How to Turn Friday Into FriYAY, Without Compromising on Productivity

How to Turn Friday Into FriYAY, Without Compromising on Productivity-feature image
October 12, 2022 Reviewed By : Megha Sharma .5 Min read

For those of you wondering why the blog? Well, read on and you’ll see some relatable ‘FriYaY’ hacks to increase employee productivity.

“Thank God, it’s Friday,” we all say that a lot. Don’t we? There’s reason. Usually the last day of a tiring work week, well that’s Friday for us.

It’s that time of the week when you’re looking to wind-up all important tasks at hand, prepare your work reports and finally think of how to plan an exciting weekend.

Most of us are under some illusion that Friday’s are as productive as all other days of the week. However, studies tell a different tale. It is observed that employee productivity goes down as the week progresses. This means that Friday may not be the most productive day.

Fridays could see you walking to work with that dash of confidence as you think you’re at good pace. Wanted to spend some time planning your weekend? Ahh, wishful thinking.

What happens instead? Your inbox gets bombarded with mails of extra work for you and your team.

Oh no, now what? Don’t run out of steam. Instead of snapping your heels and grinding your teeth in agitation, adopt creative ways to wind up your tasks and maximize employee productivity.

Find Your FriYaY Hacks Here!

Don’t lose your cool and gear up as we tell you tricks to make your Fridays more productive and fun. Look at these ways to increase employee productivity and ensure a relaxed work environment.

  • Why Be So HARSH on Yourself & Your Team

Set achievable goals for yourself and your team, especially if its ‘Friday’. Always remember, the more relaxed you feel mentally, the better you’ll perform.

For improving employee productivity and efficiency, create a process that’ll give you an entire day’s work outline.

Follow the ground rule of focusing on the ‘how to’ aspect instead of the goal and you’ll see yourself and your team better prepared to start the day.

Here, say for instance, you goal is to run a marathon, focus on your process that is the training schedule you and your team follow.

Employees are self-motivated and confident in their ability to succeed. It’s the job of a leader to set achievable goals for the team. However, this isn’t enough.

Leaders must come up with a system wherein employee performance is analysed. This way you can keep track of every employee’s individual performance.

  • Make TO-DO List for The WEEK AHEAD

Done with To-Do Lists for the coming week? Go ahead, the floor is yours!

A great way to utilize your Friday afternoon is to plan your and your team’s coming week’s schedule on Friday itself. This helps you to utilize your day to the fullest and prepares employees to deliver increased employee productivity and efficiency.

This way you need not spend your Monday mornings in planning and schedule making and you can continue the trend of giving your week a productive kickstart on Mondays itself. Also, your team is aware much in advance about the tasks that lie ahead of them.

‘Cheers to FriYaYs,’ Monday a.m.’s become your prime productive hours and Monday blues, well, what Monday Blues?

  • Use Friday, Neh… FriYaY Mood Well

Fridays usually witness employees in a good mood. So, utilize your Friday by making the most of the relaxed and generous mood they are in. Ask for the time and support of seniors on projects and take favours for work, if needed.

ways to increase employee productivity

This not only helps you accomplish your task, and with expert assistance, but gives the other people ample time to add this task on their schedules.

  • FriYaYs Are for Innovators

As people are more open-minded on Fridays, the creative lot have an advantage. You can use the not-so-stressed Fridays to come up with out-of-the-box ideas.

So put your best foot forward and display your creative best!

Also, to increase employee productivity and bring out the best in them, leaders must encourage such participation from time to time.

  • Celebrate the GO-GETTER SPIRIT

To keep your team motivated and increase employee productivity, you need to give them the confidence that they are making progress and contributing to business in a big way.

Friday’s are your days to ensure that your team is duly credited for their work, so go ahead and celebrate their achievements. And what better day than FriYay to Party.


Work can be really exhausting at times. It may take the life out of you and your employees. In such a scenario, the only breather could be a stress-free Friday.

By ‘stress-free’ we don’t mean a no-work Friday. What we mean really is a Friday that’s fun, creative and yet beaming with employee productivity.

In the blog, you’ll find ways to not only rejoice on a Friday, but also utilize your time in a manner that your and your team’s productive efforts are at an all-time high. And best, you’ll not even feel the pressure push.

Written by Varnika Nayyar

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