Top 16 Supermarket Billing Software in India for Inventory and Billing

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January 16, 2023 19 Min read

As the needs and demands of buyer changes rapidly, supermarket and retail markets have to up their game to fulfill this demand in the best way possible. Supermarket billing software has emerged as a useful tool in this aspect as it also enables markets to provide efficient service to customers.

What is Super Market Billing Software?

A supermarket billing software open source is a business solution being used by supermarket, retail stores, and more. On the other hand, with this, businesses can automate their repetitive tasks to reduce wastage and provide exceptional shopping experience to customers. 

In addition to billing, most supermarket billing systems also aid in accounting and inventory-related processes. If you are a supermarket business that has presence across different locations, then this is suitable for you. As it provides single interface for managing these different supermarkets.

In other words, by use of supermarket billing software, you can streamline the business of stores spread across the country.

Features of Supermarket Billing Software

Big retail stores depend on supermarket software for managing multiple processes like retail, manufacturing, accounting and distribution. Let us have a look at the features that make the software capable of streamlining such business processes.

  • Cost & bill management- Supermarket billing software integrates with weighing scale and barcode scanners for easing the billing process. All that is required is scanning of the bill so that it can be printed immediately.
  • Purchase formula- The feature of purchase formula in grocery billing software is used for simplifying purchase entries and doing inward purchase entries without difficulty.
  • Financial accounting- Grocery shop billing software’s inbuilt accounting capabilities can be used for calculating account ratios and making ledger groupings. You can also use this feature for handling bank reconciliation, cash flow and budgeting.
  • Session management- Session management feature in grocery shop billing software generates reports at the end of every day reflecting shortage or excess of cash at a billing counter. Session management is important for preventing pilferage on the part of billing staff.
  • Barcode scanner- Barcode scanner helps simplify the billing processes. Popular supermarket software let you integrate these scanners into your system for generating accurate bills.
  • Inventory management- Manage inventories, keep track of perishable and non-perishable items in your stack with this module. You can also use inventory management for accessing all information regarding your inventory in real-time.
  • Loyalty programs- You can use grocery shop billing software for generating discount cards that can in turn be allotted to your customers. Loyalty programs are an important part of businesses’ marketing strategies to increase the customer base.
  • Discount & coupons- Popular grocery billing software solutions offer scheme management capabilities that are important for attracting more clients and customers. You can use these applications thus to manage easily all types of combo offers, discounts and schemes. 

Benefits of Supermarket Billing Software

All kinds of enterprises deploy supermarket billings software for creating proformas, quotations, challans and invoices. Let us have a look at the other such advantages that make supermarket software a valid choice.

  • Inventory management option to track products in an inventory and check their status
  • Supply chain management functionality for doing an integrated analysis of purchase and sales
  • GST compatibility that offers tax breakups and GSTR filling
  • Customer profiling and product list for quickly billing the regular customers
  • Multi-location and multi-division stock management
  • Automated generation of stock discrepancy reports
  • Item transaction histories for tracking product details
  • Double entry and single-entry methods for all types of vouchers like receipts, payments and journals
  • User authentications for late payments
  • Easy management of cheques
  • Quick generation of financial statements like balance sheets, profit/loss statements and trial balance

Top 16 Supermarket Billing Software in India and World

As can be seen, here we have compiled the best retail shop billing software that will revolutionize your grocery and departmental stores.

  • eR4U


eR4u – easy retail for you, is one of the best software for billing, barcoding, stock management & inventory and POS activities. This software is popularly used by retail and wholesale business in India.

The supermarket billing software is deployed for auditing and scanning stocks. eR4U supermarket software comes handy for creating automated master items & doing purchase entries.

eR4U retail billing software can also be used to prepare membership cards, loyalty cards and discount coupons.

Some of the key functionalities of eR4U POS and billing software are billing & barcoding, purchase & inventory management, accounting & ledgers, purchase import and image capturing.

eR4U Retail Billing Software Features:

  • Purchase management: Manage purchase and inventories to maintain adequate stock level with this supermarket billing software.
  • Ledgers and accounting: Barcoding and billing module is also available for maintaining ledgers and accounts.
  • Data syncing: Syncing of online data with offline sales for better data management.
  • Multiple schemes: The grocery billing software lets you manage multiple schemes, discount options and more for better customer retention.

eR4U Supermarket Billing Software Price: The starting price of this grocery billing software is ₹7,000 per year. Details for other paid plans are available with Techjockey. You can also connect with us for free demo and expert consulting.

  • LogicERP Supermarket Software

best accounting software for supermarket - logic erp

Logic ERP supermarket billing software comes in two versions: on-premise and cloud-based. Along with billing, the software can also be used for inventory management.

LogicERP is also popular as it helps your business prevent dead stock issues as well as overstocking. The software is also suitable for faster billing and for generating invoices.

LogicERP Supermarket Billing System Project Features

  • Integrated solution: LogicERP comes integrated with several modules such as point of sales or POS, production, distribution, and warehouse management.
  • Flexible conversion: The software allows procurement in quintal or tonnage but they can be sold in kgs or liters. 
  • Touch screen checkout: In contrast, it provides an interactive touchscreen for cashiers to provide easy and faster checkout.
  • Customer display with split-screen: With a split-screen customer display, stores can easily run advertisements on different parts of screen.

LogicERP Super Market Billing System Price

The price of LogicERP is available on request. For further details, do get in touch with us.

  • Ginesys Grocery Billing Software

Ginesys supermarket billing software with barcode read comes in a free downloadable format. A GST compliant software, it can also be used to obtain tax breakup.

The software is packed with modern-day features such as support for multiple payment methods including online wallets. 

Features of Ginesys D Mart Billing Software

  • Multiple selling prices: You have the option of managing different selling price of items present in the stock.
  • Customer loyalty: Award dedicated customers with discounts and vouchers.
  • Promotions management: The software allows bill level and item level promotions.
  • Easy price updating: The software also lets you easily update the prices of daily consumption items, like fruits and vegetables.

Ginesys Supermarket Software Price:

Ginesys grocery billing software offers two plans whose price details are mentioned here:

  1. HO User – ₹5000 per month
  2. POS User – ₹2500 per month

  • Marg ERP Grocery Shop Billing Software

Marg Billing ERP

With Marg ERP, businesses can handle their multi-location retail stores without any hassles. For instance, by using supermarket billing software, you can control outlets in the entire country.

Marg ERP grocery billing software also helps you reduce the wait time by providing lightning-fast barcode scanning and billing MRP wise. 

Marg ERP Software for Supermarket Billing System

  • Cash drawer: The supermarket software offers advanced methods of managing cash flow, profits and much more. 
  • POS integration: Marg ERP offers a touch-based integration with POS, which helps you track different products easily.
  • Discount management: The software lets you provide different discount options such as that on items, on the entire bill etc.
  • Rack wise reporting: Know which item is kept on which rack and how much is remaining in the stock.
  • Expiry date: With this software, know which items are expired and which are nearing their expiration dates.

Marg ERP Supermarket Billing Software Free Download Price

The price of Marg ERP software starts with ₹7,500. For more details, get in touch with us.

  • Sleek Bill Supermarket Software

Sleek bill supermarket billing software with barcode is suitable not only for the big stores but also for small and upcoming businesses. With this supermarket inventory and billing system, you have the flexibility to work from different devices.

Also, all your important financial data can be saved on the cloud. 

Sleek Bill Free Supermarket Billing Software Features

  • Advanced inventory features: You can make purchase orders, convert them into bills and keep a check on expenses.
  • Issuing invoices: The software is capable of issuing GST compliant invoices in the right format. 
  • Customization: You can create customized invoices using preset templates with Sleek supermarket software.
  • Inventory tracking: Stay aware of the stock status of different products in real-time.

Price of Sleek Bill Supermarket Billing Software in India:

Sleek bill offers a free version. The price of paid version starts at ₹1999 per year. 

  • Profitbooks Grocery Billing Software

profitbooks software

Profitbooks supermarket billing software is suitable for creating invoices that are easy on the eyes. It is also useful for beginners to manage inventory who might not have enough experience with accounting solutions. The software also offers assistance for most online payment gateways.

Profitbooks Supermarket Billing System Project Features

  • Tracking inventory flow: You can manage inventory flow across different warehouse locations with this software for supermarket billing system.
  • Support services: The software offers credible support service through its mobile app. 
  • Multilingual: The software tool can be accessed in 3 different languages.
  • Advance reports: The software also offers detailed reports which can be bifurcated store wise or location wise. 

Profitbooks Supermarket Billing Software Cost

The price of Profitbooks is available on request. Furthermore for more details, you can get in touch with us. 

  • Intellect Commerce Grocery Billing Software

best supermarket software

Intellect supermarket billing system project can be utilized for single or multiple departmental stores. The grocery shop billing software offers a flexible checkout experience which leads to less waiting time. It also makes use of a replenishment engine for restocking inventory across all locations. 

Features of Intellect Commerce D Mart Billing Software

  • CRM capabilities: The software also offers CRM capabilities such as campaign promotion, gift coupons, etc.
  • Installation: The software can be easily installed across your grocery, kirana, or departmental.
  • Retail price exclusion: The feature ensures that the prices of products are the same across different stores.
  • Master data management: This feature moreover lets you have a centralized control over inventory.
  • Retail analytics: The software lets you use the wizard to build analytical reports, which can be exported in different formats such as PDF, HTML, TXT, and so on.

Intellect Commerce Supermarket Billing System Price

The software offers a free demo. Furthermore the pricing details can be obtained by visiting the official site. 

  • JustBilling Supermarket Software

JustBilling solution is a supermarket billing software, which is available for both desktop and mobile versions. The grocery billing software also provides the option of sending invoices directly to customers through SMS. JustBilling backs critical data to cloud which makes management of multiple stores easier.

JustBilling Supermarket Billing Software with Barcode Free Download Features

  • Offline capabilities: JustBilling does not require a network besides you can access its modules even offline.
  • Robust mobile app: JustBilling mobile app is also capable of handling inventory, purchases and expenses.
  • Easy access to business reports: It makes checking business reports easy for you from any device anytime. Though notifications are sent to your mobile device in real-time.
  • Efficient organization: You can achieve better levels of organization as a result JustBilling allows you to auto-update your inventory.

JustBilling Supermarket Software Price

To begin with, the price of the paid plan of JustBilling supermarket software starts from ₹14160. It also offers a free trial of 15 days. 

  • Invoicera Grocery Billing Software

pos software for supermarket - Invoicera

Invoicera software for supermarket billing systems is capable of providing online invoicing, initiating recurring billing, at the same time more such relevant tasks.

This software is also suitable for printing as well as sending professional invoices to customers.

Invoicera Supermarket Billing Software Free Download Features

  • Backed by cloud: Invoicera securely backs your most critical data on cloud storage.
  • Creation of custom workflows: The software also helps you create workflows for efficient management of different processes. 
  • Dashboard: Using the dashboard in addition, you can create insightful reports and predict the impact of future financial decisions. 
  • Payment gateway integration: Invoicera integrates more than 30 online payment gateways to facilitate acceptance of payments from around the world.
  • Audit trail: The software provides complete visibility over different accounting features in addition to audit trail.

Invoicera Supermarket Billing System Price

Invoicera offers a free version. In addition, the price of paid version starts from ₹1111.71 per month. 

  • Vyapar App Grocery Shop Billing Software

vyapar billing solution

Vyapar App is another supermarket billing software that is utilized by small and medium enterprises for managing inventory, GST, and accounting process. The software is available for both desktop and mobile versions, and lets you create bills that are inclusive of GST in online as well as offline mode. 

Vyapar App Supermarket Billing Software with Barcode

  • Simple and intuitive interface: Not to mention, the software has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use for a beginner.
  • Inventory tracking in detail: Vyapar software lets you track different parameters of inventory such as manufacturing date, expiry date, or batch number of different products.
  • Payment reminders: In addition, you have the option of sending payment reminders to clients through WhatsApp, SMS, and Email.
  • GST reports: The software lets you obtain GST reports such as GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3, GSTR4, and much more.
  • Invoice customization: In addition, you have the option of improving look of your invoice by using preset templates provided by the software.

Vyapar app Supermarket Billing System Price

To begin with, the price of Vyapar app starts from ₹599 for 15 months. For further details, we request you to connect with us.  

  • GSTpad

grocery software - GSTpad

GSTpad supermarket inventory and billing system solution can be easily synced with point of sales operation (POS). Businesses can also obtain detailed reports regarding inventory and stock related processes.

In addition, with GSTpad you have benefits of scanning and printing barcodes. 

Features of GSTpad Free Supermarket Billing Software

  • Loyalty program: The software also provides a loyalty feature where you can provide discounts to returning customers.
  • Automatic creation of balances: Automatically create balances when clients default on payments. This way you can send them messages automatically.
  • Application of variable GST: GSTpad lets you apply variable GST on different products on the basis of their category and type.
  • Stay updated on the GST norms: With just one click, you can also update GST rate as per the latest rules implemented by the government.
  • E-bill: The software also supports easy generation of E-bill.

GSTpad Supermarket billing Software Cost

To begin with, the software is available for ₹5,990.

  • Hyperdrive Solutions

Hyperdrive solutions supermarket billing software is ideal for small and medium-scale retail businesses. It offers several modules such as financial accounting, inventory, supplies, and much more.

Hyperdrive solutions software also offers an in-built mechanism of texting or emailing in its supermarket billing system.

Features of Hyperdrive Solutions Supermarket Billing System

  • Quick checkout: Cashiers can process items quickly by reading barcodes as well as by searching for an item with its attribute and color, without having to know its name.
  • Compatible with different payment modes: The software also offers advance compatibility with different payment modes like cash, debit card, credit card, and online payment, etc.
  • Easy application of discounts: You can keep customers updated about different applicable discounts and also apply discounts just before the last checkout stages.
  • Stock level: Monitors stock levels at all time and in case a product is not available in stock, it also suggests an alternative article to the customer.

Hyperdrive Solutions Supermarket Billing System Price

To begin with, the price of Hyperdrive solutions software starts from ₹3500. For further details, connect with our team.

  • Horizon ERP

Horizon ERP

Checking barcodes, setting prices and creating vehicle statements is easy with HorizonERP grocery shop billing software. The software is trusted by retailers big and small for managing consumer records, personalizing sales data and handling accounts payables/receivables. HorizonERP supermarket billing system supports a good number of retail management capabilities as well like POS, e-way bills and inventory.

Horizon ERP Grocery Billing Software Features

  • Item classification: Multilevel classification of items helps with easy data export and import as well as quick filing of GST returns.
  • Inventory management: Classify and group items batchwise using HorizonERP grocery shop billing software for inventory management.
  • Party ledger statements: The software’s financial accounting capabilities can be used for making post-dated cheque entries, bank reconciliations and party ledger statements.
  • E-way bills: Generate numbers for e-way bills and print them on every invoice using this supermarket software.
  • Invoicing & billing: HorizonERP can be used for handling GST with its tax configurations for quick billing.

HorizonERP supermarket billing system price

The starting price of single PC license is Rs 13806 per annum. Other license plans are also available based on the number of PCs you use. For the discounted price, you can get in touch with Techjockey sales support team for more details.

  • Busy Supermarket Billing Software

Max Billing Software for Grocery Stores

This GST compliant grocery billing software offers a range of billing management capabilities like GSTR 2A, e-way billing and e-invoicing. The software can be scaled as per a business’s growing requirements and is easy to use.

You can also use Busy grocery billing software for managing material workflows, schemes and VAT reports.

Busy Supermarket Billing Software Features

  • Operations management: Managing business operations like quotations, indents, orders and challans is easy with Busy grocery shop billing software.
  • GSTIN validation: The software offers a comprehensive module for GST so that processes like GSTIN validation and GSTR reconciliation are easy.
  • Inventory management: Managing inventory and multiple go-downs for processes like batch numbers and serial numbers can be done efficiently with this grocery billing software.
  • Configurable invoicing: Maintaining item prices date-wise/item-wise or creating GST invoices, all can be done easily with Busy accounting software.
  • Financial accounting: Calculate interest for payments, handle PDC (post-dated cheques), calculate royalty and create balance sheets with Busy supermarket billing software.

Busy supermarket billing software price

Busy is available on a free trial basis for thirty days. Paid plans start from ₹7,200. You have the option of adding another user by paying Rs 4271 as extra amount. Multicompany and multiuser plans are also available and their information can be accessed by contacting Techjockey.

  • Saral Billing

Saral Grocery shop billing software

Saral supermarket billing system is deployed for its e-invoicing capabilities as well as making voucher entries. You can also use this grocery shop billing software for calculating TDS and preparing financial statements. You can handle accounts, create invoices in bulk and enter all collection details with Saral supermarket billing software.

Saral Software for Supermarket Billing System Features

  • TDS management: Saral Billing offers challan register, deduction register and outstanding register for viewing as well as managing TDS.
  • Data syncing & migration: Syncing data from online merchants or importing the data, both these become easy when done with Saral billing and accounting software.
  • Serial number wise stock: Create unique identification for every item in inventory using the serial number wise stock feature.
  • E-way bills: Generating e-way bills with invoices is just a one-click process in Saral Billing software.
  • Auditor login: Auditors get a separate login id for auditing and capturing remarks.

Saral Supermarket Billing System Price

Saral offers three paid plans for its end-users. You may access details of the pricing plans by getting in touch with Techjockey. Some of the common benefits you get out of buying any of these plans include statutory reports, barcode integration, debit/credit note transactions and multilanguage invoices.

  • Reach Grocery Billing Software

Reach Software for supermarket billing system

Run business processes end-to-end with Reach software for supermarket billing system. Tracking orders with this software is as easy as showing site-wise/branch wise profitability margins. Use this accounting and grocery billing software for managing easily accounts, stocks and bills. You can also use Reach for automating processes related to inventory management.

Reach Grocery Billing Software Features

  • Converting invoices: You can use Reach for converting invoices in foreign languages into Indian currency.
  • Lead capture: For better purchase management, the software helps businesses capture leads directly from websites and stores all such information securely online.
  • Printing barcodes: Print barcodes and customize all your billing and invoicing procedures through this option.
  • Tracking orders: Reach supermarket software makes it easy to track orders so that suppliers can deliver products on time and customers too can get their books right on time.

Reach Supermarket Billing Software Price

Reach currently offers two-paid plans with features like customizable templates, bank reconciliations and branch management.

How Does DMart Billing Software Turn Out Useful for Business?

We list some of well known benefits your business can achieve by supermarket billing software with barcode free download.

  • Software for supermarket billing system provide useful insights related to the cost impact of sales and also help businesses in making predictions about future transactions and much more.
  • Supermarket billing software is also available for free downloading. In addition, with this software, you can effectively manage your inventory. Also, track the status of perishable and non-perishable items.
  • Supermarket billing software with barcode reading integrates well as much as with different point of sales solutions.
  • Supermarket inventory and billing system leads to faster servicing of customers. Thus reducing queues and wait time.
  • Paid and free supermarket billing software provide intuitive and detailed reports & charts. As a result which help you in taking informed business decisions.


The best supermarket billing software is suitable for both small as well as large departmental chains. They not only streamline inventory management and financial processes of stores spread over different locations, but also let you keep an eye on quantity and expiry date of item stacked in the outlets.

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