Best Website Visitors and User Behavior Tracking Tools

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July 19, 2023 7 Min read

There are several things to consider when measuring the usability of a website. However, the most important one is to keenly observe the real user use of your site.

As a website owner, the more you know about users, the better informed you’ll be when it comes to making important decisions about your website.

Essentially, user behavior explains the way users interact with any website they visit. Thus, it is imperative that you keep users in mind while developing your website.

While measuring website usability, there are several tools that reflect on how users interact with your site and their experience while interacting.

Thorough research and assessment of your design are a must. It not only improves the overall user experience but also confirms the assumptions on which the website design is made.

Google Analytics Heatmap

Thus, staying updated about your user’s reactions about your website is a task that if taken seriously, can totally transform your website for good.

5 User Behavior Tracking Tools to Track User Experience:

Through this blog, let’s look at several tools to track user experience and behavior.

  • Google Analytics

User behavior in Google Analytics

Want more conversions? Use Google Analytics and know what users really do when they visit your website.

Use In-Page Analytics (a neat Google Chrome extension) instantly connect to your Google Analytics account and analyse the behavior of website users.

  1. With this free user behavior tracking tools, you can easily measure user behavior in applications such as mobile apps for Android and iOS, web and SaaS applications, and IOT devices.
  2. One of the best user behavior tracking tools, Google Analytics helps you measure what really matters, be it user downloads or purchases of kinds.
  3. Improve user experience of your website with Heatmap. It is a great feature of Google Analytics as it allows you to see the exact percentage of website users who click on any clickable area of your website.
  4. The tool gives you information about the number of users and sessions users create. Additionally, you can keep track of the number of screens your users visit while looking at your website.
  5. You can setup goals which help you track conversion rate of actions you want your website users to take. In this case a conversion goal, say for instance, is to sign up for a newsletter. It’s important since you can translate business aims into user actions that can be measured.
  6. A great advantage of Google Analytics is that you’ll know the action your users perform on a webpage as it draws focus away from the ‘how many people visited your website’ aspect and brings it to the ‘what actions they take while on your webpages’ aspect.
  7. In Google Analytics, you can capture user data using either randomly generated IDs, first-party cookies, or an SDK for mobile apps.

Even though Google Analytics is free for small businesses, however for those of you wanting more advanced features, there is a recurring fee.

  • Hotjar

Hotjar Image

Visualize, record user behavior and increase user conversions with Hotjar software.

This all-in-one analytics and feedback tool provide heatmaps to track website visitor activity.

  1. With heatmaps user behavior tracking tools, you can understand what users really want and study their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior to alter your site as per their liking.
  2. In addition, Hotjar also offers recordings of user sessions to show and analyse the behavior of your website’s visitors.
  3. Since you have the facility to see your user’s clicks, mouse movements and taps, you can conveniently identify usability issues with this efficient user behavior tracking

Do you want to increase conversions?

  1. Know exactly where your visitors are leaving the website and discover areas that need improvement.
  2. With Hotjar, you can easily identify even the page on which most visitors leave your site.
  3. Hotjar analysis user forms to improve online form completion rates. It discovers the fields that are time-consuming and left blank by most users.
  4. In addition, the tool also looks at why visitors leave the form or the website page.

Hotjar has free as well as paid plans available. You can also look into the best Hotjar Alternatives.

  • Crazyegg

Crazyegg heatmap

Use session recordings, heatmaps and snapshots to analyse visitor behavior and make required design changes with confidence.

  1. Besides its heatmap reports that reflect the highest areas of click activity on your webpages, Crazyegg interestingly creates Scrollmap reports.
  2. With these Scrollmap reports, you get to know exactly how far down the page are your visitors wanting to explore. It tells where the most popular scroll-depth of your webpage is.
  3. The Confetti report of this tool is apt for those wanting detailed analyses of user activity. The report displays color-coded dots that represent each visitor’s clicks.
  4. See numerical reports containing details about the number of clicks on your website with the tool’s list reports.
  5. To know the popular webpage calls-to-action, Crazyegg user behavior tracking tools gives you percentage breakdown of clicks on all your webpages.

Crazyegg is paid bot offers free trails so that you can familiarize yourself with this tool.

  • Clicky

Clicky Image

This website traffic analytics tool is a great option for those who need in-depth information about their online visitors. What’s best? It’s easy to install and very user friendly.

An intuitive dashboard facilitates the ease of analysing visitors and traffic on the website.

  1. All reports you get through Clicky are updated and very detailed in nature. These reports reflect on every visitor’s details so that you can react suitably to your user traffic.
  2. You can conveniently filter your visitors in accordance with your business needs as you can divide your visitors into specific segments. This helps you target and react suitably to a specific visitor group.
  3. To add to this, is Clicky’s superior bot detection and blocking ability. This fast, easy to implement tool provides greater transparency in data collection.
  4. With Clicky user behavior tracking tool, you can view heatmaps of page, visitor and segment. Not only this, this user behavior tracking tool also gives you an on-site analysis of how many visitors are on your site and on the page you’re viewing.
  5. Uptime monitoring also becomes possible with Clicky as you can receive alerts when your site goes offline. This allows you to react immediately to your visitors.
  6. Your website’s uptime is monitored from 7 locations worldwide.

Clicky has both free and paid plans available for subscription.

  • ClickTale

ClickTale Image

ClickTale delivers in-depth user statistics captured and analysed in real time. This analytics tool throws light on user behavior, their requirements as well as their intent.

  1. To understand user experience better and deliver convincing results, ClickTale user behavior tracking tool combines rich data, machine and crucial human intelligence together.
  2. This Software-As-A-Service, cloud-based analytic system analyses user interations in the form of individual session replays.
  3. It is important for you to know that this website analytics tool uses meta statistics to create visual heatmaps and accurate reports on customer behavior.
  4. User data obtained through ClickTale heatmaps reflect on how users interact with your website’s menus, shopping carts, and product pages.
  5. Using the same data, you can conveniently discover your website’s issues. The data also helps improve user experience and greatly reduces cart abandonments.

This efficient analytics tool has both free as well as paid plans.


Understanding the behavior of visitors on your website and making sense of data, numbers, and analytics can be a tedious and time confusing affair.

However, thanks to the latest user activity tracking tools, you can easily study numbers and understand data quickly and conveniently.

Consider the best user behavior tracking tools for your website to easily analyse the actions of users visiting your web pages and make necessary improvements to your website.

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