Top Recipe Nutrition Calculator Apps for Health & Fitness

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September 5, 2022 7 Min read

“Health is the greatest of all possessions; a pale cobbler is better than a sick king.” ~ Isaac Bickerstaff

Good health is a precious possession – achieve it, preserve it.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat right and exercise regularly. Remember the golden rule, count your calories, consume nutritious food and exert physically to remain fit and healthy.

That said, each one is busy in their lives, we are all juggling to perform our various roles. How then must we squeeze out time for ourselves or manage what we eat? Your answer is simple. Download the best recipe nutrition calculator apps in your smartphones.

Keeping tap of your calories is very easy these days. All you need to do is download any calorie counter, health and fitness application. It’ll automatically take care of your weight, nutrition and physical activity.

Such an app ensures that you eat the right quantities and burn adequate calories to realise your fitness dream faster.

List of Top 5 Recipe Nutrition Calculator Apps for Health & Fitness

  • MyFitnessPal
  • HealthifyMe
  • Lose It!
  • FatSecret
  • Cronometer

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth is useless, and reason is powerless.”  ~ Herophiles

For all you health and fitness freaks out there, stay motivated with this list of the best recipe nutrition calculator apps for health and fitness.

  • MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal Image

A popular calorie counter for iOS and Android users, MyFitnessPal manages your weight for you. It calculates your recommended daily calorie intake and helps you track your weight.

  • This splendid app comes with excellent weight control features. It has a food library with over six million foods and syncs with the food website service to facilitate constant monitoring of your calorie count.
  • Additionally, MyFitnessPal has a recipe calculator. This allows you to see the nutritional value that a home cooked meal offers. Also, you can add multiple food items at once in your cart.
  • For those of you who are using a fitness tracking device, MyFitnessPal is a boon. It syncs smoothly with your fitness device to include its data in your exercise log.
  • Also, MyFitnessPal has a fitness tracker that gives users the option to pick from the 350 exercises it offers. These exercises cover everything from strength training to cardio and more.
  • Not only this, this health and fitness app also constantly offers all support through chat forums and shares recipes, tips and success stories to help you realize your fitness goals.
  • HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe Image

Get customised diet plan for weight loss and fitness with this popular health and fitness app. Also, track your health and lose weight through constant guidance and support with HealthifyMe’s pool of nutritionists, fitness coaches, and a voice assistant to prepare you for a disciplined, healthier lifestyle.

  • HealthifyMe helps set your fitness goals in place. This means that it creates for you, your nutrition-rich diet chart.
  • It derives your health data and BMI and gives you diet plans as per your needs. It prepares your personal workout regime to ensure you burn the right number of calories in each training session.
  • Count calories and tap nutrition with HealthifyMe. Log meals with a touch and click photos of your meals. You can choose from a huge food database of Indian and international cuisines.
  • Additionally, you can also view nutritional recipes and their serving size to ensure that you eat the right quantity to attain your weight loss faster.
  • HealthifyMe’s accurate macro-nutrient mapping is a great feature. It breaks your calorie consumption into categories of protein, fibre and carbohydrates to help you consume the right calories.
  • Find health advice, recipes and your daily dose of motivation for your fitness goals through fresh content on your app’s feed, each day, every day.

HealthifyMe is a one stop-solution for all your health and fitness concerns. It is a complete package that provides you the right health advice from experts, healthy food recipes and an exercise regime.

Thus, get your daily dose of motivation with HealthifyMe and have your personal recipe nutrition calculator, calorie counter and food tracker at your service. 

  • Lose It!

Lose It Image

Get your personalized diet plan with Lose It!

  • Lose It! is one of the best recipe nutrition calorie counters that gives you your personal diet plan. It includes all your data right from your weight and height to your age.
  • It also understands your weight loss and fitness goals better, to prepare you for the right calorie intake.
  • A user-friendly food diary with icons to represent different food items and an exercise log to set your daily fitness targets – now that’s what’ll keep you going.
  • Your Lose It! app constantly reminds you of your meals and scans packaged foods with its efficient barcode scanner.
  • Another interesting aspect is the app’s “challenges” tab that encourages each user to participate in dietary challenges.
  • FatSecret

FatSecret Image

Your user-friendly, free recipe nutrition calorie counter app – that’s FatSecret for you!

It is a complete recipe nutrition calculator that provides you healthy recipes, food diary and weight charts.

FatSecret is available for iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows and BlackBerry.

  • To keep a track of your calorie count and fitness commitment, this health and nutrition app integrates conveniently with Google Fit, Fitbit and Samsung Health.
  • Additionally, its food database includes food from many popular restaurants and supermarkets to give you variety and nutrition combined.
  • The photo album allows you to upload photos of all that you eat throughout the day.
  • FatSecret’s exercise dairy records the number of calories burnt and makes your diet plans accordingly, while its efficient barcode scanner tracks all packaged foods you consume.
  • Its “challenges” feature is apt for people wanting fast results. It urges people to participate in several challenges to keep them motivated.
  • To ensure you’re consuming the right combination of protein, fats and carbs, FatSecret’s homepage reflects your total calorie consumption for each meal.
  • Cronometer Calorie Calculator

Cronometer Image

Track your exercise, diet and weight with Cronometer. Available for Android and iOS, this recipe nutrition calculator easily tracks your food intake and manages your workout routines.

  • To eat exact serving sizes and exercise well, use this highly accurate nutrition tracking app.
  • Wondering what makes this recipe nutrition calculator unique? It’s interesting how this app provides high calorie diet plans even for women who are pregnant.
  • With Cronometer, get nutritional breakdown of carbs, proteins and fats you consume and stay conscious about what you eat.
  • When you log your Body Mass Index on this recipe nutrition calculator app, you’ll get a diet plan in accordance with it. Additionally, you can also record your activity level and work on your body fat percentage with Cronometer.
  • Identify trouble spots and enjoy quick weight loss results. Your recipe nutrition calculator app changes the macro-nutrient recommendations for you depending on the type of diet you follow. Say, for instance, you follow some low-fat vegetarian diet, Cronometer will change its vitamins, minerals and macronutrient requirements accordingly.


To sum up, losing weight is hard, staying fit is a task. However, if you stay focused like an eagle’s eye on your goal, every milestone will become achievable.

Thus, keep all excuses at bay and set your nutrition and fitness regime with the best recipe nutrition calculator apps to give you a healthy and balanced life.

Enter all details about the calories you consume and let your calorie and nutrition calculator app take care of all your fitness worries.

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