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March 28, 2023 4 Min read

One can be really good with numbers, but numbers alone are not sufficient to make an impact. To create an everlasting impression, you need a compelling story behind it.

Various data visualization tools are used by different data scientists to present the data in a visually captivating way. As a Data Scientist, one is required to understand the data, the business and the end user as well. It is an art to deliver data that ensures that the results from the data analysis is conveyed to the right audience in an easy and comprehensible format.

Types of stories that data can tell:

  • Reporting

With reporting, one can weave stories that are data rich and full of factual information. The facts should be represented in a logical way which puts across a point.

  • Explanatory

This type of data story explores the deep-rooted problems of a business which enables the decision makers to identify the real issue inside.

  • Predictive

In this type, the data scientists have to analyze the problem and draw insights using predictive modelling to forecast the future and its underlying patterns.

The tools that are present in the market for this propose are not appropriate to do certain tasks related to weaving stories through data:

  • They can’t help find insights and weaving relevant stories of what the data states.
  • They can’t take care of factors like the reason for fluctuating numbers and why a particular phenomenon is happening as dashboards in these applications only tell you what is happening, not why.
  • They can’t understand which data sources to tap into and where should one start their exploration for making relevant stories.
  • These tools only represent data as numbers, tables and charts. An important component of narrative for effectively imparting insights is lacking here.
  • Scaling information requests become impossible in the current tools. Most operations and analytics teams do not have the resources or time to cater to all requests from all the levels.

But with IBM Cognos, all these problems come to an end. IBM Cognos Analytics is a tool used for analytics and reporting, and keeping track of different events and metrics. This software consists of various components especially designed to provide different requirements in an organisation. With IBM cognos, you can:

  • The toolset inside IBM Cognos includes data exploration tools that can finds various relationships within the data and suggests data visualizations automatically. Users can get more information from their data and easily figure out the underlying trends.
  • The presentation tools in IBM Cognos Analytics offer complex data in a visually engaging format, which allows users to communicate their ideas through data in an innovative way.
  • With IBM Cognos, users can see hidden patterns in their data to the audience and elaborate the strength of relationships between different data points. They can also highlight the most powerful influencers on selected business outcomes.

IBM Cognos Analytics is named a winner in the 2019 BIG Business Innovation Award. Certainly, this software has potential that cannot be described on just paper.

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