Keka HR – The Ultimate HR Management System for Businesses: A Review

Keka HR – The Ultimate HR Management System for Businesses: A Review-feature image
July 25, 2023 Reviewed By : Megha Sharma .7 Min read

In any organisation, the role of human resources is probably one of the most difficult of all, as they have too many things on their plate.

It starts from hiring, and then transcends to opening of bank accounts, managing employee income tax calculations, attendance and payroll management, employee retention and exit interviews. Things become more difficult to manage when the organisation is big.

Traditionally, managing a strength of even a hundred employees in an organisation was difficult, as all the aforementioned processes had to be executed manually.

However today, with cutting-edge technology such as cloud computing and big data, all the processes including payroll management and employee operations can easily be managed with the help of software solutions. We found one such software which is all-encompassing in nature.

Keka HRMS is a one-stop payroll and human resource management solution which automates all tasks related to HR and payroll. It enables human resource departments of various organisations, execute their work seamlessly and efficiently, while keeping organisation’s information safe and secure.

Recognised as one of the best HR Software solutions in the market, Keka helps businesses modernise their processes. Keka provides state-of-the-art tools to assist HR professionals manage their day-to-day tasks.

Keka HR enables organisations to categorise their payroll processing solutions according to departments and hierarchy. With this software, organisations can utilise their innovative features to hire, manage people operations and retain talents.

Why Use Keka HRMS Software?

Keka HRMS Software is a data-driven platform that helps companies acquire top talents while nurturing the existing ones. Some of the most prominent things that set Keka HR apart are:

Keka HR Payroll Software Is Employee-Centric

In contrast to the conventional HR management software available in the market, Keka HR payroll software in India has been developed specifically by taking the workforce into consideration.

It has a simple and interactive interface which helps employees manage their workflows and unravel time-consuming and complicated tasks.

Has a Robust Payroll System

keka hr payroll software

Keka HR offers a comprehensive human resource management machinery including all the necessary tools to manage payroll related responsibilities without any hassle.

The best part is that its payroll system is compatible with both small and big companies. It can also be tailor-made to suit the requirements of your company without compromising on compliance.

Enables Creation of Personalized Employee Profiles

Employees can create their profile and present their information such as career story, position in the company, likes, and more in a well-structured way with Keka HR.

The software enables the creation of employee profile based on data collected from different integrated modules. Further, data can also be added through custom data fields, feedback, and notes.

The timeline in employee profile gets created since on-boarding and is updated with every employee activity. Profile can be accessed by every employee, team leads, and managers depending on the role-based permissions in the system.

Helps in Employee Acquisition

This best HR and Payroll management Software comes with appropriate tools to bring and acquire talent that the organization is looking for. It comes with a state-of-the-art candidate tracking system that helps HR professionals obtain the right candidates, screen them from the group and then initiate the hiring process.

Has Pulse Surveys to Evaluate Employee Satisfaction

HR professionals can conduct pulse surveys across their staff to get continuous feedback on employee sentiments. Survey questions are based on eight key metrics that employees can answer anonymously. This honest feedback is necessary for understanding the gaps in team development and work culture.

Based on the quantitative analysis of surveys and employee data reports, HR teams can set dedicated roles for employee support and engagement to reduce employee turnover.

Augments Growth of Employees

After the hiring process is over, the next step for the HR professionals is to ensure compliance and provide an employee framework to the joiners. Keka HR provides the tools such as feedback managers, 360-degree views and target achievement verticals to help employees reach their full potential.

Keka HR software provides real-time visual analytics for various aspects of employees in different departments. With compensation reports, HR professionals can plan budget and set up compensation benchmarking based on work experience and other parameters.

The software provides trendline reports on attendance, leave, and more to help managers gain insights into productivity and make better decisions. It also enables users to generate customized reports with desired metrics and share it with other team members.


Keka HR provides three different packages for specific HR management requirements starting at INR 8259/ month. All packages have basic features such as attendance management, email integration and HR & payroll management software. However, the three packages provide additional features depending upon specific requirements.

  • Foundation

Foundation package comes with features such as Payroll, Employee Portal (Self Service), HRMS, Leave Management, Employee Onboarding Process, Offboarding Process, To Do – Task Management System, Mobile App, User Roles and Polls & Announcements.

  • Strength

Strength package provides features such as Attendance Tracking, Attendance Rules, GPS Attendance Tracking, Expense Claims, Asset Management, Single Sign-On and Office 365 & Google Authentication.

  • Growth

Growth package covers features such as Multiple Legal Entities, Pay Groups and API Access (Beta).

Keka HRMS also provides free trial for all these packages, so that the customers get acquainted with its features before making their purchases.

What is its Unique Selling Prospect?

keka hrms app

One of the most unique things about Keka HR is that it is employee centric. It integrates the automation of the whole pay procedure, which includes employee salary calculation and allocation. Other tasks too have been automated and made available online with the help of Keka Payroll Software.

Additionally, Keka HRMS features selective information projection, which provides the HR professional to enable which information ought to be divulged. Overall, Keka has made economic process smooth and simple.

In the past, there wasn’t any specific payroll framework and the whole process used to be time consuming. With the help of Keka, employee and payroll management system has not only become automated but can also be accessed remotely.

In addition, income tax calculation for employees have been made easy and assessment too have been automated with Keka’s Payroll Software.

Add-On Features of Keka

While testing the software, we also found some interesting features that come with the essentials.

Its usual operations include tax calculation, salary slip management, appraisal calculation and document management system are part of the package.

Additionally, Keka HR also provides some bonus features such as event announcement for all employees and automated mailing systems for birthdays and anniversaries. There are several other features available as add-ons in different packages too. Some of them are:

  • Advanced shift scheduler

Advanced shift management and scheduler enables dynamic shift scheduling, shift swapping, and easy maintenance of multiple shift patterns. It also enables employees to pick their own shifts, saving the time of managers.

  • API and webhooks

API and webhooks are available for integration with other tools for accounting and finance, travel management, personal healthcare, rewards and recognition, learning management. Some examples include QuickBooks, ZestMoney, Upside LMS, Paxes, and so on.

  • Timesheet

The timesheet management solution option measures staff utilization by tracking time taken by employees on projects. Based on the number of billable hours, it is also possible to calculate project revenue and generate invoices. Users can set multiple approvers and allocate resources for tasks accordingly.

  • Helpdesk

Another feature that is useful for remote workers is helpdesk for tracking employee queries and grievances and resolving them timely. With auto escalation, tickets are raised to the right level for timely resolution. A helpdesk chat for real time communication is currently in development stage.

The Final Verdict

If you need a comprehensive solution for all your HR and Payroll related problems, then you need not look beyond Keka HR Platform. It ensures that all the processes run smoothly with the help of tools for scheduling and automation.

Keka HR enables HR professionals to collaborate and focus on activities related to employees accurately, and without any errors. It has been specifically created, keeping Indian organisations in mind, providing a comprehensive HR and payroll solution to businesses.

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