Freshdesk Vs Zendesk: Which Help Desk Software to Choose in 2023

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May 22, 2023 8 Min read

No business will ever flourish if it doesn’t serve its customers right. Once you don’t serve your customers properly, they are no longer yours. And since there are so many other alternatives readily available in the market, it won’t take a second for your customer to switch from you to them.

A help desk software is a tool that provides centralized support management service to handle all the queries both internal and external regarding the company. Helpdesk software enables organisations to resolve issues of the customers and their grievances efficiently by automating the whole process of complaint resolution by using ticket management system.

There are plenty of help desk software available in the market that can guide you to provide an excellent service to your customers. Help desk software like Freshdesk and Zendesk help doing exactly the same. They both are very similar, yet quite different. So let’s take an in-depth look into both these software applications and compare them side by side.

Freshdesk Vs Zendesk

Here is a table for Freshdesk Vs Zendesk feature comparison.

  Freshdesk Zendesk
Features– Ticket Management
– Collaboration
– Multichannel Support
– Feedback & Automation
– Self-service Portal
– Reporting & analytics
– Customization  
– Trigger Dashboard
– Analytics and Reporting
– Customization
– Ticketing Management
– Chat History
– Real Time Monitoring
– Chat Bot
– Mobile App
Price Starts from ₹ 1399
Price on Request
Deployment Web-based
Device Supported Desktop
Operating System Windows
Windows, Mac OS, iOS

Freshdesk Review

Freshdesk review

Freshdesk is a powerful as well as a highly approachable software. It is an AI driven omnichannel solution for customer services and can be implemented in any business. One can streamline, automate and collaborate with Freshdesk help desk software. Like all other software applications, how well a software works for you depends on the time and resources you are investing in it.

Key Takeaways

  • Ticket Management: This help desk software provides a ticket-based solution which can help resolve queries that are interactive as well as queries provided by email.
  • OS Compliant: Desktop components are not required to use this help desk management software. Freshdesk can be used on any OS with just one compliant browser.
  • Multi-Channel Operation: Tickets can be generated through multiple channels and they all are merged into one interface for tracking, referring and escalating them.
  • Secure Communication: All the web communications are done with Secure Sockets layer (SSL). You can also implement Single Sign-On (SSO).

Major Drawbacks

  • The enterprise features available in this software are comparatively expensive.
  • This help desk software lacks the much needed ITIL compliance.

Zendesk Review

Zendesk Review

This help desk software supports various verticals in a business. It supports sales as well as customer engagement teams to create better customer experiences and relationships. Some of the critical features are available in higher tiers that are more expensive. Zendesk help desk software can turn conversations to conversions. It increases the overall productivity and processes. Zendesk also increases the visibility of the pipeline for all the members in the sales team.

Key Takeaways

  • Dashboard: Zendesk dashboard supports all the channels like web, email, mobile, and all the social media networks.
  • Mobile App: Users can also access the application through any mobile device as apps are available for both android as well as iOS.
  • Secure Network: Zendesk contains an internal 2FA. This can limit a session to a limited time frame and makes sure that users aren’t getting others to use their account.

Major Drawbacks

  • Executives need to be trained before utilising Zendesk to the fullest.
  • Technical setup is required before using Zendesk.

Freshdesk vs Zendesk – Alternatives & Comparison

Let’s compare these two software solutions in detail. Check for Freshdesk Vs Zendesk alternatives and comparison.

Features of Freshdesk Software

Let’s first have a look at the features of Freshdesk:

  • Ticket Management: Freshdesk ticketing system software can keep a track of all the conversations.
  • Ticket Assignment: Prioritize as well as categorize tickets in Freshdesk. Users can assign them as well so that they never lose track.
  • Chat: Customers and employees can resolve issues together with Freshdesk Chat.
  • Collaboration: Work together as teams to efficiently solve problems of the customers.
  • Multi-channel support: Support across multiple channels.
  • Communication Management: Manage and unify communications from multiple channels on just one single platform.
  • Automation: Leverage the built-in capabilities of Freshdesk to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Knowledge Base: With a knowledge-base, users can create a self-service environment and experience for customers.
  • Efficiency Measurement: Measure as well as improve the efficiency of the employees with Freshdesk.
  • Problem Identification: Identify problems and make plans to improve the helpdesk executive’s performance.
  • Customisation: Freshdesk is completely customisable. Workflows, agent roles and customer portal can be customised.
  • Data-security: Get data security which is state-of-the-art. It ensures enterprise-grade security for systems, networks and regulatory compliances.

Freshdesk Pricing

There are three types of Freshdesk pricing plans :

  • Sprout Plan: It is suitable for the ones who are just getting started. It is available free of cost. It includes features like email ticketing, ticket dispatch, team collaboration, knowledge base, ticket trend report and social ticketing.
  • Blossom Plan: This plan is perfect for all the small teams. It retails for ₹999/agent/month billed yearly. Users will get features like automations, collision detection, marketplace apps, helpdesk in-depth, SLA management and business hours is addition to all other features available with the Sprout Plan.
  • Garden Plan: This plan is suitable for growing teams. It retails for ₹1,999 /agent/month billed yearly. Its includes everything in Blossom plan and time tracking, CSAT surveys session, replay, performance reports, and multilingual knowledge base.
  • Estate Plan: This plan is best suited for large teams. It costs ₹3,099/agent/month billed yearly. You get everything that you get in Garden plan including ticket assignment, automation, custom roles, portal customization, enterprise reporting, multiple SLAs & time zones.
  • Forest Plan: This plan is meant for enterprises. It retails for ₹7,899/agent/month billed yearly. Users can get everything in Estate plan and more like skill-based ticket assignment, sandbox, IP whitelisting, and HIPAA compliance extendable API rate limit.

Customers: Freshdesk has customers like Voonik, Xiomi, Unicef,, Hugo Boss, anyTV and Honda.

Freshdesk Alternatives

Here is the list of Freshdesk alternatives: Zendesk, LiveAgent, SalesForce Service Cloud, Team Support, Zoho Desk.

Zendesk Features

Let’s first have a look at the features of Zendesk:

  • Support: Zendesk Support is a system used to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets.
  • Sell: Zendesk has a sales CRM to enhance the productivity of processes, and maintain a visible pipeline for sales teams.
  • Guide: A knowledge base that is smart enough for self-servicing and empowering agents can be accessed via Zendesk dashboard.
  • Explore: Zendesk provides analytics for businesses improve customer experience.
  • Zendesk Chat: Reach customers via web and messages.
  • Gather: Zendesk India also provides a community for customers to connect and collaborate.
  • Talk: Users can connect with customers with a call centre solution that is directly built into the ticketing system of Zendesk.
  • Connect: Zendesk manages proactive customer communication across channels to deliver better customer experiences.

Zendesk Pricing

There are three major pricing plans in Zendesk, namely, support plan, suite plan and build your own plan.

  • The Support plan can prioritize, track, and solve support tickets of customers. It has web, email, social media and mobile support. It helps in laying customer context and setting business rules. Users can integrate third party integrations. It includes dashboards as well as reporting.
  • The Suite plan contains frictionless support across all channels. It has an option for live chat and messaging. Voice and text messaging is also supported with this. This helpdesk software also provides a knowledge base. Reporting functionality as well as dashboards are also available with this software.
  • The Build your own plan provides a personalized approach for all the enterprise customers. Users get everything in the Suite plan and more. Get sunshine CRM platform and advanced security as well as compliance. Training and implementation services are also available. Users can get dedicated technical support as well.

Customers: Zendesk has customers like Slack,Uber, Shopify, OpenTable, andVenmo.

Zendesk Alternatives

Here is a list of Zendesk alternatives: LiveAgent, Freshdesk, SalesForce Service Cloud, Team Support, Zoho Desk.

This was the detailed comparison of Freshdesk Vs Zendesk. Since different businesses have different needs, it is impossible to choose just one software for all kinds of businesses. While choosing, one should also take care of the scalability and after-sales services of the software. Both of them are equally good, it all depends on what your business needs.

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