Loom Vs Zoom Video Conferencing Software: Know the Differences

Loom Vs Zoom Video Conferencing Software: Know the Differences-feature image
May 22, 2023 8 Min read

Zoom is undoubtedly one of the most popular names in the video space. This tool has made video conferencing and screen recording easier even for a naive. However, there is a new player in the world of video conferencing app, Loom. And, in just 2.5 years, it has created enough buzz in the market to fuel up the Loom vs Zoom discussion. So, what’s the latest update about these two tools for effective video communication? Let’s find out, it’s Loom vs Zoom!

Zoom – Keeping Businesses Together Since 2011

Zoom online software makes it extremely simple to conduct online meetings, webinars, and conferences. Even better, Zoom constantly upgrades its features for conducting group video calls and demo videos with screen sharing. You can also go live on Facebook and connect with your stakeholders globally via Zoom Video.

Whether you are a part of the management or shaping your career path as an executive, you must have used Zoom at least once. Isn’t it? After all, it’s a great tool for creating product demos and video tutorials and achieving higher reach and profitability. You can also checkout some of the best zoom alternatives.

Why Zoom Video Conferencing – Why is it the Users’ Choice

  • Helps conduct online meetings with online trainings & support
  • You can conduct online marketing events with the outstanding Zoom camera
  • Enabled conference rooms make it possible to collaborate anytime with Zoom video communications
  • Cross-platform messaging with business IM
  • Zoom Phone for the unified calls, chat, videos and meetings

Loom – Get Your Messages Across with Video

Did you realise, you talk much faster than you type. So, why not spend the message across your clients through video! Well, this is the simple yet effective idea of Loom. You just have to look at the screen and capture your voice and face. This will take much less time than typing a formal email and sending it across.

Loom videos are slowly becoming the alternative to long meetings with clients in a physical setup. After all, it saves time and is a truly cost-effective option for companies. Thus, you can build relationships with your clients and customers irrespective of their current location. You can also checkout some of the best loom alternatives.

Why use Loom Free Video & Screen Recorder

  • It facilitates the idea of quick and easy communication
  • Supports instant video sharing through an automated link
  • You can edit or trim your videos before sharing
  • Attractive emojis for your viewers to express themselves
  • Also, your viewers can comment on your video
  • You can control who can view your videos through password and restricted sharing.

Loom Vs Zoom: Let’s Compare

It’s the battle to acquire more video space with every passing day. We’ve set a few parameters on which we will analyse who is doing better – Loom vs Zoom.

  • Pros

Let’s see, which of these offers better facilities to the users:

Loom Pros Zoom Pros
It makes video, audio, and the entire window capture fast and automatic Zoom is scalable, allowing organizations to modify their communication strategies
Screen recorders are saved automatically to the user’s Loom account Ensures exceptional videos and audio performance across all systems
Helps organize videos online in folders and can move items from one folder to another Allows conference calls with large groups without affecting the quality
You can record and access as many videos as you need Meeting scheduling made easier with a calendar
Manages through links, and users don’t need to download any file Screen sharing is an important feature of Zoom
Allows sharing videos on the cloud or on your own system The chat feature enhances options for communication
  • Cons

Even the best video conferencing apps might not act perfectly sometimes. After all, they are just a tool!

Loom Cons Zoom Cons
The interface can be more intuitive and user friendly Admins often complain about getting countless alerts everyday
Has audio quality issues on some occasions The dashboard for using Zoom on PC can be made more user friendly
Video editing features can be made simpler Users are demanding for the feature where they get to know if any of the attendees in a meeting loses connection
Users sometimes face challenges in recording long videos Free Zoom accounts have limited features, such as it supports 40-minute meetings
It will be great if audio can be separated from the video Users face connectivity issues sometimes, but not frequently
  • Pricing

Loom vs Zoom, which one is more suitable for your organization’s budget?

Loom Pricing Zoom Pricing
Loom Basic – It’s a free plan and allows users to record and share videos Zoom Free – It supports up to 100 participants and group meetings for max 40 minutes
Loom Pro – It is the best call recording app for iphone with advanced features that comes at Rs 300 per month Zoom Pro – This plan is available at Rs 1,122.60 per month and includes admin feature control, reporting and assign scheduler
Team – The company is yet to release the pricing and feature details Zoom Business – Available at Rs 1,496.95, this plan includes managed domains, company branding and custom emails features
Company – The company is yet to release the pricing and feature details Zoom Enterprise – Available at the same price as Zoom Business but supports the minimum of 50 hosts, while Zoom Business supports the minimum of 10 hosts. Enjoy unlimited Zoom features with this plan.
  • Video & Audio Quality

Zoom Video & Audio: In terms of video and audio quality, Zoom is one of the best video conferencing software. It ensures HD-quality videos with no noise and audio clarity.

The Zoom chat feature further adds to the quality and ease of communication. Even if you are using a camera with 720p (1280×720) resolution, which supports up to 20 frames per second, you are good to go.


Loom Video & Audio: To ensure high-quality video, Loom ensures default resolution as per the user’s device and internet speed.

On average, Loom videos have a quality of 720 pixel with Chrome extension. The quality further improves with the Loom plan you opt for, depending on your requirement.

  • Scalability & Performance

Where Zoom Stands wrt Performance: In 2019, Zoom gave its Business subscribers the gift of scalability. It increased the capacity of participants in a meeting from 100 to 300. Thus, Zoom users can enjoy three times more scalability at the same price! 

Further Zoom data centres ensure better user experience and global connectivity through video-enabled meetings. Advanced features like caller ID control, voicemail transcription and scheduled-based call routing further ensures outstanding performance.


How is Loom’s Performance: The Pro version of Loom is one of the most preferred ones, as users get unlimited storage and recording time. This plan is basically for teachers and students.

However, as your business expands, you can easily switch to other plans like Teams & Company in the near future. With this, you can enjoy unlimited video sharing.

  • Implementation

Zoom: The huge clientele of Zoom suggests that Zoom is super easy to implement and use. You just need to download the app, and all usage guidelines are given on the dashboard. With a just few clicks, you can get started!


Loom: You can use Loom for video recording across all platforms – Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS. Thus, whatever system you use, you can rest assured of uninterrupted performance. To begin, you can get Loom for free and as your team expands, switch to its premium plans.

  • Security

How Loom Ensures Security: Loom ensures that the video you record is not accessible to any other person. Only those with whom you share your videos can view those.

Every video you make with Zoom gets a unique ID, which cannot be decoded. The platform also ensures that your videos are uploaded securely on a websocket that is SSL-encrypted.


Let’s check Zoom’s Security: As per the info on Zoom website, some of the important features to secure Zoom meetings are end-to-end encryptions, audio signatures and screen share watermarks. Further, all your recordings can be stored on the Zoom Cloud with added security.

  • Platforms Supported

Loom platform is a free video recording software, which is available for Mac, Windows & iOS. You have different versions like Loom for Chrome, Loom for Mac and Loom desktop.


Zoom video conferencing and web conferencing software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Along with Zoom windows, you also have Zoom apps for Android and iPhone.

The Verdict

Loom is certainly here to stay, and Zoom is not in a mood to give away its popularity. Who will win, let the time tell this! However, Loom is currently used majorly by individuals and smaller teams. As soon as it comes up with more plans for bigger organizations, the battle of ‘Loom vs Zoom’ will become more interesting.

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