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From payroll handling to attendance management, there are multiple segments to take care of and very little room for errors. In this scenario, moving over manual processes seems a viable option.

The HRMS market has become competitive, with new players coming in and the bigwigs striving hard to retain their hold on customers. However, greytHR software, a cloud based HRMS, is one such system that promises to make people operations easier. Let’s see if it stays true to the promise!

Making Employee Lives Easier

greytHR offers a comprehensive solution for organizations to manage all their HR-related functions. The app for HR departments can help organizations with payroll management, document management, employee lifecycle management strategies, leaves and attendance management, and much more.

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greytHR works as a great employee management tool that helps organizations to manage employee data, work history, and the complete employee lifecycle. Also, it offers a dedicated employee information management module that makes this process smooth for the HR department.

Additionally, greytHR comes with an Employee Self-Service (ESS) feature that enables employees to easily access their information, apply for leaves, view employment status, and more. This module empowers the employees to become independent and help themselves. Moreover, they don’t need to ask anyone to access their own information, official documents, company policies, and connect to other employees.

In addition to this, the greytHR ESS portal enables employees to view their respective payroll information, check and update tax-related information, fill out IT declarations, etc. Also, employees will have complete access to the greytHR Help Desk, which can be used to raise tickets and requirements for different purposes.

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These may include requests for IT assets, admin needs, TDS, loan-related information, or any other HR-related concerns. This saves time spent on emailing and continuous follow-up for both employees and HR.

Functional managers can view their employee’s data anytime. They can easily check data related to their team’s attendance and analyze the effort and time dedicated by each team member.

In fact, the system’s user interface and user experience are also well thought-out and designed. It has visual tools and dashboards that’s easier management and in-depth analytics.

Its employee management modules are fairly comprehensive and easy-to-navigate. One of the key advantages is that employees don’t need to approach the HR to resolve issues that can be solved quickly through ESS. That saves a lot of time for the HR.

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A Fully Capable Payroll Module

Payroll is one of the best elements of greytHR. Its payroll processing module is easy and comprehensive. For first time users or those who want to review and verify data while processing payroll, there is a guided system in place which helps users manoeuvre around without much trouble.

greythr software

Users can easily process payroll with just a single click. greytHR will ensure that you compute accurate salaries for your employees after making all the deductions and additions. These will include deductions such as PF, TDS, ESI, PT, loan amounts, loss of pay, and additions like bonuses, incentives, and more.

In short, the HR management software allows you to efficiently manage complex salary structures with an in-built payroll calculator. This allows organizations to add unlimited salary components that can especially be customized to suit your business and industry standards.

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Also, a post-payroll process module ensures that your organization can easily generate statutory return file formats without spending any time and effort in manual data entry. These files include ESI Returns, PF ECR file, state-wise PT Reports, Form 24Q returns and more.

The module also provides extensive reconciliation tools which HR people can use to compare current and previous month’s payroll. This helps in customizing salary register and payroll statements as per the business needs.

While the payroll module is statutory compliant, the software is designed for the global market. The latest rules and regulations will automatically be updated in your payroll system. Additionally, greytHR offers features like digitally signed Form 12BA generation, Form 16, challans, Labor Welfare Fund calculation, and other deductions.

The payroll function of greytHR is flexible and capable of handling an array of salary structures. Its integration with the leave management system and attendance management system makes the job a lot easier for payroll professionals. It’s certainly a time-saving and productivity enhancing software.

How Much Does greytHR Cost?

greytHR pricing comes in three different plans:

  • Welter: ₹1764 per month for eave management, tasks and checklists, onboarding support & support plans, PayNow, employee portal (web and mobile app), general features, payroll management
  • Super: ₹2944 per month for Welter Features + Attendance Management
  • Cruiser: ₹5894 per month for Super Features + Enterprise Features, Expense Claims Management, Multi-Company Support

Pros of greytHR

  • User-Friendly HR Software: greytHR offers an end-to-end solution with a highly user-friendly UX and UI making it simpler for its users. It can easily be adapted to efficiently manage all the functions of the HR department.
  • Easy Installation & Implementation: The HR management system is completely cloud-based which means there is no hardware installation required or investing in servers. In fact, you also enjoy professional implementation to facilitate complete account setup along with two months of onboarding support.
  • Security: greytHR makes an automatic daily backup that keeps your data secure. It uses an advanced security method that is based on encoded session identifications and dynamic data. Also, the greytHR website is hosted in a secure server environment that uses firewalls, protecting it from intruders.
  • Payroll Management: Organizations operating from multiple locations can majorly benefit from the centralized payroll processing system. You can easily process and automate payslips and payroll inputs. This makes the calculation of full and final settlements super easy for you.
  • Employee Self-Service: The Employee Self-Service (ESS) module facilitates better employee engagement, communication, standardized processes, transparency, and quicker turnaround time.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Receive exceptional customer support with a resolution time of less than 6 hours.
  • Statutory Compliance: Become statutory complaint with pre-built computations for IT, PF, professional tax, ESI, and more.
  • Easy Accessibility: greytHR can be easily accessed using mobile phones anywhere, anytime. Through the app employees and employers can apply, approve, and review leaves and claims. Users can also access their income tax information, apply and approve attendance regularizations, view and download pay slips, etc.

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Cons of greytHR

  • Only supports English language
  • More suitable for agencies and SMEs
  • Higher cost
  • UX might seem too basic

Final Thoughts

greytHR is a well thought out HRMS system for companies that need comprehensive payroll and ESS modules. It is scalable, cloud-hosted, mobile-integrated and feature-rich. The payroll module is its best feature and even clients vouch for that.

For example, Kiran from a retail company had this to say about greytHR, “When we started up, we were not worried about paydays because of real bootstrapping. With the passage of time, as our company grew, the need for a payroll system arose.

We met a few consultants for registrations, got to know how complicated payroll is and the problems that occur if statutory provisions are not met. Today, my finance manager uses greytHR to manage payroll end-to-end.

I would say it was a wise decision to buy greytHR and it’s worth buying. It’s a simple software and does not require much training to master the software. Trial period is enough to learn about its different features.”

If you’re looking for an HRMS tool that can ease payroll, attendance and employee functions, greytHR is a good solution to go with.

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