs and organisations.
  • Easily publish tournaments, matches, and draws on the internet.
  • Tournament TV was inbuilt in badminton software to inform the audience and players of latest game updates.
  • Unlimited matches, players and events.
  • League planner to organise racquet sport leagues.

Top 7 Free Badminton Software to Manage Domestic Matches

Make a choice by going through a list of some of the best tournament managers and schedulers for a more organised, less time consuming and hassle-free tournament management process.

  • R2sports Tournament Software

BWF software

Automate tedious tasks for organising and managing badminton tournaments and other matches with R2sports Tournament software. The software helps organize and manage all tournament operations in a more reliable, streamlined and efficient manner.

The media feature can be used as a reporting tool for tracking players and their teams. You can also follow live tournaments and check brackets that are being updated in real time. You can use the software for easily converting between nine different draw types, such as, Round Robin, Pro Qualifier, Pool Play, etc.

Key features of R2sports Tournament Software

  • Live match through event projection display
  • Personalized tournament website
  • Game management by R2 sports scorecard app
  • Built in communication system for communicating with participants
  • Multiple division types for singles and doubles team competition
  • Multiple bracket types
  • Online registration

  • Tournament Planner

BWF software

Plan and develop your own badminton tournament teams and playing schedule and rankings with Tournament Planner. A new ranking is generated at the end of each game and end users can edit scores for each team. Further you are free to attach your own logo, colour and background to such refurbished tournaments.

With this badminton software, you can prepare schedules for group, bracket and single matches. Either automatically schedule the matches or drop and drag matches while at the same time adding breaks and referees. This tournament planner software provides flexible tournament formats.

Key features of Tournament Planner:

  • Stay updated about court and player’s availability as well as the matches.
  • Single panel for highlighting the entire range of data of the players.
  • Prepare custom tournament edits for badminton matches. 
  • Tournament Planner for free demonstrations and scheduling of matches. 
  • Prepare backups of your data for keeping it safe in the system.
  • Develop match cards, day reports, match records and draw lists.
  • Reschedule matches without un scheduling them.

  • Score 7

Score 7 badminton software

Score 7 badminton software for referees and players creates match records as well as provides match updates in real time. This badminton software is primarily used for managing players, executive teams and managerial staff.

Users can also create federation licenses for executives, players, assistants, trainers and delegates. There is also the record maker feature for prefilled record generation.

You can easily switch management systems in a matter of minutes. Control deregistration/registration, sign-up sheets and multiple colours for making corporate logos are other core functionalities offered by Score 7 badminton software.

The all in one management dashboard of this tournament management software has been designed in such a way that it integrates both the administrative tasks and routine engagements for match scheduling.

Key features of Score 7:

  • Create a tournament after specifying the number of participants, format and sport.
  • Overview option to change settings of the game such as the number of participants.
  • Multiple tournament formats such as multistage, round robin and knockout.
  • Create first round based on the order of the participants (seeded) or randomly.
  • Knockout brackets for editing dates and results of the matches.
  • One-click notification for players and organizers.
  • Full contact database for easy search, filter and updates.
  • Financial reports and membership summaries.
  • Easy to set up player renewal reminders.

  • Konkuri

management software for tournaments

Sports applications are designed in such a way that developing customised tournaments through such tools is as much fun as playing them. Konkuri tournament software is also one such software used for managing leagues and tournaments, especially badminton.

Create match schedules and easily share the results through this management software for tournaments. Tennis organisations, video gamers and sports companies use Konkuri for a variety of games. Users can also archive results before finally sharing them. 

Konkuri tournament management software comes with real-time updates for writing comments and other communication purposes. One of the most unique features of the software is game analytics and facility scheduling.

Key features of Konkuri:

  • Share information through poster, inscriptions and rules
  • Building mode to invite participants before the competition starts
  • Publish the competition schedule once it’s activated
  • Embed widgets in your website for viewing results of the competition
  • Create leagues with just one click through super easy league builder
  • A professional dedicated website with elegant graphic interface
  • Presets available for every competition

  • What’s Score

Corporates, schools and sports organisations use What’s Score software for managing sports events. The tournament software helps organise tournaments in multiple formats for badminton and other sports. Event promotion, payments, participate registration and live results are other core functionalities of this badminton software.

Sports clubs, athletes, coaches, teams and leagues use this software for managing badminton tournaments and handling team level and organization level scheduling.

What’s Score stores previous records for all registered tournaments. The digital platform offers real time scoreboard solution and customisable scoring options.

There are also API options available for easy integration and showing tournament details on a website. The digital sports management software further has data output capability and a specialised scoreboard.

Key features of What’s Score:

  • Customized registration forms and payments for accepting participant registration
  • Multiple seeding option for automated draws
  • Automated match schedules automated based on ground/court availability and communication
  • For public viewing, live score option also available
  • Draw tournament page by laying out rules, drawing venues and attaching results
  • Sport specific scoring for each game and level
  • Intuitive control and click/type interface for user friendly experience
  • Helps position the screen by using coordinates
  • Redesigned web report for tracking fouls.

  • Playinga

Playinga tournament management software

Playinga tournament management software offers end to end solutions for efficient management of badminton tournaments. The badminton software helps create matches and looks after key processes like registration, scoring, collecting fee payments and performance tracking.

The online sports management software is used for building customizable team pages & match widgets, and handling sports-specific statistics.

Playinga gives you complete control over the different aspects of organizing badminton matches. You can manage the playing team’s finances, participants, venues, or custom roles and permissions.

Features of Playinga Badminton Software:

  • Easy to create tournament microsites without any coding knowledge.
  • The integrated payment gateway for collecting registration fees with auto-compute and auto-settlement options.
  • Helps calculate the taxes and offline payments.
  • Registration forms with customizable fields to collect waivers and required participants’ data.
  • Drag and drop scheduler with options to control randomization, seeding placements and player position.
  • Brackets/playoffs/knockouts for classifying the players
  • Round robin fixture for configuring multiple badminton matches and managing groups/playoffs
  • Automatic standings for calculating participants’ positioning and awarding points in real-time.

  • Cup2000

Cup2000 tournament software

Cup2000 software is deployed for organizing and managing badminton matches. The badminton software helps with match administration, live scoring, location & player management.

Cup2000 software for Badminton helps manage different aspects of a badminton game to ensure smooth match organization. The software also assists with alerts, email notifications and invoices.

Features of Cup2000 Badminton Software:

  • Option to import the player names & rankings for different events from multiple file formats
  • Easy management of seedings, scoresheets, program layout and match schedules
  • Online overview of courts for match administration purposes
  • Quick tracking of conflicting match schedules for organizing games seamlessly
  • Automatic calculation of group rankings and results for every player

Top Sports Leagues to Manage with Badminton Tournament Software

  • Badminton Tournament Management Software: Tournament management software for badminton is an end-to-end solution that helps schedule and manage badminton tournaments. It enables you to manage registrations, collect fees, online scoring, generate brackets, and ladders, etc.

  • Cricket Tournament Management Software: Cricket tournament software offers an easy way to manage cricket matches and teams. This allows you to organize player schedule, team finances, and team roles.

  • Football Tournament Management Software: Along with managing teams and matches, football tournament management software allows you to increase players’ and their fans’ engagement. You can even monitor and analyze the statistics of players and teams to improve their performance.

  • Rugby Tournament Management Software: Rugby tournament management software enables you to connect players, fans, teams, and referees. You can manage scoreboards, and game sheets, and even vote for players from the software.

  • Tennis Tournament Software: Tennis tournament management software allows you to automate all the functions of a tennis match. These include scheduling fixtures and brackets, scores, customizing registrations, and a tennis tournament website.

  • Volleyball Tournament Management Software: Helps you manage standalone matches, practices, team finances, players, their fans, and referees. It makes player registrations very simple with tailor-made registration forms.

  • Chess Tournament Management Software: Chess tournament software allows players to access in-depth statistics about their performance. They can even connect to other players on the same skill level and invite them to practice with them.

  • Hockey Tournament Management Software: Hockey tournament management software ensures that the control of your tournament lies in your hands. You can easily connect and communicate with your players, sponsors, and audience. This allows you to effectively set up practices and schedule standalone matches.


  1. What are the upcoming domestic badminton tournaments in India 2023?

    From 3 Jan, 2023 – 16 Jan, 2023 would be held YONEX-SUNRISE ALL INDIA JUNIOR RANKING BADMINTON TOURNAMENT 2023 in Chandigarh, West Bengal & Haryana.

    Then from Feb 22, 2023 till Feb 28, 2023 would be held Yonex Sunrise Dr. Akhil Gupta Memorial 75th Inter State-of-the-art Inter Zonal and 84th Senior National Badminton Championship. The tournament has been organised by BAI (Badminton Association of India).

  2. What are the different badminton associations in India?

    BAI or the Badminton Association of India is the chief governing body for holding national level badminton championships. There are then several other affiliate organisations. To name a few, they are:

    – Andhra Pradesh Badminton Association
    – Bihar Badminton Association
    – Chhattisgarh Badminton Association
    – Delhi Capital Badminton Association
    – Gujarat Badminton Association
    – Haryana Badminton Association
    – Jammu and Kashmir Badminton Association
    – Jharkhand Badminton Association
    – Madhya Pradesh Badminton Association
    – Manipur Badminton Association
    – Nagaland Badminton Association
    – Orissa State Badminton Association
    – Rajasthan Badminton Association
    – Badminton Association of Sikkim
    – Telangana Badminton Association
    – Uttar Pradesh Badminton Association
    – Uttarakhand Badminton Association
    – West Bengal Badminton Association

  3. What’s the Badminton World Championship 2023 Schedule?

    While the badminton world championships will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, from August 20–27, the All England Open is slated for March 14–19.

    Late in the season, three back-to-back tournaments will be held in India: the Syed Modi International Super 300 tournament in Lucknow and two more India Super 100 tournaments. The 2023 badminton season will be completed by the traditional BWF World Tour Finals, which will take place from December 11–15.

  4. What are the types of tournaments?

    The different types of tournaments are knock-out or elimination tournaments, league or round-robin tournaments, and combination or challenge tournaments. All these tournaments can effectively be managed through tournament software.

  5. What is the aim of a tournament?

    The aim of a tournament is to develop certain social qualities in players like brotherhood, companionship, endurance, national integration, etc.

  6. What do you mean by tournaments?

    A tournament is a competition in which at least three competitors participate to play the same game or sport.

  7. What is tournament and what is its importance?

    A tournament is a series of games that form a competition when players participate in a game or sport. It holds great importance in a player’s sports journey, as it helps them in developing tactical and technical skills.

  8. What is sports management system?

    The sports management system is a database application that helps in planning, controlling, and organizing sports events.

  9. How do you manage a sports league?

    To manage a sports league tournament, you can use tournament management software. It enables you to manage players, teams, registrations, scoreboards, and payments in a sports league.

  10. What are the elements of sports management?

    Like any other management, sports management also includes the four basic elements- planning, organization, staffing, and controlling.

  11. What are examples of tournaments?

    Examples of tournaments are league or round-robin tournaments, knock-out or elimination tournaments, and combination or challenge tournaments.

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