AutoCAD LT Review: What to Choose Between AutoCAD LT Vs AutoCAD

AutoCAD LT Review: What to Choose Between AutoCAD LT Vs AutoCAD-feature image
April 19, 2023 10 Min read

Auto computer aided design (CAD) is a software program that allows engineers, architects and designers to create complex drawings of buildings, machine parts, industrial equipment and much more.

AutoCAD has been especially useful to edit, copy and paste similar designs which otherwise would have to be drawn by hand before CAD software was designed. 

Autodesk AutoCAD Review

AutoCAD 2D Drawing

What Can Users do with AutoCAD?

AutoCAD design software is most useful in scientific fields such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, etc. Users can create 2D and 3D drawings of complex structures, study them for any defects and then remove these defects before the structure is physically realized.

In the analysis of AutoCAD LT Vs AutoCAD, it was found that AutoCAD for Mc or Windows is successfully used for building footprint and area calculation of a structure.

AutoCAD design software helps with the drafting of elevation plan and section plan in 2D and 3D.

You can use AutoCAD 2020 to design blueprints of bridges, high rise buildings and machines used in industries. It helps users ensure that inputs from all concerned authorities are incorporated into the final design.

Moreover, AutoCAD 2020 provides many advanced features for preliminary drawings, submission drawing, working drawing in 2D, etc. You also look into autocad alternatives!

AutoCAD Features

Autodesk AutoCAD has the following useful features:

  • Collaboration Tools

Several teams designing the same project can collaborate and add their changes, which would be visible to the rest of the team.

  • Enhanced functionality

AutoCAD online software offers enhanced tools to create large scale structures with maximum clarity.

  • Conversion to PDF

Once your design is ready, AutoCAD design software can be used to convert the design into PDF as well as print the same design.

  • Rendering of 3D models

AutoCAD 3D drawing offers several resources to generate realistic 3D portrayal of structures and parts. Users can even alter the lighting and material added to these 3D renderings, all in AutoCAD software

  • Robust 2D designs

Creative professionals and beginners can add text to their 2D drawings, link these designs to spreadsheets and even import 2D shapes by using AutoCAD 2D design software.

AutoCAD Price

Users can avail a free trial version of AutoCAD software.

Paid version of AutoCAD software is available from ₹ 93940 per year for a single user.

More details can be obtained from Techjockey detail page.

Autodesk AutoCAD Pros & Cons: Customer Reviews

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AutoCAD 2023: How It’s Better Than Previous Versions

As compared to AutoCAD 2019 and AutoCAD 2018, AutoCAD 2020 has some modifications, which make it the most superior version of the CAD software till date. They are as follows:

  • Ease of access

Due to the addition of the fabric project option, users can access their designs on the AutoCAD software from their desktop, mobile, tablet etc.

  • Integration with Microsoft One Drive and Dropbox

In case of AutoCAD LT Vs AutoCAD, it is helpful to note that AutoCAD 2020 has a robust integration with cloud storage that works both ways. This means that designers can not only access their stored files from the cloud but also work on the web version of AutoCAD i.e. AutoCAD online from the cloud storage application.

  • Enhanced performance

Autodesk AutoCAD latest version takes almost half the time to install than what it took for the previous versions. Further, saving AutoCAD 3D drawings and AutoCAD 2D drawings is much faster as compared to the older versions.

  • Improved utilities in the desktop app

AutoCAD 2020 has an all improved blocks palette. Blocks palette effectively mixes design centre and insert dialog box, making it simpler for designers to add/remove blocks in their drawing.

  • Real time comparisons of drawings

In AutoCAD 2020, users need not draw a separate diagram for making use of the compare drawing tool. The changes made to the current drawing are analysed and shown in real time.

AutoCAD LT: An Overview

AutoCAD LT is a computer aided design software developed for users to draw 2D outlines and structures. AutoCAD LT was introduced as a low cost, less functional counterpart of the AutoCAD software. AutoCAD LT was developed so that designers could manipulate designing tools on devices with less processing powers.

AutoCAD LT: Review

AutoCAD 3D drawing

What Can Users do with AutoCAD LT?

In a broader sense, the functions of AutoCAD LT are similar to that of AutoCAD. AutoCAD LT is used to draft outlines and drawings of buildings, isolated machine parts, equipment, etc. all in 2D.

Users prefer AutoCAD LT 2020 for creating diagrams that need not be rendered to 3D and can be explained in a 2D version itself.

Currently users can manipulate the AutoCAD 2020 LT software to create preliminary drawings, submission drawings and working drawings in 2D. Autodesk AutoCAD LT is mostly preferred by design firms to furnish internal designs or to quickly render 2D versions of a project which is then converted to a 3D model using AutoCAD.

AutoCAD LT Features

  • Easy measurement

While drawing numerous complex designs using AutoCAD LT, you can obtain the dimensions of each of the lines, blocks and other objects used in the drawing by placing your mouse on that object.

  • Expanded block palette

Drawing in AutoCAD LT 2020 is easier as you can choose from the list of recently used blocks, saving the time spent on creating the design.

  • Better management of designs

You can select and remove multiple unwanted entities currently present in your design at once.

  • Collaboration

Designers can share and access their drawings with co-workers and clients across the desktop, mobile and tablet versions of Autodesk AutoCAD LT. Changes made to the original design are visible to all the members.

  • Effective import/export of data

A project already created in AutoCAD LT can be imported to another workflow. Similarly, projects created in AutoCAD LT can be exported and sent to concerned persons in a readable format.

AutoCAD LT Price

Free trial of AutoCAD LT 2020 is available for use.

Paid subscription of AutoCAD LT starts from ₹29520 per year or Rs 2460 per month.

Further details on AutoCAD LT Price can be obtained from Techjockey detail page.

AutoCAD LT Pros & Cons: Customer Reviews

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AutoCAD LT 2020: How It’s Better Than Previous Versions

AutoCAD LT 2020 has certain features that were either missing or were less pronounced in AutoCAD LT 2019 and AUTOCAD LT 2018. They are as follows:

  • Visibility of drawing history

In AutoCAD LT, users can now see and access drawing history to compare their past and present work to see how much they have progressed.

  • Xref

In case of AutoCAD LT Vs AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT 2020 provides the option of Xref. This helps the designers to view any changes made by any external authority on their original design.

  • Improved working

The Autodesk AutoCAD LT comes with serious upgrades to its working. It takes less time to install and less time to save drawings. Within the drawing palette, the option of zooming and panning across the diagram flow much smoothly.

  • Better drawing tools

For AutoCAD Vs AutoCAD LT, we see that AutoCAD 2020 brings an upgraded set of tools for the designers to create, review, edit and send across their 2D drawings in an efficient manner.

  • Interactive user interface

Autodesk LT 2020 provides an enhanced user interface replete with improved command line, customized block palette and grips fulfilling several functions at once.

Difference Between AutoCAD Vs AutoCAD LT: Which One is Better

Designers across the world have wondered who the ultimate winner of the contest is: AutoCAD LT Vs AutoCAD. 

Although both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT have been designed by the same company Autodesk, they differ vastly when it comes to their functionality, benefits and pricing. We give you a detailed analysis about both the CAD software so that you can choose which one is more suitable for your use.

Functions AutoCAD AutoCAD LT
Type of drawing Suitable for both 3D as well as 2D designs Supports creation of 2D designs only
Pricing ₹ 93940 per year ₹ 29520 per year
Performance Since AutoCAD renders 2D as well as 3D designs, it requires a high-speed processing system AutoCAD LT can function smoothly on a low capability processing system too
Functions Creating and editing 2D and 3D models Use ribbon palette and tool palette Export data from designs to third party apps such as excel Creating and editing 2D designs Extract designs to readable formats such as PDF Automatic recording of dimensions associated with each object used in a drawing
Access  Access to Autodesk app store in addition to mobile and desktop AutoCAD app Access only to mobile and desktop AutoCAD LT apps
License Single user licence can be obtained online. Multiuser license is also available from Autodesk reseller. Only single user licence is available for use online.
Target users Corporations that work with multiple systems and designers at the same time.   Architects who need 3D view of their drawings. Single users who only work with 2D designs.

Additional Features in AutoCAD Over AutoCAD LT

While both helps with the creation of 2D geometry, 3D models are supported only in the AutoCAD full version. Further, both these AutoCAD version support drawing annotations. So, what are those features which distinguishes these two Autodesk AutoCAD software versions? Let’s find out

  • AutoCAD Vs AutoCAD LT: MLINE &DLINE Commands

AutoCAD has an MLINE command which allows users to create multiple parallel lines once. But editing these multiple lines, in case a dimension error crops up, is a difficult task.

AutoCAD LT 2020 is better in this prospect as it has a DLINE command which means users can draw two parallel lines at once, making editing easier in this case.

  • AutoCAD Vs AutoCAD LT: Creating Parameters

AutoCAD LT has limited functionalities when it comes to creating parameters. Designers cannot add any additional parameters and can only delete the existing ones.

If you prefer to play with your design’s geometry by adding new parameters to it, then AutoCAD is the suitable CAD design software for you.

  • AutoCAD Vs AutoCAD LT: 3D Functionalities

As AutoCAD LT allows drafting of only 2D designs, it has a limited scope for proper visualization of the design created. On the other hand, in AutoCAD there are ample of options available related to visualization presentation and rendering of models in 3D.

  • AutoCAD Vs AutoCAD LT: Add-On Drawing & Editing Commands

AutoCAD offers the option of customization through which users can write APIs for add on drawing and editing commands. Since AutoCAD LT does not support customization with add-on apps, commands for easy drawing and editing are not available in this software.

  • CAD Standards

AutoCAD applies all CAD standards and help monitor them. AutoCAD LT does not support this functionality. Also, Autodesk AutoCAD helps use data from Bing Maps, DGN files, and so on.

Our Verdict: AutoCAD LT Vs AutoCAD

In case of AutoCAD LT Vs AutoCAD, the choice depends upon your designing needs. AutoCAD LT can work only on 2D geometry but costs less. It also functions efficiently on a system with a humble processing system.

AutoCAD on the other hand can render 3D models and 2D drawings but requires a high-performance system and costs more too.

If your business deals with only 2D projections and has little requirement for real life models of your drawings, then we suggest that you choose AutoCAD LT.

But if you are ready to bear extra costs and want to go with a software that lets you visualise your work in 3D then we suggest you choose AutoCAD.What are you waiting for? Download either AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT to make your designs smooth, easy to make and error free.

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